Kim Zolciak showed off her new size 4 body literally days after welcoming her twin babies, Kaia and Kane on Nov.
While she has been working out and cutting back on food and alcohol, she has also been using Zantrex-3 Fat Burner and the company put out photos this week showcasing Snooki’s slimmer figure. The holidays are just around the corner so now is the time to fetch the finest gifts for the Labrador Lover on your Christmas list. According to a recently released report by the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council, one out of every four pets weighs too much. It is important to note that dogs don’t have to be obese to suffer from an array of weight-related ailments, including cancer. Last year the Purina Pet Institute completed a 14-year study proving that slimmer dogs live longer.
Scientists at Purina PetCare conducted a 14-year study of 24 pairs of Labrador Retriever puppies. The leaner Labs also displayed fewer early-onset signs of aging (such as graying muzzles & impaired mobility) plus they exhibited fewer health problems like osteoarthritis.
Charts and tables might give you a general idea of your Lab’s recommended weight range. If this is the case and you feel that your Lab is overweight, consult your veterinarian to determine if there are any other medical problems before putting your pooch on a diet.
Your veterinarian can suggest the best weight reduction program for your pet based on his medical history.
Some veterinarians recommend high-protein, high quality meals in smaller portions versus diet foods, while others believe that low-calorie, high-density foods will help the dog feel fuller faster. Even though Labs are predisposed to pack on the pounds, the simple truth is that we are the ones to blame.

Lisa Winkleman of Colorado Springs, CO was able to help Madison, pictured here at 6 years old, to lose 28 pounds. It is the 40th Ruby Jubilee with over 1500 entries starting April 7-10 at the Frederick Scott Key Holiday Inn Conference Center, Frederick MD.
Other studies have shown that this percentage in dogs is higher, revealing that up to 50 percent of all dogs in America are obese. Veterinarians see heart ailments and high blood pressure in overweight dogs just as physicians see them in overweight people.
The report suggests the risks to dogs begin with a moderate weight gain at a very early age. The Purina Life Span Study showed that not only did the lean dogs live longer, they lived better, healthier lives.
Half of the pairs ate 25 percent less of the same food as the other partner’s rations. According to the scientists, most noteworthy was the decreased incidence of canine hip dysplasia (CHD).
Ask your veterinarian for the best strategy for your Lab and be sure to follow the exact amount prescribed. For example if you have a 100-pound dog, a 1-percent weight loss would be 1 pound per week. Kim most likely ate often, and very healthy things to make sure that her babies got the proper nutrition,” said Dr. When the dogs turned 9, the team checked the dogs for signs of chronic diseases like diabetes.
Even among dogs genetically predisposed to CHD, there was significantly less hip dysplasia in calorie-restricted dogs.

However, as in people, some animals are big-boned and some are fine-boned, so just checking the weight of an animal can generally not give us enough information to make a determination. Mix it up and try different ones 4-6 times a week in addition to cardio (running, swimming, biking, walking). According to Dan Christian, DVM, Executive Director of the Purina Pet Institute, “The increased intake of calories affects dogs on a cellular level. For example, one Labrador Retriever may be in fine shape at 85 pounds, whereas another could be overweight at 75 pounds.
Studies show that rapid weight loss can increase a loss of lean body mass, which in turn can contribute to weight regain. Regular moderate exercise is not only helpful in maintaining an ideal weight, but also in building muscle mass to help take the strain off the hip joints.
Slight behavioral changes on our part can dramatically increase the quality and quantity of our pet’s lives. It was a slow process that took approximately six months for Madison to shed her excess weight. The better shape you are in come August, the easier it will be to achieve your goals in the pool!

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