Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your body is a machine and without the right care it starts to slow down and eventually stops working. In order for your body to be in peak condition you need to fuel it right and look after it. The fastest way to screw your metabolism is yo-yo dieting, lack of exercise and too much processed foods. The more efficient your metabolism the more fuel it will burn therefore the less fat your body will store. One horse is fed a balanced diet high in nutrient rich feed, grains, minerals and high quality chaff. The other horse is kept in a grass paddock where he can graze all day and night and is fed leftover bread and a big dinner of hay and Lucerne chaff. I have also noticed that people who say they have a fast metabolism on average do not really eat that much. Many would say my sister has a fast metabolism as she struggles to actually maintain weight but will confess to being addicted to sugar.
You will see her eat potato chips, biscuits, chocolate and load the sugar into her coffee but if you look closer and workout what she actually ate its just a bit here and a bit there.

She never finishes her coffee- just has a few sips, she has 4-5 chips not the whole bag, she will have 1 biscuit and not 4. I know for me it’s a case of all or nothing so that’s why I just do not have it in the house.
If she ate the amount I would eat she would not be tiny and we would not say she has a fast metabolism. So what I am saying is that whilst it seems she can eat whatever she wants she’s not actually indulging therefore her weights not getting out of control. Think about a log fire and lets call that your metabolism – If you put on one large log it burns for a short while then the burning starts to slow and it just kind of smoulders.
Alkaline foods are extremely beneficial to people who have low energy, poor digestion, are carrying excess body fat and suffer from aches and pains. Alkaline foods are in general foods that are nutrient rich and that have a naturally high water content making them easily digestible therefore flushing your body of unwanted toxins and fat. Your body is 70% water – as soon as you start feeling thirsty its too late as your body is already dehydrated. I also recommend not eating anything too heavy after 4pm – heavy meals and red meat after 4pm really takes a toll on your digestive system. If your meal has not been digested by the time you go to bed your body spends the whole night breaking down the food and not relaxing leaving you sluggish the next morning.

Hi Vix, I am lactose intolerant, do you have protein powder that I would like and anything else that’ll be lactose free. I’m about to start yr 14 day challenge on Monday and was wondering if you have a few examples of a good breakfast, lunch n dinner.
We need to achieve a high metabolic rate with these tricks to shed off excess fats and get back in shape.
Vix has trained quite a few clients with insulin resistance and they have got awesome results the only difference is that your daughter will need to follow every step of the Flat Tummy Solution system much more closely than someone without insulin resistance would have to in order to get great results. With the Flat Tummy Solution you get complete guidelines, meal plans, foods lists, shopping lists and heaps more! With the Flat Tummy Solution you also get a trial membership to Vixs membership page where you can get all your questions answered and new workouts to follow every week.

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