Catherine Duchess of Cambridge may have been at the bottom of a mountain in Bhutan without a mirror, but when she wanted to know how she looked in a set of earrings, she knew exactly what to do. Beckoning Prince William over to a stall where she’d spotted the jewelry, she asked him to get out his iPhone as she held one up to her left ear. As they prepare to celebrate their fifth anniversary on April 29, it’s clear William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge are writing new chapters to the love story that began in college. But it was her now-famous catwalk strut in a 2002 student fashion show – wearing see-through lingerie! But it was when Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, joined William’s two closest friends and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles at his graduation parade from at Sandhurst in 2006 that signified she was the one. So it was an even bigger shock when only about four months later, in April 2007, they parted ways.
However, they couldn’t bear to be apart and were reunited within about two months – and from there, it was full-steam ahead.

Then, on April 29, 2011, they exchanged vows in Westminster Abbey before an audience of millions around the world.
Now, two lovely children later (Princess Charlotte will celebrate her first birthday on May 2!), they are a happy little unit, both parents wanting the quiet country upbringing for Charlotte and 2-year-old Prince George that both William’s mother, Princess Diana, and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed. If Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge hadn’t already captured American hearts, she has now.
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge Called Prince William “Babe” Is It Really A Nickname For Prince William or Does It Mean Something Else?
There, with a smile from Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, William took a shot so she could see how the dark blue dangly trinkets looked. Andrews in Scotland, they were helped by the relaxed nature of student life, where they were able to get to know each other – and make their mistakes – away from intrusion.
Together with friends they would attend end-of-term parties, grab pizza (they famously split the bill!) and play tennis.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was by William’s side as he shot pheasants at Sandringham in December 2002, watched him play the Field Game at his old school Eton, and joined him for skiing break at Klosters – the first time they were snapped kissing. Their future, due to the unique nature of the position, is something that will pivot on historical moments and responsibilities that lie ahead. Conditions of use: This image may be used free of charge, internationally, for 21 days from release, until 12th May 2016.
In their own little moment, away from their entourage and security, she pronounced them just right, and snapped them up for 500 rupees (about $7).

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