In situatia in care s-a desfacut vreun tiv pe parcursul evenimentului, acesta poate fi prins cu putina guma de mestecat.
Daca sunteti in posesia unui calendar al evenimentelor ce urmeaza sa aiba loc in orasul vostru, ar fi bine sa nu alegeti data nuntii in aceeasi zi cu a unui alt eveniment de mari dimensiuni pentru ca exista riscul ca traficul sa fie mai aglomerat decat de obicei sau anumite artere sa fie inchise. E bine sa stiti faptul ca pe parcursul evenimentului echipa organizatorica trebuie sa beneficieze de un loc special amenajat unde sa li se serveasca masa. Daca preferati o cununie religioasa pe malul marii sau in alt loc in care e posibil ca din cauza diverselor zgomote slujba religioasa sa nu fie auzita de toti participantii la eveniment, este bine sa aveti in vedere inchirierea unei instalatii de sonorizare cu microfoane pentru preot si cor. We regularly see or hear the words “cooperation” (or co-operation) and “corporation” used in place of each other. On a related note, the word “collaboration” may have a negative, even political connotation in certain cultures, but any time people work together, they are collaborating. Whether a person or company uses the phrase “data is” or “data are” is largely a matter of style. A lot of companies advertise “timely” service, and nearly all job postings demand that applicants be able to deliver in a “timely” manner. We’ve said it before, but as one of the most common Danish-to-English mistakes, it bears repeating: fun and funny are two very different words. If a Dane were writing his CV, he would probably advertise his “kompetencer,” meaning qualifications or even higher skills.

Similarly, be sparing with your use of the word “satisfactory.” Remember that in English, the term “satisfactory” generally means that it’s average.
In cazul in care ati ales sa beneficiati de serviciile unui wedding planner, atunci puteti lasa in grija acestuia. Daca, totusi, nu puteti evita, asigurati-va ca luati o marja de timp suficienta pentru a ajunge la timp la cununia civila, biserica, restaurant. Nu este cazul ca menu-ul pentru staff sa contina acelasi numar de preparate ca si pentru ceilalti invitati. There are obvious correlations in the spelling, but the two words are also pronounced similarly, particularly in Danish-accented English.
It’s not only a very common word in English-speaking business culture, but it’s a much more active and positive concept than mere “cooperation,” which can imply that you are simply going along with things. To be technical, “data” is the plural form of the seldom-used “datum,” and so it follows that “data are” would always be correct. If I say “the so-called specialists in the IT department,” I’m actually telling you that I don’t consider them very skilled at all.
Cu siguranta wedding planner-ul va avea la el instrumentele necesare reducerii dimensiunii incidentului. We hear these mistakes a lot, both in business writing and in casual conversation, but that doesn’t mean they’re unavoidable.

Also, an “opportunity” is an actual occurrence, where a “possibility” is just, well, possible. A helpful tip may be to remember that “cooperation” has five syllables (you pronounce each initial “o,” as “oh ah”), while “corporation” has only four.
However, in everyday writing and conversation most everyone will use “data is” (generalizing “data” to simply mean “information”), and so that term is very commonly accepted. It sounds good, it seems proper, and it’s quickly becoming the sort of mistake no one notices.
While “funny,” in addition to meaning “humorous,” also means “odd” or “strange.” See, if you’ve got a “funny” feeling from the lunch meat you’ve just eaten, it’s probably not going to be very much “fun” at all. To be “competent” in English is to be “capable,” but not necessarily skilled, and certainly not an expert.
Here are the rules, and tricks to remember them, for some common English mistakes from Danes. So, if you were to say “I had the possibility to meet the Queen,” most native English-speakers would ask, “Well, did you or didn’t you?” Tip: To avoid misunderstandings, you can substitute the word “chance” for both, though it’s less formal for business.

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