Exercise, specifically High Intensity Exercise, aids in fat loss when you’ve used up your glycogen stores.
When there’s no glycogen available to meet your muscle’s energy needs, your body begins to burn fat to provide that energy. Exercise helps you quickly use up the glycogen stores in your muscle, and high intensity exercise helps you start burning fat efficiently.
Matter of fact, High Intensity Exercise, specifically High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT), has been shown in several studies, to burn fat more efficiently than low to moderate intensity exercise. Even sitting down for longer than an hour at a time, and doing this regularly, is unhealthy and has been linked to similar serious medical conditions. This is where you alternate bursts of very high intensity training for a few seconds with periods of either complete rest or lower intensity training.
It combines both Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises into each workout – so you get health benefits of both types – and best of all you can complete a powerful effective session in less than 15 minutes a time! This is a general guide, it’s not the only way to do HIIT, mind but it’s a guide to get you started, and will definitely get you burning fat way more efficiently than you’ve done to date.

If this is all new to you, you can start off by doing it for just 5 minutes (ie don’t repeat it after the first 5 minutes) and you’d still have got a cracking workout done. Work with your body and gradually build up to a maximum of 10 minutes of HIIT every other day.
Etc. OR if you are severely time challenged, you could do the form of HIIT called ‘Tabata Training’. Every other day you could do low to moderate intensity exercise for anything from 20-60 minutes (as I said earlier, ANY movement is better than none!).
They are too many for me to list here but I’ll write a few to whet your appetite and hopefully inspire you to start HIIT-ing from today!
You only need 10-15 minutes to get a very effective workout (stretch, warm up and cool down included).
In the next article I will provide you with a full HIIT routine that will take you just 20 minutes to complete and that you can perform every other day for maximum fat burning effect.
Some of the critical illness insurance companies are on the same page as you and subsidise things like gym membership.

This 12 week challenge is your introduction to the first 12 weeks of the rest of your life. Glycogen is the form in which glucose is stored (in your liver) for use as energy by your body.
Even a 10 minute HIIT workout done properly, is more effective than 30 minutes of low to moderate intensity aerobic workout. She enables people to empower themselves by taking control of their health and thus improving the quality of their lives. It’s also stored in muscle, but the one stored in muscle is not easily available to the rest of the body – it’s mainly available for your muscle to use as its energy source. Sign up to receive her FREE Book '10 Big Lies that Are Keeping You Sick, Fat & Tired All The Time' and you will be plugged in to receive the Healthy Lifestyle newsletter.

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