Get Ready For Father’s Day or you will wish you had!Sign Up NowFor Email Newsletters you can trust. When you're looking to boost your metabolism and burn more fat, the foods you use to fuel your body can help — all day long! Claire is an aspiring nutritionist (and soon to be culinary student) with a serious addiction to bacon, wine, goat cheese and online shopping. Creamy chocolate ice cream, light banana peanut butter milkshakes and a skinny frozen pumpkin pie make summer entertaining a breeze! 2015 with a variety of similar recipes on VIDEOS - on "next page" at the bottom of each post.

Here are the best fat-burning recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks that all include the nutrients you need to support your goals. She is recently married to a social media guru who loves *almost* everything she conjures up.
Just be sure to have a cooler or fridge open so you can store these chilly desserts so they don't melt. Each is made with ingredients known to help boost metabolism to help you hit your goals sooner!
These three delicious recipes are a cinch to prepare, require no hot oven and are low in fat and calories!

Carefully spoon the mixture into the prepared crust and freeze until firm, about two hours.

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