September 10, 2015 by Aeroflow Healthcare Once you and your significant other decide the time is right to bring a little bundle of joy into your life, you are going to be ready to get the show on the road! Healthy Diet– A Harvard Medical study found that eating certain foods and avoiding others can help regulate ovulation.
Many studies on the affects of alcohol intake on fertility have produced contradictory results.
When you do conceive and begin getting ready for your baby’s arrival, Aeroflow Breastpumps can help you get a breast pump through your insurance at little-to-no cost to you. You may have seen my latest post on top tips for newbie bloggers, which had a great response. My Latest photosHe loves his baby brother so much ?? #brothers #siblings #siblinglove #newbaby #newborn #newmum #2weeksold #pbloggers #18daysold #3yearsold #parentblogger #mumblogger #familyblogger #son #sons #cuddlesBB is happiest when he's sleeping on his front with his bum in the air! Winter blues can simply be a lack of vitamin D so get yourself out in some sunshine and see if a dose of natural vitamin D can perk you up. Sometimes when we start to feel unmotivated it’s easy to fall into the comfort foods trap. So those are my 5 top tips for digging yourself out from under a Winter funk, increasing motivation and finding that inner fire again.
This seems like a great list to come back to when I’m feeling lazy or procrastinating my to do list! Nature really is a good boost for my mood and attitude when I have to accomplish the impossible. When you are trying to conceive months can seem like years and having trouble conceiving can become extremely frustrating. In contrast, fat cells can affect estrogen production, which can prevent or disrupt normal ovulation making it more difficult for overweight women to conceive. One Swedish study found that women who consumed two or more alcoholic beverages a day decreased their fertility rate upwards of 60 percent.  That being said, most experts agree that moderate consumption of caffeine and alcohol will not adversely affect your fertility. Simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Breastpump Specialists will verify your insurance and contact you to discuss your coverage and breast pump options. Make sure you have all of your social media accounts linked to your blog, so every time you publish a post it is automatically shared to social media. Bloggers love supporting each other, I mean, we all know how hard building a blog can be so if we can support each other and help in any way we will (hence this post! This is exactly what I’ve done since around November last year and my page views have tripled! I’m still learning so if you have any more tips, please feel free to comment below and share them with me! My blog is less than 2 weeks old and it’s so hard trying to work out how to get more people to actually see it!

I know for some of you under 20 inches of snow that’s not really possible but just being outdoors can do wonders for your mood. However unless your comfort food is kale and carrots it’s probably not going to help. Even just cracking the window open and letting the cool morning air circulate around the kitchen seems to help rejuvenate me and get me moving.
For me, I think meditating, and taking time to do something for myself are a couple of ways I can get out of a funk. Taking a pre-natal vitamin that contains folic acid has been proven to reduce the risk of fetal defects that may develop within the very first weeks of pregnancy. If you are having trouble conceiving it is important you meet with your healthcare provider to try and determine the cause.
Of course, once the giveaways end the page views will decrease, however you will find there is an overall improvement, as out of all of the people who enter a percentage will become readers of your blog.
I also like to share the title image on Instagram and Pinterest to make sure I’m getting traffic form there too. Workouts have happened but no motivation to blog, to learn, to move forward or do anything.
Take a walk in the park, go build a snowman in the back yard, and just marvel at the wonder of nature.
Usually our comfort foods are the ones that are high in fat and calories so instead realize that this is a craving.
The study revealed that a staggering 92% of women who had the highest glycemic load suffered from ovulation related infertility.
However, since being made redundant in October and deciding to stay at home and work on my blog and brand (and of course grow my baby boy in my belly) I’ve been blogging daily and this is definitely helping with my page views.
Some bloggers don’t like to, but recently I have seen a huge improvement in my stats due to sponsoring my Facebook posts. The more likes and comments on Facebook, the more organic views you will get from your other followers. This year it had been my goal to get it going and to utilise it to bring traffic to my blog.
Failing that take a vitamin D supplement to see if you’re simply experiencing a deficiency and need a quick pick-me-up.
Therefore, it may be a good idea to say goodbye to those bagels, muffins, and all the many other refined carbohydrates.  Try incorporating whole grains, a wide variety of fiber rich fruits and veggies, and foods containing essential fats like fish. Giveaways are hard work though, you need to make sure you are promoting them regularly over social media to gain maximum exposure.
Personally I take part in Love 2 Blog and UK Awesome Bloggers daily threads but there are plenty more around.

However after a good pep talk from friends, some upbeat podcasts and some general self talk helped increasing motivation from the inside.
Side note: Earlier this year at the yoga Expo I had the chance to step up and teach a class. Write down what you want to publish and stick to your plan; try not to get distracted from this or you may end up missing posts. It’s taken a little trial and error but I feel confident spending a little money on sponsoring posts to ensure they are seen by a lot of people.
Make sure you re-pin your own pins to different boards (but not too much so it looks spammy) and make sure every pin is linked to a relevant page on your blog. Unfortunately that’s not really possible in the modern World, so how do you get yourself out of a funk? Today it was a blissful 75° and I got some nice vitamin D walking in my tank and yoga pants. I didn’t because that little niggle of self-doubt crept in, and someone else volunteered.
If you know you’re running out of time to publish something why not do a photo of the day post? You can spend a minimum of ?1 a day so it’s definitely worth trying if you want to improve your views via Facebook. If you do decided to join in daily I would try to complete each thread the day you join in. Sometimes the funk is simply us over thinking things, so getting the brain unfogged helps immensely! Better yet find an inspirational podcast and listen to it while walking out in nature getting your vitamin D. If they offer you a review opportunity ask them if they will allow you to offer the same product in a giveaway. Take a couple of snaps of your outfit or your little ones outfit and do an outfit of the day.
You don’t need an hour sitting cross legged, 5-10 minutes is all you need, repeat as needed! I find the improvement in followers and stats is enough of an exchange, but I hope to be able to charge one day. I admit initially I felt rather stupid saying this outloud to myself (heck even in my head!) but I instantly stood up taller, the second time I got a smile on my face, and the third time (because three is a charm) I felt confident, alert and alive.

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