I've just put together a quick guide for the Belly Fat Cure Diet plan that I wanted to share with you all! So yes this is hard to juggle and they all made sacrifices for a bit while I figured it all out!? Oh my, I have seen this question dozens of times and I DO have an answer for you: Who says your doing anything wrong? I really recommend picking up Wheat Belly, either from Amazon or your library (like I did, so more on that below). Here is a link to figure out how to checkout Kindle Books from your own local library though Amazon HERE.
I put together a quick Cheat Sheet for Jorge Cruise's Happy Hormones, Slim Belly diet plan. On Amazon it now says "Original Cookbook" on the cover but I'm not sure if all the copies say that. Only pick up the Fast Track (red) if you are truly interested in going grain-free or have gluten issues.
I greatly altered my kids diet to cut way back on the sugar, up the fiber and completely eliminate all artificial sweeteners for them.
I can't buy the specific products where I live that are mentioned in the book, can I still do the Belly Fat Cure? If you have a specific question feel free to leave a comment here and I'll try to answer or others in our wonderful BFC community will help you out. I made dozens of notes on little scraps of paper, and immediately wished I had my own copy. I changed the recipe a bit (just like Jeri over at Just Me and the BFC did) to get it just right for me. I thought it would be useful to answer the questions that I get asked the most and see online, I see these over and over again.

On Jorge's FAQ and in the first book he says should get all 6 carb servings, but that could actually mean as little as 35 grams of carbohydrates depending on how you spread them out.
Make sure you are getting 25 grams of fiber a day through food, not through chia and flax seeds or supplements.
Pretty much all the products listed in the book are found at Whole Foods and Sprouts, but are difficult to find elsewhere.
The first half the book really spoke to me and my food addictions, the second half I didn't enjoy quite as much. Thankfully, I but a huge bag of ground flaxseed from Costco and the Vegan Husband uses it all the time. You don't need an actual Kindle, any iPod, iPad or Android phone or tablet with the Kindle App will do.
Jorge has moved on from the 3 Hour Diet, which is time and calorie counting based and published in 2006.
Plus he answered this question in class once and said what he actually meant was that you need to get your fiber out of the carb servings and less meant less fiber.
My kids not overweight to start with and quickly after doing this I could count their ribs, I got freaked out and decided we would not be so strict! The photo is the entire recipe, with a handful of blueberries and my coffee with cream and coconut oil.
I was set to just do it for 2 months, but honestly at the end of that I didn't feel like adding grain back and had already been through the hardest part.
I also started paying attention (on line) to what low carb doctors were saying (and have been saying for years) - Dr.
There are numerous products that are just as good as the ones in the book at your corner store, no matter where you live.
Aside from that, The Wheat Belly is a great companion guide to Jorge's Belly Fat Cure Fast Track, and even a little more flexible.

I've sought out most of the products listed in the book and most still sit lounging in my cupboard. I did the 3 day extreme twice and both times lost weight but when I went back to BFC I would gain. I put together an Amazon list of all the products from the book HERE if you really have to have them. I have been using chickpeas, but I do have flaxseed so maybe I'll try that this weekend. So with an emphasis on cheese I can see why people with milk allergies might wonder if they can do this plan. I agree love the book some parts resonated with me others I disregarded I will try this as a wrap. He just uses it a lot because you can, definitely not a requirement or important part of the plan.
Other than the cheese and butter you have to use dairy very sparingly on the BFC.Yes, that IS extremely annoying!
And I would not have sold it as a new program, but a new feature on the existing one - which is what it is.
I'm struggling with it for my girls as one is 13 and starting to become body conscious.
Don't add sugar, though she did suggest several spices and alternatives below the recipe.

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