Stuart Consumer Product Labs, the company that brought you the original restor HCG professional weight loss drops, is excited to introduce you to the next generation of weight loss: New and Improved! Your hypothalamus is the part of your brain that regulates appetite and moods, and it plays a role in your body’s natural inclination to either store fat or use it for fuel.
The other ingredients in restorSLIM™ are a mixture of homeopathic remedies that help create an internal environment conducive to weight loss.
Just hold the bottle upside down at a slight angle - the formula will dispense drop by drop. We come to an understanding that the only thing that makes a fat burner better than others is not the amount of ingredients it has but simply does it work in a safe way or not. Stimulates the body’s central nervous system to promote lipolysis, the breakdown of fat cells.
3 month, however You will probably notice your appetite is suppressed and that your ‘energy’ levels are increased although this will probably be along the lines of a chemical buzz rather than a natural energy ‘high’.
3 month, user reports varies however the average weight loss was between 14 – 19 lbs per month.
As for Phenadrine, manufacturers are heeding the requests of the FDA and voluntarily withdrawing supplements, which contain DMAA, yet APS is continuing to market Phenadrine, which suggests that they do not really care about the safety of their customers.
Bauer Nutrition, provides advanced nutrition to help fight everyday deficiencies found in regular diets, as well as helping you to manage your weight and build muscle. No money back guarantee – The money-back guarantee on unopened bottles, means that if you want to give it a try, you will have to be prepared to risk your initial investment.
The label on bottle states it is the ‘World’s strongest diet and energy aid’ and while we think this is exaggerated, there is no doubt that APS Phenadrine contains strong ingredients that are known for causing health problems and FDA warned about these ingredients many times.
We find it’s very important to be aware of standard-setting of fat burning mechanisms and intense workout initiators. The body simply goes into the defensive mode, providing high tolerance rate to stimulants and Phenadrine at that time, is as good as inhaling air but with side-effects. Acacia Rigidula Extract (leaves) (200mg): Acacia rigidula is a shrub that grows in parts of Texas and Mexico. NOTE: Acacia Rigidula cannot be legally marketed in Europe unless the sellers demonstrate that it does not present a risk, or mislead, the consumer so along with DMAA, is technically another illegal ingredient contained in this supplement. Poorly rated on any customer oriented platform like Amazon (check ratings at end of this review). It includes DMAA which  is banned by most sporting authorities, including the World Anti Doping Agency and it will show up as a positive in dope testing.

Currently it is being promoted on Amazon which is not doing so well because of the negative review. Whenever you buy a weight loss product, the best you can hope for is that it doesn’t work but with Phenadrine it’s fat burning results might look interesting on the first week. When it works too slowly, your body becomes less efficient at using food for fuel and stores it as fat instead. They reduce inflammation that hinders fat use, they release excess fluid, they stimulate proper digestion and elimination, and they increase your body's fat burning potential. Do not drink, eat, or brush your teeth 15 minutes before or after taking these homeopathic drops. Focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean protein allows you to eat a lot of food for very little calories.
This helps them absorb into your bloodstream faster without having to go through the digestive process. When you put the dropper back into the bottle, the bacteria contaminates the entire product. Stevia and sucralose (Splenda™) are good alternative sweeteners to help wean you away from sugar, and psyllium husk and flax seeds are good constipation remedies. That said, if you are already taking a fat burner that you like, taking it with restorSLIM™ won't cause any problems. And so far Phenadrine has been promoted on the market that it’s the leading pill in weight loss.
Phenadrine was very clear on that we have all the hardcores stimulants you can think of in one pill. And so far where science is concerned, without any commercial nonsense Phenadrine has nothing to do with the fundamental premiss of working with the physiologic body function. And BMPEA, which is related to the stimulant drug ephedrine, is the latest speed-like chemical to taint dietary supplements, researchers say. In 2004, the FDA banned the stimulant Ephedra after it was linked to fatal strokes and heart attacks, heart palpitations, seizures, and psychiatric problems.
It has also been shown in one rat study to increase Testosterone levels at a rather high dose, and moderate dosages are shown to be beneficial for bone health.
So they decided to establish their own official website and which look poorly designed and lousy customer support.
Once the mentioned side-effects kicks in, the overall impression changes. We do not recommend Phenadrine as a weight loss aid and strongly advise all consumers to avoid any product that contains DMAA (by any name) or Acacia Rigidula.
Do not use any weight loss product if you have any current or previous medical condition of any kind.

Each bottle contains enough restorSLIM™ for one complete weight loss cycle if you use 7 drops ,3 x a day. The restorSLIM™ euro-dropper avoids this by allowing the fluid to dispense directly from the bottle with no external dropper.
As the body metabolizes caffeine, the breakdown of fat happens, this process decreases the amount of fat stored throughout the body. What is also agreed upon is that caffeine, a mild diuretic, will cause you to lose a little water, thus making the number on the scale go down. Thus all products were withdrawn from the shelves of retailers in the USA and major countries in Europe. So Acacia Rigidula is not a vitamin, a mineral, an herb or other botanical, or an amino acid as promoted! Earl Grey’s characteristic fragrance comes from bergamot (Citrus bergamia), a type of orange that grows in the Calabria region of southern Italy.
The FDA has issued warnings about both ingredients and the FDA exists to protect consumers’ health.
Such conditions may include but are not limited to high or low blood pressure, stroke, arrhythmias or palpitations.
Note sometimes air gets trapped in dropper, if drops aren't coming out, please shake the bottle.
Which we find a good honest way to market their product and not twirling around with the safest pill.
The essential aromatic oil in bergamot peel is also used in perfumes and prized in aromatherapy for its ability to reduce anxiety. BUT unfortunately when any chemical that works against the natural human functions and totally relays on extrinsic stimulants.
But saying this without even considering the adverse effects which cannot be denied might put users on moderation of this element. Although we do have some reservations about it due to not being backed by actual clinical studies. Simply because in 2015 it got #1 best seller fat burner in UK,  therefore it is used as a parameter to our rating. Unlike PhenQ that had several clinical studies and been tested with it’s positive implications on the fat burning journey.

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