With the number of HD and retina displays available to users, you might be tempted to load all your images as full size at high resolution when you are building your website. GIF: The preferred file format for smaller animated elements, such as the ever-popular animated meme-style image. You might be tempted to create a bunch of nifty icons and images for your website and load each as an individual element.
There are plenty of tools such from Font Awesome icons to loads of other CSS and JavaScript libraries that you can use to create great elements with fun effects that are lightweight.
The best videos are super short – only a couple of seconds – and loop so that the action does not stop. Ditch the autoplay, which can “trick” users into thinking your site it loading quicker than it is. If you are using WordPress or another content management system with a theme, remember that not all themes are built the same.
WordPress users can take advantage of the Plugin Performance Profiler to see what plugins are active and how they are working.
Not only should the individual components of your website be compress but you can also compress the site as a whole to help keep it up and running quickly.
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We all know that and we all go through that time when your computer gets too slow and you irritating that things as like me but now I do some quick things and my computer never gets slower for more read Article. But if that divot lasts more than a second or two, it only brings attention to the fact that the website is loading slowly. It’s your job to ensure that the design is not only visually pleasing but also 100 percent functional. Having a button change color or expand is a nifty effect that will help you master the CSS and get a good feel for basic animation before moving on to larger elements.
This will “force” your site to load everything else ahead of the background, so users can start seeing other elements and text on the site right away. If you want to show multiple video clips, consider a video “slider” element or manually change out videos on a schedule so that users see something new each time they visit the site.
While you will likely have more luck with a premium option – some of which let you “turn off” unused elements – take a close look at the code and build to make sure that’s not the thing that’s bogging your site down. This can help you troubleshoot and identify problems and remove or reconfigure those plugins.

Among the elements that can be compressed are the CSS and JavaScript files, images and video (by resizing) and the site as a while using a tool such as GZIP. The longer it takes for the page to load, regardless of device, the more likely it is that users will abandon the site altogether. If your site is dragging somewhat, you can stop worrying right now because we have seven tips to help you speed up your website with small tweaks to the design. Start with smaller animated touches as you begin working with this type of effect and move on to bigger animations after you have a good feel for how they work and work with your overall website framework. You will find yourself caught between video quality, video content and speed and will have to make a sacrifice somewhere. For maximum speed, all the JavaScript should be contained to one file and all the CSS should be contained in one other file. So take a few minutes today or this week and go through this list to ensure that your site is performing at an optimal level.
What’s nice about either of these options is that that give you time to load elements without the user even noticing it. Because elements load as users scroll, you gain a few precious seconds to get everything ready.

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