Eye Bags: The fat around your eyes can place excessive pressure on the skin, ligaments and muscles around your eyes.
Baggy eyes can also occur when skin becomes too lax, results in too much skin in the area giving wrinkled look. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you both so very much for Wednesday, it was a really informative day and you were both a pleasure to deal with. I found the Strawberry Laser Lipo and at first was very sceptical, but curiosity led me to contact them. When I picked up my machine I gave myself an intensive course of treatments and couldn't believe the difference it made to me (and my relationship)- it flattened my stomach and tightened the skin I no longer need a tummy tuck, the rest is history. I would like to sincerely thank you and Sharon for all of the time and help you have both offered me whilst I have been trying to find a way to make this work – the customer service you both give is outstanding and you have both been so helpful with my endless queries.
I mentioned to Sharon the other day that I have spoken to other Strawberry users and the feedback I have had about you and the company is amazing – the reputation is impeccable and everyone is happy and confident in your care with your products and after-sales service. More importantly, they would all use your company again if they had to make the choice a second time round now. Just wanted to thank Louise and Catherine for their outstanding work at our launch days last week. We are still getting bookings for the treatments now so any doubts i had about making such a large investment have been wiped out completely!
Once again, a huge thank you for Louise and Catherine for making this treatment one of the most successful launches I've ever done! Designed to target and disperse stubbon packets of fat, this non invasive and pain free laser was just what we needed to help us to shift the inches effectively. Your aftercare, as Sharon mentioned at the show, is wonderful and although I still feel nervous using the machine, I feel so reassured by you as a company. As discussed, I felt compelled to write to you and thank you for helping me get my weight problems under control, which at the age of 38 was a real problem and was starting to affect my self esteem and overall confidence.
As you know I had been through 2 major operations which had left an unsightly scar which due to weight gain had manifested into a ledge like scar. Due to the nature of the operations exercises like sit ups would normally be carried out to flatten the stomach muscles were far too painful for me to do. I have tried many different diets in the past which have lead to weight loss but never to the ledge like scar reducing in size.

Since then you have encouraged and motivated me to not only carry on with the treatment but to stick to my diet and exercise regimes which combined have had a fantastic effect on my body shape. I have not felt this good about myself for a very long time and the impact that this experience has had on my life in general has been immeasurable! I would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family and once again thank you for helping me to change my life. I was amazed by the results: after one session, I lost two inches off each thigh and three inches off my stomach.
I am so happy with the results, my stretch marks are so much lighter and i feel like they are not even there, i have joined a gym and even wore a crop top to exercise in! I am so happy, I feel like I have got my confidence back, which I had lost after having my children.
Noticed that my waist looks slimmer the day after and my stretch marks looked different already! I have been gloating to my friends at work of the difference a few sessions have made to my body. My friend said that her teenager daughter who was a put on some weight and lost it has stretch marks and did not know that they could be removed by 70%. The following days after my treatment I have noticed a change in the top of legs too, just under my bum. My stretch marks look significantly improved around my waist - to the point that I am forgetting they are there. On Sunday (20th November) I was looking on the internet for dresses for the Christmas party at work and Zumba (dance school party) and felt comfortable picking a nice figure hugging dress - I am not scared to shop now. I have noticed a difference in my silhouette; its more defined, my skin is also very smooth and my body is more toned - the fat (yep I can say it now) is just melting away. The feeling of being a 40 year old mother of 2 kids who is having time literally rubbed away is so amazing. Laser lipo - strawberry, Strawberry - from laser lipo clients have had the choice of two market leading "strawberry" machines the "inch loss" and the "cream" machine.
Laser lipo sa, Strawberry laser lipo a combination class 3b laser system - incorporating our unrivalled inch-loss treatment, stretch mark reduction, eye bag reduction and our.
Real strawberry laser lipo reviews from real patients, If strawberry laser lipo is among the possible candidates for non surgical fat removal, it is crucial for you to read as much reviews as possible!.

I went and met the team, tried the treatment for myself and was really pleased with the results. I love meeting my clients and getting to know them, helping them make lifelong changes and seeing them take real control of their body shapes. To say I was nervous about how it would all go is an understatement but the treatments have proved to be a success! If this rate keeps up, I may need another member of staff to cover all the treatments we are doing - seriously!
I found out about your Laser Lipo Treatment via a friend of mine and after much debate with my husband we decided that I should explore using the treatment even though it sounded too good to be true. A few days later, my skin still felt super-taught and smooth and my upper arm was now 1cm smaller, I’ll be booking more sessions ASAP. She said that with her daughter being a teenager it will be something that she would feel uncomfortable about, especially when she starts dating boys - not that she wants her too.
Before the treatments I used all the creams and oils for reducing stretch marks and began to loose all hope.
I visited your salon for a consultation and you made me feel confident about proceeding and was pleasantly surprised to have seen dramatic changes in my measurements during the free 45 minute trial. I really can not believe the results that I got and the before and after photos were so striking.
I feel as if I have a second chance and I now love my new ever changing body shape - and when I talk of change, it is definitely positive. I know they are still there but the fact that they are very light is enough for me as i understand that they will not completely erase. I will definately do all it takes to maintain my new figure, I've enjoyed eating healthy foods and will continue to do so, this has been the kickstart I've needed. All-in-all, a really good experience and I would definitely recommend you to friends, in fact, I already have! This site is an independent retailer of Mephisto products, and is not authorized to make representations on behalf of the manufacturer, Mephisto, Inc.

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