How to lose stomach fat for a 40 year old male is best answered by following a proven program to burn belly fat and increase lean muscle density.Things get tougher when you are in your 40's, especially if you have let yourself get out of shape. Male Belly Fat - You don't need it!Male belly fat causes problems on two levels for guys: First, it is directly linked with health issues that include erectile dysfunction, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke. For many of us, the primary reason for leading a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity is simply to ensure a good quality of life for many years and decades to come. Do you include yourself in the physically active group of people who don’t know why they aren’t getting results?
Like most men on this planet, I tend to grocery shop in what I call “stealth mode” where I focus on getting into the grocery store quickly, obtaining the various targets (grocery items) and efficiently leaving with just a vapour trail, all the while being oblivious of anyone or anything that has nothing to do with successfully completing my mission. The question I pose today is simple, if the National Enquirer had a snapshot of you on the beach today, what clever caption would you include below your picture? On the other hand, do you get asked time and time again by various people who know you have a gym membership and haven’t seen you in a while this question “are you still working out?”  If you do, and it is usually asked by the same person, then that my friend may be a good indication that what you are currently doing isn’t working.
If you include yourself in the results seeking physically active group, what do you believe is your primary reason for still having love handles or a muffin top?  Or perhaps you include yourself in a relatively small group whose challenges center around being too thin, what is your primary reason for not being able to add lean muscle mass to your body? Thirdly, set against the backdrop of a life well lived, the by-product of good health is a healthy physical appearance.  There is no question that good health means a healthy looking face, hands, eyes and skin, supported by a body with good muscle tone. Physicians rely on visual observations as part of a physical exam.  From the moment you walk in the exam room, your doctor includes what she sees as part of assessing your health. However, I want to add a very important point; the visual observation of the absence of poor health doesn’t mean you are healthy, I recommend annual physical check-ups (scheduling one each year close to the date of your birth is easy to remember) that provide empirical data to confirm your good health. If I had met each of my fellow gym members for the first time at a grocery store, gas station, restaurant or movie theatre, a good percentage of them, perhaps 8 of 10, I’d judge as not working out with any regularity whatsoever.
For most of us, our unhealthy appearance is typically created by the combination of our significantly larger waist relative to our chest for males, and hips for females. There is no denying that extra fat around our waist and organs, we call that visceral fat, poses a great challenge in preventing or delaying age-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, obesity and respiratory disease. Or perhaps you have the challenges associated with being too thin, what is your primary reason for not being able to add lean muscle mass to your body? And finally, perhaps the caption under your photo reads “beach babe” or “dune dude” then what is your primary reason for looking so healthy and fit? Please do take the time to comment and share, I know we’ll learn something here that will help each of us meet our health and wellness goals. And please sign up for my Free Report, Rec Your Health: The Living Healthier Longer Strategy.  It lists the 20 most effective health promoting behaviours to living a healthier life that will positively impact your last 10 years on this wonderful planet, enjoy! Home » Weight Loss News » How did Spencer Mathews become a Mens Health cover model?
Many men aspire to be Mens Health cover models but very few actually make the cut so it is surprising to learn that Spencer Mathews of Made in Chelsea fame has achieved this goal in just 6 short weeks. Before starting this regime Spencer weighed 13 stone 8 lbs with a body fat percentage of 17%, which may not be too bad but is certainly not cover model standards.
6 short weeks later he had lost a stone in weight, with his body fat percentage falling to just 8%. Small food portions were eaten regularly to keep the metabolism working throughout the day, with many exotic foods mixed in to keep the meals from becoming too boring. Spencer was asked to workout an hour a day for 6 weeks with Shaun Stafford, the WBFF PRO Fitness Model World Champion who pushed him to the limits of his fitness. Each workout session consisted of full body workouts with weights, with low reps were used to begin before building up to higher repetitions and heavier weights.
He was also asked to fit in a few cardio sessions too, with a short run, swimming or cycling the preferred options.
During the 6-week period Spencer Mathews took a range of Forza fitness supplements that were needed for him to control his cravings, to burn stored body fat and give him the required amount of energy and protein his body needed to build muscle. One particular supplement he took was Forza T5 Super Strength, which he usually took first thing in the morning to give his body the best chance of burning fat.
Of course you can achieve a cover model body, however it will require a lot of hard work on your behalf. Remember Spencer Mathews had a professional trainer who was willing to push him almost daily to achieving his goals. Most of us will not have the money to pay for a trainer, nor will we have the time to workout for an hour every day. However, if you are willing to put in the work and can stay dedicated then his body is certainly achievable.

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What if I told you it’s not the amount of time you’re willing to devote, but it’s the way you train your abs that’s holding you back from having a lean, tight stomach? One of the best daily habits that Jorden and I follow is drinking a cup of freshly squeezed lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Not only is pumpkin loaded with vitamin A and antioxidant carotenoids, it’s also a good source of vitamins C, K, and E.
Losing weight can be difficult for a lot of people, but what if you don’t want to lose any more weight because you already feel skinny. I know you have tried various diet and exercise programs and you may be scared if you lose weight, you may lose your lean, toned muscle which you have worked hard for. This one simple strategy I’m revealing to you is the quickest way to lose belly fat for women.
How to get more protein in your diet is always a common frustration for people looking to eat healthy balanced meals. If you’re a guy who is looking to get cut and lose the extra belly fat, I have 5 of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men. One of the biggest problems I see people do when performing ab exercises is they go way too fast and lose proper form. Unfortunately, gaining muscle at the same time as losing fat (or vice versa) is virtually impossible, or at least difficult (more difficult the leaner you get too).
To gain mass you need a surplus of calories, this much we already know, but timing can play a role too. Fasting has been shown to be more muscle sparing than a calorie deficit and by alternating between fasting and eating a calorie surplus you can actually gain muscle and then cut fat. People make the mistake of thinking that to gain muscle they need as many calories as possible. In other words, trying to rush the process will just mean that you add extra fat unnecessarily. Try to keep your calorie surplus at an optimal level and aim for only an extra pound of muscle each week. Fasting has been shown to increase levels of testosterone in men and therefore, fasting prior to a workout can be a good way to force your body to build more muscle. Of course training on an empty stomach can cause you to run out of energy sooner too, so this tip isn’t for everyone, but try it for yourself and see. The best bit is that weight lifting increases testosterone, so even if you don’t care what your legs look like, a leg workout may aid overall muscle mass. Stick to consuming your calories through whole foods (like veg), add protein with whey powder if you want and aid your recovery by getting lots of vitamins (whether through fruit, tablets or both).
At the very least this strategy will reduce bloating and make you look leaner even if you do have to put on a little bit of fat! Most of the people have got a problem because they always think about building muscles overnight. In my opinion the valuable info you stated in fasting header is the most important factor to lose fat while you drill to attain muscles in the gym. Personally I train biceps with chest because my triceps is too exhausted after chest workout.
You are fighting a loss of both testosterone production and growth hormone production, both of which kept you lean when you were younger.Fortunately, you can rekindle production, but it will take some time and focused effort on your part. What used to happen to men in their 50's, is now scaring guys in their late 30's and early 40's.Secondly, women completely dismiss older guys who look soft and out of shape. Another popular and valid reason is to naturally improve, or at least maintain, our current physical appearance for as long as we can, in other words, vanity! And finally, perhaps the caption under your photo reads “beach babe” or “dune dude” then what, in your opinion,  is your primary reason for looking so fit and healthy? In fact, there are a couple of trainers who I would never guess are health enthusiasts, let alone trainers. I am trying to illustrate how difficult it is for each of us, including the everyday professionals who are supposed to know and pass along their knowledge, to understand and then implement the appropriate lifestyle that improves our health and appearance.
And for those who believe this is too personal a topic to comment on in a public forum, feel free to email me directly at my contact page, your privacy is assured.

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting a hard effort into something and not getting anything out of it in return.
That’s why I’m going to share with you my top 5 reasons your ab exercises aren’t working and how you can change it immediately. And I highly encourage you to create the same habit because this is one of the simplest changes you can make to your diet that carries a ton of health benefits, including weight loss. And these delicious no-bake Pumpkin Energy Balls are no exception to being part of healthy diet for you and your family. And the walnuts, flaxseeds, and oats add healthy fats and a good amount of fiber to help keep you feeling energized and satisfied.
Then once you do get there, the distractions and lack of motivation can really drag it out. Instead you want to lose belly fat without losing weight because you’re already at a decent weight and if you lose any more you may look like a bean pole. You are scared to lose any more weight because your arms and legs are already thin, but your stomach sticks out like you’re pregnant. Carbohydrates and fats are typically easier for us to consume, but most of us run short on the appropriate amount of protein our bodies need.
Ab exercises should be slow and controlled to where you can feel each muscle being worked and utilized. But a muscly body only looks good if you have a nice low level of body fat so that those nicely toned muscles show through. Your body will be more focused on muscle synthesis 5 hours after a workout than 24 hours after it. Eat pre-workout and then eat a calorie surplus in the hours after a workout right up to bed time. But your body can only build muscle so fast and as soon as you start consuming too many calories for your body to put into muscle creation, you risk them being stored as fat. Why are we putting all this work in and yet we look like most citizens whose greatest form of exercise are short walks to and from a car or refrigerator? Because it’s a healthy, cheap, and an easy way to create a delicious Mexican-style meal the whole family will enjoy.
Having extra chub on your belly can be really embarrassing, especially if you want to impress someone but you’re scared they will see what is hiding behind the shirt.
It can be frustrating and time consuming to not only learn all the do’s and don’ts, but then to apply it all just to possibly lose a few pounds.
Not only supplements are important or not only drills are important but you need to focus and manage strictly your diet. If you came to my site looking for some phony bootcamp workout that will have you looking like an NFL defensive back in 6 weeks, this is not the place. Would you include yourself in the group of physically active individuals who are overweight despite visiting the gym 3 or more times a week, remember your National Enquirer caption? Plus, who doesn’t love using a crock pot when you’re pushed for time after a long day at work and running the kids to practice.
So here are my top 5 gym workout tips to get the most out of your workouts, while still maximizing fat loss and lean muscle growth.
That’s why I’m giving you my best secret to losing belly fat without calorie counting, practicing portion control or starving yourself. The same if you are looking for some magic "secret supplement" that you can sip while watching your favorite shows on TV.How To Lose Stomach Fat For A 40 Year Old MaleTo me, the best program that answers the question: How to lose stomach fat for a 40 year old male? It does require a little label reading on foods, but I promise you the results you’ll get will be worth it!
This healthy option is a great alternative to running through the drive-thru when you know it’s waiting for you at home. As long as your body is solid muscle, then you shouldna€™t worry about what the scale says.
It takes some time, and some sweat, but it is worth it when you take off your shirt around women.

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