It is full of anti-oxidants that helps to boost up your metabolism by 10% or more for up to 2 hours after drinking oolong.
These anti-oxidants help to burn the fat more effectively and quickly (especially tummy and upper arm fat) that helps to lose weight and to have healthy immune system.
It naturally contains caffeine, which combined with the EGCGs in the tea will work together to raise the fat oxidation.
It contains polymerized polyphenols which helps to increase the bodya€™s energy expenditure.
Polyphenols in the tea block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol by over 50% when taken 3 times a day. For weight loss, try to substitute your daily latte with this aromatic, enticing cup of oolong tea. The teabag can be reused, but make sure you steep it for longer in another cup of hot water.
Dark or black oolong is fully oxidized and a roasted form of tea that they are more of an acquired taste for westerners.
Beyond following the home remedies, follow these tips for an effective weight loss naturally without any side effects.
Drinking a cup of this tea 30 minutes to an hour prior to a workout will contribute to successful weight loss.
While drinking this tea, make sure you follow a low fat, low cholesterol diet and also maintain a regular workout routine, as these methods help each other.
You could get some caffeine side effects like: increased heart rate, anxiety, restlessness, dehydration, difficulty in sleeping, diarrhea, PMS, tremors, depression, excessive urination and many more. Ita€™s wise to check with your healthcare provider before you start taking oolong tea for weight management.

Avoid consuming oolong tea if youa€™re pregnant, nursing women or are taking any prescription medications. Over consumption of this tea could cause hypokalemia, upset stomach, beriberi, kidney stones, decreases the effectiveness of medications, osteoporosis, tea allergy, etc. Oolong can also promote strong teeth, healthy body and makes the skin radiant and flawless. Be patient and have regular consumption of oolong tea to lose the excess weight and have a happy and healthy life. I heard about oolong tea and I decided to try it, because I heard that it works better than diet pills. Using acupressure, SlenderBeads, when pressed against the ear lobe, slow the stomach from emptying, stop cravings, make you feel fuller for longer and more.
This weight-loss aid, made from pure titanium metal attached to a clear, hypoallergenic adhesive strip, speeds up healthy weight loss through auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture or acupressure) but without needles.
To boost healthy weight loss, press the beads against your lobe 30 minutes before a meal for 10 to 30 seconds and again during a meal. Restore Eyes with Ping, a Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift Treatment Please, read my response to Kim's question. Restore Eyes with Ping, a Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift Treatment 1.Is this treatment suitable for a 62 year old female?.
Oolong tea is recognized as a weight loss tea that decreases body fat and speeds up metabolism and blocks fat building enzymes.
Also enjoying a cup in the afternoon will prevent late day sweet desires and energy slumps.
When you drank extreme amounts of tea means youa€™re exposed to dangerously high levels of fluorides that could lead to skeletal fluorosis.

When you press the beads against your ear lobe, the appetite-suppression points on the tragus, that small, pointed, triangle-shaped prominence on the ear just behind the sideburns, cause a reflex stimulation of the vagus nerve (a nerve bundle that connects the brain to the gut).
So you can enjoy a faster and healthy weight loss with SlenderBeads when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine.
If you get pushy pangs for all things salty, sweet and fatty during the day, just press again. Oolong tea has less caffeine (compared to coffee) and tastes good without any extra sweeteners or milk. Also shops such as: trader joes, Ralphs and Albertsons, fair trade brand, twining brand, etc.
Simply press the beads against your ear lobe before and during a meal to unleash more pound-dropping power. According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal (DiPatrizio, et al., 2011), the vagus nerve, when stimulated by fatty foods on the tongue, boosts the production of endocannabinoids (receptor proteins) in the gut, which causes us to eat more fatty foods!
Not only that, but the tea helps to build a healthy immune system with other health benefits.
So for that upcoming beach holiday in late August or to keep that summer slim figure going into autumn and beyond, SlenderBeads accelerate healthy weight loss easily to make getting fit frustration free and natural. All people should consult their licensed health care provider, before taking any herbal product. In particular, women who are pregnant or nursing, and persons with known medical conditions, should consult their licensed health care provider before taking any herbal product.

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