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Some people think running is the best way to burn fat and calories… a common thought among exercisers. Of course, this is perfectly reasonable as everybody who reads this article has a different situation. HIIT is a training style you can use with almost any type of exercise and with any level of fitness. The format of HIIT is simple, all you have to do is pick your choice of Cardio Exercise, decide on how long you want to work out for (let’s say 30-45 minutes) and then alter the intensity over the duration of your workout. For example, if you choose 30 minutes on the cross training you would go at slow pace for 1 minute then sprint for 30 seconds then at a slow pace for 1 minute and so on for the 30 minutes of your workout! The great thing also about HIIT is that it doesn’t take as long to burn a given number of calories than if you were to do a conventional slow and constant paced cardio. This HIIT workout gets progressively harder every week which will help to continually simulate your metablism and in turn burn body fat. If you have the aim of losing weight then complete your workout 3-6 times per week depending on your level of fitness. If you find it getting boring which you mind find if you’re doing it 5-6 times per week then change things up.
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We recently walked up Snowdon as a family and I wore my heart rated monitor, which showed that I burned over 1700 calories going up and 1300 coming down. Sign up for our free newsletter for lots of free tips on how to be a happier healthier you.
FREE 30 minute simple fitness routine – no gym required and after that you deserve a story! At it’s very basic level whether you gain weight or you lose it comes down to calories in versus calories out.
One of my favorite fitness quotes to live by is from Will Brink of Bodybuilding Revealed, “Total calories dictate how much you lose or gain, and macro nutrient types and ratios dictate what you lose or gain.” That is to say that losing weight can be as easy as eating less, but losing weight can also mean losing muscle, which is typically not a result for which most people are looking.
There are several variables, or factors that play a role in how many calories you’ll burn with any given exercise.

Below is a graphic showing the amount of calories you’ll burn for some of the most common exercises.
About Fit Desk JockeyFit Desk Jockey is a health and fitness oasis and community dedicated to the desk jockeys of the world! What I mean by that is if you’re told to do circuit  training (which in my opinion is one of the better fat burning exercises) and you don’t actually carry this workout out on a regular basis then the truth is that it’s not a very good fat burning exercises for you. Some might live in a built up city where the gyms are packed when then they finish work and some might live in a rural area where walking or jogging would suit them much better than the long commute to do a gym routine.
Feel free to choose the one of these best fat burning exercises and make sure that fits the above guidelines for you. HIIT over the course of your Cardio workout will help to burn more Calories and as a result more fat. Why not do 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 10 minutes on the rowing machine and wrap thing up with a 10 minute cycling. The whole point of trying to lose fat is to create a calorie deficit which can be done in many ways outside the gym. A whole host of stuff about this can be found on the Living Streets website as featured in the image below. Don’t forget if you want to lose weight as well, it will depend on the quality and quantity of food you eat.
Here at Fit Desk Jockey we even built a pretty nifty calorie calculator that can help you figure out how many calories you should be consuming daily to reach your fitness goals. While you’re eating less you still need to be sure that your getting the nutrients that your body needs to perform at its optimum level. That being said, unless one of your goals is to become the next fitness model, a little slip up once in awhile is not the death of your fitness goals and dreams.
It’s those days that often leave you scrambling the next morning for the best exercise to burn off the excess and get back on your fitness track. In fact, being fat but fit is considered healthier than being a skinny slob.Nonetheless plenty of us exercise with our waistlines in mind and we want to get bang for our buck.
If its fun then is it’s more likely that you’re going to stick to it and that will be your own best exercise to burn fat!
The whole idea being to help everyone get healthier, fitter and also to improve the carbon footprint. It was a great day, not only for exercise, but spending time with the family in the fresh air, instead of being sat in front of the TV.
The chart below is based on an hours exercise from doing very little to extreme calorie burn.

Don’t let age, weight or anything else be a barrier, if walking is your starting point, then great. Relatively minimal changes, for example 100 to 500 calories per day, have the power to change your body and your life in amazing ways.
It also has the benefit of giving you some vital exercise to get our heart rate working a bit harder, which can also help keep our weight under control.
Do we run, skip, cycle, walk or swim?Well, if you want a really efficient fat-burning program, rule number one is don't waste too much time agonising over how to go about it.It's true that running will see you burn roughly twice the kilojoules per hour as walking. But if you can only run for five minutes, whereas you could walk briskly for a full hour, then all other things being equal, your walking workout will see you shed more fat.Likewise, unless you really go hard, a 30 minute swim generally doesn't pack as much punch as a brisk half-hour walk. But the upside of being held up by the water is that there's less pressure on your ankles and knees. If that means you'll work out more often, then swimming could well be the better way to go.So if you're exercising for fat loss, the specific activity you choose is less important than whether you can sustain it.But what about the issue of intensity?
One thing that generates confusion about this is a diagram you often see on equipment or on posters in gyms.
It's a graph that tells you what exercise 'zone' you're in, based on your heart rate and your age. It's true that as the intensity of the workout goes up, the proportion of the fuel mix coming from fat decreases. But what matters is the total energy burnt, from all sources, including during the recovery period after exercise.
To maximise this, high intensity exercise is almost certainly the better option.In a nutshell, if you've got limited time, you'll need to push yourself as hard as you can to get maximal fat burning 'oomph' from your workout. But if you're not that fit or you've got a health condition, then a lower intensity is the way to go. You'll need to work out for longer though to get the same result.Whatever you do, keep at it.
So while you're waiting for the payoff on your waistline, remember you're definitely not wasting time.Thanks to Chris Tzar, University of NSW and Dr David Jenkins, University of Queensland for expert information and to Centennial Park, the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, and the Union Fitness Centre, University of Technology, Sydney for filming assistance.

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