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Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Josh AxeStart HereShop for Health Products10 Proven Manuka Honey Uses & Benefits Affiliate Disclosure 0 Comments Manuka honey, produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. There are many Manuka honey uses that range from healing sore throats and digestive illnesses, to curing Staph infections and gingivitis.Historically honey has been used for medicinal purposes dating back thousands of years.
Seeing that it is one of nature’s richest antimicrobial sources, it shouldn’t surprise us to hear that many archeologists claim that while excavating the tombs of Egyptian royals from thousands of years ago, they discovered unspoiled honey in pots!
To get good honey today, you pretty much have to go to your local health food store, local farm co-op or go online to purchase the real deal.Manuka Honey Nutrition FactsWhat makes Manuka honey different is its amazing nutritional profile. Regular raw honey is already known for its tremendous nutritional and immune boosting abilities. This is what is called the Unique Manuka Factor.Unique Manuka FactorIn 1981, researchers at the New Zealand University of Waikato discovered that Manuka honey has a considerably higher level of enzymes than regular honey.

Some strains of this New Zealand honey are particularly rich in hydrogen peroxide, methylglyoxal and dihydroxyacetone.This medicinal trilogy helps make up what is referred to as the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF), a global standard in identifying and measuring the antibacterial strength of Manuka. The UMF properties of Manuka is extremely stable and, unlike the hydrogen peroxide common in most honey, is not easily destroyed by heat, light and enzymes in the body.How to Verify Genuine UMF Manuka HoneyThe minimum UMF rating recognized is UMF5, however, it is not considered beneficial unless it carries a UMF 10+ level of antibacterial activity in the honey.
If it is labeled without the UMF or without a number, then it is not the genuine article.According to the UMF association the UMF rating actually tests the antibacterial performance of a honey and compares it to phenol, a disinfectant.
SIBO, Low Stomach Acid, Acid RefluxSmall intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), low stomach acid and acid reflux go hand-in-hand. Because of Manuka honey’s known natural antibiotic qualities, it is a great medicine for any bacteria related disorder.
In fact, in a recent study, one dangerous bacteria related to all three conditions, Clostridium difficult was found to be quite susceptible to Manuka honey’s bactericidal effects. Acne and EczemaThe Internet is filled with patient testimonials that Manuka honey works marvelously for acne and eczema patients. At this time there are no clinical trials to support these claims, but this doesn’t bother me at all. Taking into account its proven antimicrobial and healing properties, it makes every bit of sense to assume that honey can help with these skin conditions. Most people claim that applying honey on affected areas for a few minutes, and then washing off with gentle soap and water usually does the trick.
Staph Infections (MRSA)You’ve probably heard of the super bug that has plagued hospitals the past several years, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or MRSA). What has happened is that antibiotic overuse and drug ineffectiveness has caused certain strains of Staph to become virtually indefensible using typical hospital and nursing home medical protocols. Spreading so rapidly, most people affected by MRSA end up getting so infected that they require invasive procedures or devices such as surgeries, artificial joints or intervenes tubing to save their lives (5)This past March, however, UK researchers from Cardiff Metropolitan University have offered us some natural hope. They discovered that Manuka honey down-regulates the most potent genes of the MRSA bacteria.

Some scientists now suggest that regular topical use on cuts and infections (especially in the hospital and nursing home setting) may keep MRSA naturally at bay.4. Due to its superior antimicrobial properties, researchers from the School of Dentistry, University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand) discovered that chewing or sucking on a Manuka honey product not only caused a 35% decrease in plaque, it led to a 35% reduction in bleeding sites in people suffering from gingivitis! The participants were given regular honey, honey with birch pollen added to it, and some used only their allergy medicines as a control group.
So, taking Manuka honey on a regular basis can really help your seasonal allergies and lessen your need for medications! Beauty Treatment & Health BoosterTaken daily Manuka honey has an elixir effect that boosts energy and enhances your quality of life. Because of its nutrient dense profile, it boosts vitality, youthful energy, and has been known to improve skin tone and texture.Use it in a homemade face wash to exfoliate and fight free radicals in the skin. Adding honey to milk at bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain which is necessary for deep sleep.There are many health disorders associated with poor sleep such as, heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. I have been taking it every morning with my porridge thinking that because of the fantastic properties it would also be beneficial during pregnancy. I have eaten according to my blood type for 30 years and according to my belief coconut products are not beneficial to O blood type. I actually did not put it in my detox drink until I changed to ceylon cinnamon as it is much less flavorful and much less sweet than the cinnamon I was using. I found Trader Joes carried manuka UMF 10+ I also have Happy Valley 15+ which is so much more expensive.
Steens raw manuka honey is absolutely incredible, and every batch is tested by an independent laboratory.

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