Did you know that the can is one of the best ways to get food from the farm to your family’s table? READ  61 Perfect Pasta Dishes for Any MealSince we love to eat fruit, but are not always able to eat it right away, there are a few varieties we buy in cans. When my parents stopped by one night for dinner, and knowing my dad’s sweet tooth, I had a quick solution. Combine Angel Food Cake Mix and crushed pineapple (and juice) in a bowl (save a small dish of pineapple for garnishing top of cake, if desired). Blogger, Brand Ambassador and Vlogger who produces family lifestyle content focusing on travel and cars. I am an ethical blogger and you can find my Privacy Policy, Disclosure Policy, and Sweepstakes Terms all on the blog.
In fact, the canning process locks in the foods’ freshness, flavor and nutrients at the peak of ripeness, just hours after picking. For instance, a can of Old El Paso Refried Beans, along with a packet of taco seasoning, cheese, and tortillas make for a simple taco night.

They sat in a bowl on the counter or in a drawer in your refrigerator and went uneaten, right?
The fact that many canned fruits and vegetables still offer the same nutrients as fresh and frozen selections helps me make an informed decision.
You can also find several great recipes using canned foods on the Cans Get You Cooking Pinterest page. Together with my husband, Colby, also a full-time blogger, we raise our 5 children in Dallas, Texas and share our life on YouTube at Growing Up on a Shoestring. In addition to being an Influencer with quality content, I also strive to do a few other things. There is no need to make frantic runs to the store to grab missing ingredients, or pick up fast food in a crunch, when you have a cantry full of great choices. Thus, since I love pineapple but can never finish one before it spoils, we opt for the canned product. Combining these three easy pantry finds and 20 minutes in the oven offered us a delectable dessert in a rush.

The engagement on social media is much easier to keep up with and have real-time conversations! For example, reviews and giveaways keep my readers coming back as a trusted source of information. Therefore, I can serve canned foods anytime, and with confidence… and with a quickness. As a matter of fact, 73% of Americans throw away spoiled fruits and vegetables on average two times a week. We only have to dump ours once a week… typically the day before we head to the store for more.

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