Patrne jste se prehledl a dival se na udaj kofeinu pri 100 ml, kde je obsah kofeinu 168 mg (168x2=336mg). Trans fats are variants of unsaturated fats, which have been chemically altered to improve their physical characteristics.
Consuming a diet high in trans fats can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, which can lead to health conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. American Heart Association (AHA) advises limiting saturated fat consumption to less than 7% of daily calories and trans fat consumption to less than 1%. If you’re looking to improve your diet, and by extension, your overall health, you may want to consider avoiding┬átrans fat-laden foods. While frozen foods are often an easy alternative to extensive food preparation, most of them are very high in trans fats. Although it should come as no real surprise, fast food products are among the most trans fat-heavy foods currently available. If you enjoy baking cakes, you should be aware that most cake mixes are relatively high in trans fats.

Pokud jste vrcholovy sportovec, doporucuji konzultaci pro uzivani tohoto produktu s Vasim lekarem.
If you’re curious about what foods to avoid, it may surprise you to learn that many of your favorite foods may be loaded with trans fat.
Also, it is important to keep in mind that even if a frozen food product’s packaging boasts that the food is low fat, it does not mean that the product does not contain trans fats.
A typical order of french fries contains roughly 14.5 grams of trans fats which is very high. What’s more, many pancake and waffle mixes contain large amounts of trans fats as well. If you don’t feel like making your own soup, but would still like to err on the safe side be sure to purchase soups that are either low fat or fat free. An average-sized bag of potato chips contains between 15 and 20 grams of trans fats, while a typical box of snack crackers will have 8 to 10 grams of trans fats. When shopping for food, make sure to carefully read the labels of any products you’re interested in purchasing, as many seemingly healthy foods are liable to contain excess amounts of trans fats.

If you don’t feel like putting forth the effort to substitute baking powder for cake mix, make a point of only using reduced fat mixes. Additionally, sandwich cookies, another popular snack food, are exceptionally high in trans fats. Keep in mind, however, that these mixes will still contain trans fats, albeit a reduced amount. For example, a single cookie of your favorite brand can contain nearly 2 grams of trans fats.

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