Most people who embark on spinning fitness classes and exercise do so because this fitness routine is one of the most interactive ways to lose weight fast, without wreaking havoc on the knees and shoulders among others.
Have you ever wondered why spinning attracts so many ladies yet when you try it is not as simple as it looks? Spinning, also referred to as in is an indoor workout, which means that there are very few variables that could interfere with your schedule once you put your heart to it and convince your body to follow along.
What you need to start spinning is just your heart in it and workout clothing including spinning shoes and track suits or cycling clothes. An adherent a fan and a member of fitness spinning Vancouver lamented to me about not getting the same feeling in spinning as he does with cycling, but this is because most people see more sense in buying a bike to ride around town, to enjoy nature while showing off that they exercise.
Spinning bikes have something that ordinary bikes do not – a feature to change bike resistance, hence workout intensity, at will. When preparing to start spinning, remember that it’s not just the bike that should drive you to choosing spinning as a way to shed off the 100+ lbs you have accumulated within a few weeks completely naturally. Even when all these added benefits are not things you are in to, you can easily change them and create an environment and workout situations that are perfect for your peace of mind.
High-intensity interval training, more commonly known as HIIT, has skyrocketed in popularity during the last decade. That HIIT training can provide significant aerobic and anaerobic fitness benefits is beyond doubt, which is why it’s now included in the training programs of a wide variety of high level athletes. Most of you by now have heard about the HIIT protocol of Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata, which entered the Western consciousness in a big way after the now-defunct Muscle Media magazine wrote a glowing article about it back in 2001 (you can read the original article here). One thing that should be pointed out about Tabata and just about every other HIIT protocol that has been subjected to peer-reviewed research is they were performed on cycle ergometers – that’s the scientific term for what’s more commonly referred to as a stationary bike.
The other thing that should be pointed out about the Tabata research is that, even though it was used to launch the “HIIT = amazing fat loss!” craze, it never actually examined fat loss.
What it did do was compare the aerobic and anaerobic conditioning effects of the Tabata HIIT protocol with steady state cardio, then later with another HIIT routine involving longer active rest periods. Nonetheless, reports of markedly boosted EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) from HIIT had the marketing-minded fitness ‘gurus’ tingling with excitement. If this all sounds reminiscent of the MAD charlatanism brought to us by the not-so-friendly folks at Low Carb Inc., well…it is. From this wee kernel sprouts the observation that if you compare a high intensity and low intensity activity – matched for work output – the former will usually produce a greater EPOC than the latter. This of course is nonsense, as just about anyone who’s watched a real life sporting event would know.  Real-life cardiovascular activities are often undulating or erratic in their intensity, whether it’s the running bursts that characterize on-field ball games, or the greatly varying terrain of a typical road cycling stage. Tell me – if you do eight twenty-second sprints on an ergo, or jump on a real bike and ride in the hills for 90 minutes at a fast clip, and include a few Marco Pantani-inspired moments where you attack a steep section with extra pep, do you honestly believe the brief HIIT session will cause the greatest EPOC?
The reality is that EPOC is not just affected by exercise intensity - EPOC increases linearly with the exercise duration.
And here’s another fundamental but vitally important factor to be considered: In a best-case scenario, EPOC will account for a couple hundred extra calories burned up to 48 hours after a workout. As I have stated countless times on this site and in my book The Fat Loss Bible, fat-derived weight loss is all about calories. Calories, calories, calories, calories, calories, calories, calories, calories, calories, calories, CALORIES!
And, as I discuss at length in The Fat Loss Bible, therein lies a big problem with studies examining the effect of exercise programs on fat loss: They rarely factor in the overriding importance of calories. And then someone who shall remain nameless but whose name rhymes with Gary Taubes will seize the opportunity to garner a lot of attention for himself and his latest book by appearing on talk shows alongside Oz Memet loudly proclaiming “exercise is useless for fat loss!” and that the only reason folks like Lance Armstrong are so skinny is not because they spend six hours a day pedaling with serious intent on a bike but because they were just plain old born that way.
Never mind that professional athletes quickly put on weight out of season or after they retire if they don’t keep a lid on their food intake (see my article here on what happened to the greatest cyclist of all time when he retired but kept eating like he was still competing).
The bottom line is that if you are trying to design an effective fat loss program that will take you from overweight to jaw-droppingly lean, you sure as hell better acknowledge the primal role of calories.
If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably on the edge of your chair with suspense, wondering whether HIIT is a fat loss HIT or whether it’s just a load of SHIIT (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).
So without further ado, here is a quick(ish) look at the surprisingly sparse research examining the effect of HIIT on fat loss.
In a fifteen-week study by Tremblay et al comparing Canadian men and women who performed either HIIT or lower-intensity stationary cycling, little overall weight change was noted in either group.
As is unfortunately par for the course in these types of studies, dietary intake was not controlled. Despite the lack of overall weight change, the skinfold results saw to it that this study was cited far and wide as ‘proof’ that doing HIIT is akin to packing your fat cells with dynamite. Unfortunately, this study had some discrepancies that preclude us from placing too much faith in the results. And while most of the steady-state group’s skinfolds either stayed the same or decreased, their limb and calf skinfolds increased.
The average energy expenditures during the HIIT and steady-state sessions were 199 and 193 calories, respectively.
At the end of the study, cardiovascular fitness had improved significantly in both groups, but only the HIIT subjects experienced fat loss.
Other findings of note were that the fat loss effect of HIIT was greatest in the obese participants and far less pronounced in the women who were already lean.
The long-term effects of exercise intensity on appetite are unknown; in short-term studies, higher intensity exercise has been shown to reduce, maintain, or even increase post-workout caloric intake compared to lower intensity exercise[3-5]. For those of you wanting to replicate the results of this study, it should be pointed out that the HIIT routine consisted of eight-second sprints followed by 12 seconds of slow pedalling. Now listen up, you lot - the above study only involved women and here in Austraylia the blokes don’t like to be confused with sheilas (except in Darlinghurst).
As for diet, subjects in both exercise and control groups were advised to maintain their normal eating habits during the study.
So here’s my solution:  Start a reality show called HIIT Shores, recruit a bunch of horny Italian-American kids with a fondness for hair gel, confine them to a specially-equipped metabolic ward for the duration of the show, and tell them they can run amok so long as they eat 2,500 calories per day and do three sessions of HIIT per week. For all you fellow detail geeks types that love getting lost in the specifics, the HIIT sprint workload was set at 80–90% of each subject’s heart rate (HR) peak at a cadence between 120 and 130 rpm and recovery was set at the same amount of resistance but at a cadence of only 40 rpm. The average HR during the HIIT training sessions was 160 ± 9 beats per minute, which corresponded to 88% of peak HR. Not surprisingly, HIIT resulted in a measurable increase in cardiovascular fitness with absolute VO2peak being increased by 13% and relative VO2peak by 15%. As for fat-free mass (which includes precious muscle), the HIIT group experienced a 1.2kg increase. Despite the massive amount of hype and wankology that has been built up around the alleged “fat furnace!” effects of HIIT, very little research has in fact been done on this topic, and the only two studies reliably showing actual fat loss involved routines featuring 60 x 8-second sprints.
This is a far, far higher number of sprints than what you’ll find in other HIIT routines, yet fat loss amounted to only 2-2.5kg over a 12-15-week period.
For those of you wanting to get that lean athletic look, under 10% for men and around 15% or under for women usually does the trick. Keep that in mind the next time you hear some Infomercial-brained “guru” banging on about how you can lose all the fat you want with just a few minutes of exercise each week. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this book go to a very worthy cause: Satisfying my dog's caloric needs.
And before I get the usual pack of galahs a few snags short of a barby chastising me for hating on HIIT…hold your horses, you living brain donors! Anthony Colpo is an independent researcher, physical conditioning specialist, and author of the groundbreaking books The Fat Loss Bible, The Great Cholesterol Con and Whole Grains, Empty Promises.

Disclaimer: All content on this web site is provided for information and education purposes only. Long Islanders Under Spinning Lights released their third EP Lose Control this year, produced by Christian Medice. To the contrary, Under Spinning Lights has sought inspiration from the new wave electronica and pop rock acts outside of their local music scene.
Their new EP Lose Control is what you might call a party record, packed with strong hooks, synthesized sounds and irrepressible rhythms. If you’re looking to create a beach party playlist, “If It’s California” is the perfect fun, summer number to choose. Their newest single, which isn’t on the EP, was released on April 29, 2011 and has the same danceable quality. If they had continued with college, Under Spinning Lights never would have had so many experiences, such as touring from Alabama to Rhode Island, becoming local celebrities and even being stranded in the Appalachian Mountains! Featured Artist: Rescue KidSouth Florida's Rescue Kid (featuring former Hey Monday guitarist, Mike Gentile) are set to release their Re-Ignite EP on March 25.
The big question this post answers today is why is spinning fitness the most effective way to lose over 100 pounds healthy and fast? Cardio, as you may already know, is essential to the health of your heart and as such, there are more spinning fitness benefits for your heart than most other workouts that burn calories just as fast offer. Whether you have not taken spinning classes before or did, and got really big into spinning fitness but then just stopped, it is never too late to start again. This is cool, but it is all about priorities, and when being outdoors is more important than the benefits of the actual exercise, there are always conflicts.
The only challenge you face when cycling is hills, and most times they are too small to offer a real challenge or are too steep to even think of cycling all the way to the top.
The stationary bike comes packaged with a motivating workout setting, inspiring and qualified instructors, energizing music, control in your hands and more importantly, a memorable and incredible workout experience. It’s a very effective and time efficient method for boosting cardiovascular fitness in previously untrained folks, and it’s also been shown to nudge VO2max higher after it has stalled in trained athletes. When a training modality has allegedly produced fat loss from workouts lasting as little as 12 minutes, it’s almost begging to be hyped by every huckster wanting to exploit the public’s perennial desire for a quick, sure-fire fat loss “secret”.
Is HIIT all it’s cracked up to be for fat loss, or is it just another overhyped load of cobblers? The Tabata protocol involves a four minute warm-up at 50% of max effort, followed by a series of 8 balls-to-the-wall 20-second sprints, each separated by a 10 second “active rest” where you (try to) pedal at the same pace you did during the warm-up. This is worth noting because there are ‘Tabata’ routines on the Internet utilizing everything from sprint running to rope flailing to front squatting. But when you can emulate the 145kg squat and turbine-like pedaling action of 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Meares, come back and then we’ll talk about Shane and Sir Chris. After all, when your concept of the ‘scientific process’ is finding what gimmicks will garner the most blog hits and book sales, there’s nothing like a little EPOC to help you spin wild tales to potential customers about how their metabolisms will go into turbo-boost and how they’ll be able to burn off bucket loads of ugly fat simply by doing a few minutes’ exercise a few times a week.
However, unlike the MAD bollocks, there is actually a kernel of truth in the HIIT EPOC story.
There seems to be a simplistic belief - eagerly perpetuated by those who apparently don’t know better yet still deem themselves fit to act as authorities on the subject - that there are only two types of cardio: HIIT and steady state. Only if you’re MAD; the reality is your work output was in fact much, much higher during the 90-minute ride. The research so far indicates that while exercise duration affects only the duration of EPOC, intensity seems to affect both EPOC magnitude and duration[1].
Even if we pretend that long duration cardio doesn’t raise EPOC, it still overpowers HIIT for overall calorie burn.
It only cares if, over a sufficient period of time, you’ve burned off significantly more calories than what you’ve ingested.
If you conduct a clinical trial and tell the obese participants to walk 3 times a week, or you give them a more vigorous program but simply tell them to keep eating as normal, what do you think is going to happen? What are you on?” Well Lance, I’m on a ketogenic diet endorsed by jokers like Gary Taubes, Jimmy Moore and Michael Eades that elevates my cortisol levels, drains me of vital minerals, and gives me such an amazing fat loss metabolic advantage I’ve managed to gain another fifty pounds of chub while sitting on my ass attacking people who tell the truth about calories. Meaning that if you acknowledge the calories in versus calories out equation, the addition of exercise to your fat loss regimen will speed things up nicely.
However, the HIIT exercisers reportedly experienced more favourable body composition outcomes, with a greater mean reduction in skinfold measurements taken at six different body sites[2]. But clearly the subjects in both groups ate sufficient calories to maintain weight on their assigned routines. To determine body fat changes the researchers used only skinfold measurements, which are not as accurate and consistent as underwater weighing, DEXA (dual-emission X-ray absorptiometry) and MRI. Either this group were biological freaks who could lose fat in one area but gain it in another, or there were inaccuracies in the skinfold measurements. As with the previously discussed study, there was no dietary intervention; all subjects, including the exercise groups, were instructed to continue their normal eating habits throughout the study.
The HIIT group also enjoyed far greater reductions in resting insulin levels, indicating superior improvements in glycemic control.
But given the similar energy expenditure between the two training regimens, a greater calorie burn during training did not explain the difference. In this study, it would appear the HIIT regimen may have blunted appetite more effectively than the steady-state routine. Forty-six inactive, overweight men were recruited from the University of New South Wales and allocated into either HIIT exercise or non-exercising control groups[6]. You know, the usual free-living carry on; unfortunately, metabolic ward trials are quite expensive and funding these days tends to be diverted to far more important things like conducting yet more dodgey studies that are halted early to give the impression statin drugs work in healthy people. The HIIT group once again performed 8-second sprints interspersed by 12-second bouts of slow pedaling. As subjects adapted to the HIIT training, workload was increased so that HR stayed at the appropriate 80–90% peak level.
In other words, their lungs could now perform at a given workload with noticeably less huff and puff than 3 months earlier.
While that’s certainly better than a kick in the bum with a studded boot, it hardly constitutes an earth-shattering, fat-obliterating outcome. But that would be with a damn sight more exercise than 60 minutes a week, and with a conscientious effort to consume a predetermined level of calories, one that would allow for a sufficient calorie deficit to occur.
So what the above studies show is that a few 20-minute HIIT workouts a week is simply not going to be sufficient to get you there if you are presently carrying a serious amount of flab.
If you’re a hard-gainer, you’re going to make gaining muscle a heck of lot harder again if you’re chewing up the extra calories you need for growth with 2-3 hour cardio sessions. However, the author is himself Italian-Australian, so just harden up, you pack of bloody sooks. The effects of high-intensity intermittent exercise training on fat loss and fasting insulin levels of young women. Comparable effects of moderate intensity exercise on changes in anorectic gut hormone levels and energy intake to high intensity exercise. The Effect of High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise on Body Composition of Overweight Young Males.
Absence of exercise-induced variations in adiponectin levels despite decreased abdominal adiposity and improved insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetic men. Individuals wishing to make changes to their dietary, lifestyle, exercise or medication regimens should do so in conjunction with a competent, knowledgeable and empathetic medical professional.

Many young bands from their area of New York might be expected to follow the blueprints set out by the likes of Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, both of whom have found major-label success. The sextet cites The Postal Service, InnerPartySystem and A Love Like Pi as some of their main influences.
Across the six tracks there is a high production quality, most likely the work of Eric and Jason who take control of the programming. Nevertheless, it fits well into the EP, giving the listener a broader idea of what the band has to offer. The album includes six original tracks from their April 2013 release Ignite, one new track titled "Beneath The Li(e)lac Tree," and three acoustic tracks "Secrets," "The Distance," and "Make You Mine" featuring Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set. If it continues, we understand that you accept our privacy policy and Cookies and the terms of use of our Web site. Because of this, doing proper spinning fitness sessions has the benefits of doing a full cardio exercise you will feel the effects on your muscles in your quads the same day you start the workouts.
Spinning is a form of workout that grants you all the benefits of a workout that strains the muscle, but without the pain of being rushed into muscle pain and frustration. The first step is to get your head in it and understand all the benefits you will gain from the cardio cum aerobic exercises and use it as motivation to get through the first class. However, you will need to have an instructor and if possible, a spinning fitness tracker to keep track of your progress, and to some extent, motivate you to keep working out to attain your health and weight loss objectives. Just be sure to find the best spinning clothing that you are comfortable in and find the best spinning shoes with clips that are comfortable and specially designed for spinning. Hence the plethora of idiotic “Lose all the fat you want with only 10 minutes of exercise a week!” claims you see plastered all over the Suckernet.
After the last sprint, you cool down with another four minutes of 50% effort, before jumping off the stationary bike, puffing your chest, and crushing a can of Solo against your head. There’s nothing wrong with mixing things up for a little variety, but don’t even begin to expect the same kind of cardiovascular benefits from front squat “intervals” that you’ll get from trying to emulate Anna Meares on an ergo bike. You’re either intermittently sprinting your brains out, or you’re plodding along at a dead steady pace on a gym treadmill while watching Entertainment Tonight in a trance-like state for 45 minutes.
Meaning that, if an exercise session is both long and intense, as is actually quite common in many sports, then you’ll end up with an EPOC that will dwarf that to be garnered from the 5-minute Super Dooper Flab-Busting Fat Furnace workout that Joe “I never met a Reciprocal Marketing, Affiliate-Chasing, List-Expanding opportunity I didn’t like!” Blogger has convinced you is the Rosetta Stone of fat loss training. It’s at this point your body will think, “Oh shit, energy shortage!”, pick up the hotline to Bob down in Fat Dispatch, and relay with a sense of urgency, “Bob, we got a situation – for some reason we’ve got a lot less calories coming through, and now I’ve get every damn mitochondria in the place calling me up in a panic, pissing and moaning they don’t have enough energy. And not only will you lose more fat, with the right kind of exercise you’ll also keep more muscle…and maybe even put on some, as we’ll discuss shortly. On the surface, this would suggest that while HIIT did not affect overall weight loss it can have superior "repartitioning" effects on body composition by preserving muscle and shedding a little extra fat instead. While much has been made about the HIIT group’s threefold greater reduction in combined skinfolds, a close look at the skinfold data shows the reduction in abdomen skinfolds was virtually identical between the two groups. Given the known problems with skinfold reproducibility (variations between testers and even with the same tester due to differences in skinfold measurement technique), I’d put my money on the latter. Meanwhile, the control group continued to sit on their dimpled butts eating low-fat muesli bars watching Home and Away, Neighbours, and all that other incredibly banal brain-numbing pap that constitutes prime-time soap opera TV in this here sunburnt country. This may simply have been an artefact of the greater weight loss in the HIIT group (weight loss itself often produces notable improvements in glycemic control).
Or maybe the HIIT subjects really did experience some serious EPOC - but we'll never know because it wasn't measured.
Yeah, but this wasn't your usual 6-8 sprints - the HIIT subjects performed sixty of these sprints each session! That is fair dinkum un-Australian (all-encompassing Aussie catch-phrase, especially popular with vote-seeking politicians and pious Prime Ministers, for any kind of behaviour that causes offense). First I have to explain what these researcher blokes and their subjects actually did, and then reveal the results. Unlike the previous study with women, there was no longer-duration-lower-intensity cardio group. There’s also the problem of recruiting sufficient people who are prepared to temporarily give up their incredibly fulfilling and exciting lives of Facebooking, tweeting and watching Internet porn to instead go live in a ward and make a meaningful contribution to science. Don’t worry, I already got that figured out: Get caught doing extra exercise or eating smuggled cannoli then, yo, this constitoots a sit-choo-way-shun and you get yo ayass booted off da sho. They did this continuously throughout each 20-minute session, which was performed 3 times weekly for 12 weeks. And while greater fatness often predicts greater fat loss in dietary intervention weight loss studies, and also predicted greater fat loss in the earlier trial with women, in this trial initial percent body fat in the men was not correlated to changes in percent body fat after the HIIT intervention (and unlike the earlier female study, this trial saw no changes in measures of insulin or insulin resistance. Without accompanying caloric restriction nor any additional longer-duration exercise, the 200-calorie per session calorie burn of a brief HIIT session is simply not enough to produce the kind of fat loss that will produce noticeable changes in your appearance, regardless of any accompanying EPOC. I hold it in such high esteem, not because it allows you to “Burn All The Fat You Want In Only 5 Minutes Per Week - Guaranteed!”, but because it is an extremely time efficient modality for producing quick increases in aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Brief, explosive forms of cardio will not just permit muscular gain, they will quite likely enhance it (see legs of speed skaters and top track cycling sprinters for convincing visual evidence of this phenomenon). Anyone who chooses to apply the information on this web site does so of their own volition and their own risk. Under Spinning Lights are Jason Pagan (vocals, programming and guitar), Eric Pagan (vocals, programming), Dom Fazzari (bass), Max Iantorno (guitar), Matt Jacino (synth) and Eric Montalvo (drums). However, the real appeal of the album lies more with its feel-good vibe than its lyrics, so shallow lyrics can be overlooked. The vocal harmonies and acoustic guitars add a nice element to the track, leaving you with a pleasing electronic-style ballad.
One part of the track actually sounds a bit like dubstep, so it could gain a lot of new fans for the band. Lose Control has such an energy that you know it’s true when the band says, “Every time we record it is always a fun and exciting time, we love to make music.” You’ll love to hear it too.
Whether you just want to exercise to say fit or are looking for ways to lose 100 pounds fast to fit in your spring suit, spinning is a viable fitness option you should consider. It is good that spinning workout, just like cycling, is also a manly sport that strengthens and tones the muscles, burns calories to lose weight and pumps up the rates of metabolism to easily manage weight.
Remember that the key to success in any physically demanding and repetitive activity lies in convincing yourself of the outcome first and getting prepared to face the challenge.
Because only a dimwit drongo who’s as dumb as a dead dingo’s donger would extrapolate research results from the ladies to the fellas, the aforementioned researchers had another crack of the HIIT whip, yelled “Coo-eee!!” and this time rounded up a bunch of fat bastards to pedal their arses off in one of those big fancy bloody sheds where they do all that you-beaut fancy bloody research stuff. And you thought I was kidding when I said only a dimwit drongo who’s as dumb as a dead dingo’s donger would extrapolate research results from females to males. The owner and contributors to this site accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm, real or imagined, from the use or dissemination of information contained on this site. Even if you don’t have weight problems, this workout is proven to improve your energy levels and remind your body to utilize energy where it matters.
So sit your fat bums back down, grab a coldie, put ya feet up, and let me bloody well finish. The only other rules are no Galliano, Sambuca or Jagermeister within 3 hours of training, and no wearing Abercrombie & Fitch hahaha.

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