Images: 162 TaylorMade Burner Driver Product Description A bullet-shaped, 460cc driver with a 46-inch shaft for players seeking maximum carry and role distance from their driver.
This is the best distance driver I have used, It hits further then other golf drivers because it launches off the face quite high, so the distance comes from the ball staying in the air longer rather going low and rolling along the ground.
This is not a ball control driver its purely for distance so if your looking to keep the ball low and out of the wind, and fine tune your control with a slight draw or fade, or height adjustment then this is not the club for you.
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Most gear heads by now are aware that TaylorMade has a different business model then most of the other big players in golf (Ping, Callaway, Titleist, etc). Well for the short term it looks like their decision worked, whomever came up with the grand plan was most likely commended and given a promotion but more importantly how will this one decision effect the future of TaylorMade Golf? Most companies wait for a fairly significant change before bringing out what they call a NEW driver. I think he was just another guy from Taylormade employee trying to post a positive comment. I’ve been playing the 2008 Burner and love it, but yesterday on the launch monitor the new 2009 model was consistently giving me another 3 MPH, 5-8 more yards carry with a slightly lower trajectory (maybe adding more roll?).
You could honestly do that with almost every head on the market…as long as you get the right launch parameters.
The only thing saving TM is the tour presence – however, that has to be a marginal return on investment. I have seen older TM drivers at Meijers (major chain store in the midwest, alot like Wal-Mart). The main problem with TM is the green grass shops have difficulty stocking and keeping up with the technology. The last thing that gets me is the release date of the reg and TP version of this NEW BURNER. At only half a millimeter thick, the Cleveland Launcher Driver crown moves every bit of potential weight low and deep to improve the CG (center of gravity), optimizing launch conditions and maximizing distance. I had a interesting conversation with one of the Reps from Nickent the other day … he had mentioned how their business was off by 20% from last year. If you think anyone is selling drivers for 300 bucks that they only paid 75 for (at least from any of the big manufacturers) you couldn’t be more wrong.

TaylorMade make good clubs, however the releases of new models every few months really hurt their business.
We’re hearing this complaint a lot from both retailers like yourself and the consumer. The good news for me is that I now just tune out the new product introductions and wait (used to be a year, now it is just a few months), for these models to be introduced on Ebay.
A lightweight driver designed to enable maximum club head and ball speed for maximum driver distance. Dual Crown Technology alows for a larger base for a lower, more forgiving center of gravity. It feels great to hit, I use it with a standard graphite shaft which is actually pretty whippy for a standard shaft, it almost feels like a senior shaft from the amount of wippyness it has. Distance wise though if your looking to hit further then you have before, then this is the club for you it will give you the longest drive.
In many golfers minds the product cycle for TaylorMade has simply gotten out of hand though. When a shop sells 12-18 drivers per year for several different brands- it is going to be difficult to stay with TM. I know that the introduction of the dual crown came with the Tour Burner, but has anyone noticed an increase in performance? The sole’s horseshoe weight pad also improves launch conditions by localizing weight low and deep, improving both MOI (moment of inertia) and CG locations, while the largest Launcher face to date allows generous room for mis-hits. Tried hitting the Tour Burner earlier, love the way it swing similar to my R5 with more forgiveness.
The paying customer is confused and rightly annoyed at Taylormade and their constant and relentless release of new Burner Drivers purportedly giving greater distance and accuracy.
A slightly closed face and flex point of the shaft produce a high, penetrating, draw-biased ball flight.
The lower CG provides for a higher launch angle and lower spin rate for additional distance. Mass produced rubbish, that is always not the right loft or face angle that it is supposed to be.
Got the new one for christmas played with it today and am not gonna look back at my old one.

Many golf stores are very upset because their inventory is now worth crap only 5 months after they release their clubs.
This make me seriously considering switching, however, few weeks later the price reduced dramatically for new line-up coming out in the same year. Super high MOI creates additional stability at impact for longer, straigher shots even on mis-hits.
A cheap grip and shaft put on to reduce production costs and ship them out as soon as possible.
I think their continuing research and testing is top-notch and the variety of drivers offered only tells me that there’s a TM Driver that will suit everybody right off the shelf.
I understand they come out with ton of differnt crap but at the same time does it really matter?
Why not just combine the two in one offering and save the hassle of retailers and customers.
This make me to put a hard brake of the purchase because there might be further reduction in another few months. The average length of shaft on the PGA Tour is 44.5 inches and the Burner 09 is 46.25 inches, hmmm? Much better than buying another manufacturer’s and then adding a $200 shaft to get it to perform just right! Same thing happened to the Rossa Spider putter that I am putting a brake on purchasing because there were more than 30 models of putter have been released from TaylorMade in the last 3-4 years. That is what makes a pro a pro and a hack the go yelling profanities and fore all the time! All my playing partners all waited a few months to get the nearly new line for a big bargain.
I suggest everybody that owns one get the loft and face angle checked out, I’m sure you will be rather shocked! The only good driver you can get is one that is built for you from scratch, anything else is just junk!

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