These unique shaking bubbles effectively injects the slimming essence deep into into deep skin to reduce fat and cellulite accumulation.Highly recommended to pear-shape figures!Get rid of the pear-shape figure and get a hourglass figure now! Of cos, exercise is always recommended, but if you can't (or simply just don't want to exercise), use the slimming wrap for 30 - 45 mins and you can see immediate result!Direction:1. Otherwise, use a warm cloth to clean the area you want to put the wrap on before using the slim wrap.2.

Increases body ability to break down sugar, decreases the chance of carbohydrates turning into fats.??? (Cold):??+?? (Reduces fat & tightens skin)Strengthens the skin's elasticity and tightens skin so as to reduce fine lines.
Wrap the belt with cling wrap and keep in refrigerator.Each slimming belt is reusable for 2-3 times, use every 1-2 days, 15 times as a session.

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