Parties - Whoosh - Our parties are structured to include great play in the 3 tier frame, great food, great party games and great memories!. According to what I've read and believe, weight gain and weight loss are more a matter of hormones than the number of calories you consume. I think part of it is that spikes like that confuse your body because you're used to a set number of calories. If you calorie count was previously too low or if you had been eating near the low end of your caloric requirements, you could have made your metabolism start to speed up by showing your body that you are going to give it more fuel. I have no idea what the physiological explanation is for that, but I've experienced the same thing.
But as long as you are aware of what you are doing and what you are eating, and not just mindlessly consuming till you want to pop, well im sure you'll be fine! Can you please cite (with followable links) the sources you have read that lead you to believe that hormones somehow can completely negate daily energy balance?
In case you missed my previous post from the other thread, please read this (and if you did, please reread it so you can maybe partially comprehend it).
While different macronutrients may, in short term, lead to different oxidation and storage processes by the body; in the long term they balance out. Hormonal imbalances and variances can of course affect total daily energy expenditure to some degree. I know it may seem like you are tricking your body into losing weight but it is more of a placebo effect than anything. If you've stayed in calorie deficit for a long enough time, then boosting your calories for a couple of days can raise your resting metabolic rate because of the influx of extra energy. Don't worry love, he has no foundation for anything that he says and is subsequently leading people to believe fallacies that will potentially be detrimental to their ability to believe and accept truth later on. Ok I'm very familiar with wooshing its the only way my body seems to ever lose size while cutting.

Wooshing is where your body stores extra water weight during fat loss, which masks the actual fat loss, then dumps the water all at once. Let Whoosh shower jelly sort out your cloudy, sleepy, head and give you a boost to wake you up.. What happens is that eating at a calorie deficit for a long period of time will make your body think that you don't have access to enough food. However, to assert that hormones play a larger role on body weight than calories do is asinine. I thought 2300 was my maintenance because I felt I was relatively sedentary outside of the gym but I end up finding out I have a high activity factor and I'm around 2800. If a person does not track their calories very accurately then a higher protein diet will be beneficial due to its beneficial effects on satiety which leads to better spontaneous calorie control meaning you tend to eat less without even thinking about it since your not as hungry.
It is important IMO to know what the real cause of weight gain and loss so you can maintain your results long term and avoid any unnecessary restrictive behavior than can affect the quality of your life. The fatcells fill with water and remain the same size for a certain amount of time then all of a sudden release the water allowing them to shrink. We are a small independent game development studio comprised of a handful of passionate and talented individuals . This answer comes from some limited research I've done online, but it seems at times people purposely increased their caloric intake and started to loose weight.
In the end it is still about energy balance; if hormonal responses raise or lower energy expenditure, you could compensate by energy (calorie) intake manipulation. People also respond differently to an excess of food consumption due to variances in NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis).
After swimming for a hour I spent about 25 min in the steam room and I was sweatin like a whore at sunday mass. I've hardcore cut for 3 weeks before and not a single change then overnight I bam was 2inches smaller stomach and a lot leaner looking.

Having higher calorie days now and then (even one or two a week) lets your body know that you do have access to enough food and it keeps the fat burning processes going. With relation to food the argument can be made that specific macronutrients undergo different metabolic pathways, some of which are more or less efficient resulting in variances in net caloric expenditure (this is referred to as the thermic effect of feeding in some cases).
Some people do weekly refeeds or whatever to take a psychological break from dieting but shifting your calories or macros around will not help you. Some people are more figgety in response to over eating and they spontaneously burn more calories whereas some of the rest of us do not.
With that said, these miniscule variances are not enough to overthrow, disregard or demonize any particular macronutrient. The one disclaimer to that is that there is a basic level of protein and fat which each person must hit or else body composition and general health can be affected. Just got out of the shower and looking in the mirror and I look a lot leaner than before I left.
Well, it means if you consume 2,000 calories and burn 2,500 calories in a day, the other 500 calories that you did not eat cannot just randomly manifest itself, and therefore is taken from your body. It is not necessary however to go to extremes and try and exclude a macronutrient or severely restrict it from your diet. So is it possible to say going in the steam room hevery few days will help with wooshing woes. If you over consume calories in a way that there is more calories (over time) that your body can use for energy, it is stored. On the other hand some of us become slightly more lethargic when we restrict our caloric intake thus reducing the amount of calories burned which affects both sides of the energy equation and we don't see as much weight loss as we would like.

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