Exclusive Content from Top Coaches and Athletes STRONG360 Monthly has arrived and we are bringing you the premier knowledge to help you improve as an athlete, coach, and trainer. 1. 34 Training Tips for Women Team Juggernaut compiled a great list of tips unique to females to help them get stronger, stay healthier and just all-around train better.
Laying the Foundation for Fat Loss  You will never feel every agonizing tick of the clock quite like you do when you are trying to lose bodyfat. Why Multiple Meals is Still Best for Fat Loss  Those brave enough to mention that they eat 4 – 6 meals per day for fat loss on any social media site nowadays will undoubtedly get completely hammered for it. There are great articles out there promising people major fat loss by making minor changes, but no real results ever happen.
One of the things that I always emphasize to my nutrition clients when it comes to sustainable fat loss is the importance of preparing and eating insanely delicious food.
Using the Minimum Effective Dose for Fat Loss The Minimum Effective Dose (MED) is defined as “The smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.” That only makes sense, right? The crossover between weightlifting and CrossFit is talked about quite a bit, but the discussion usually focuses on one direction of that switch.

Welcome back to “I Make Mistakes So You Don’t Have To, The 2015 Edition.” In Part II, we’re discussing gymnastics and energy systems development. In Part 2, we examined the role of training volume as a means of long-term progressive overload. Copyright © Rob King Fitness, Heavyweights Training Center & Heavyweights Fitness and its subsidiaries.
STRONG360 Monthly is our new digital publication and we are very excited about the high level of content available in it. In Part I, we discussed a number of introductory points, ending with the beginning of the Four Pillars I use to create my nutrition programs: Sex, Goals, and Body Type. We will spend tons of money on things we don’t need, but when it comes to the most important thing to spend money on, we more often chose to skimp out on buying quality foods. As discussed previously, more and more physique sport athletes are competing in powerlifting in their time away from the stage. You smashed weight, you feel confident, you want to continue training hard, and you’re seemingly ready to jump into another meet.

The topic of interest is how to rapidly prep for a meet, discuss what the body goes through, and what it truly means to peak. TFW is not just limited to athletics; we work with the weekend warrior, someone looking to get back into working out, or anybody who is looking to channel their inner warrior. I run 15 adult group classes a week, in addition to programming and coaching for athlete’s for 20-25+ hours a week.
Because nothing causes diet burn-out and resentment quicker than having to repeatedly gag down dry, bland meat and soggy veggies. In sports, being explosive is really just the quality of being able to generate great power over a short time frame.

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