Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Your body burns twice as many calories breaking down whole foods (especially those rich in fiber such as oatmeal and brown rice) than processed foods. Protein has a high thermogenic effect: You burn about 30% of the calories the food contains during digestion (so a 300-calorie chicken breast requires about 90 calories to break it down).
Drinking four cups of green tea a day helped people shed more than six pounds in eight weeks, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports. One cup packs 35% of your daily iron needsgood news, since up to 20% of us are iron- deficient.
Capsaicin, the compound that gives chili peppers their kick, heats up your body, which makes you melt additional calories.
Enova, made from soy and canola oils, is made of diglycerides, a type of fat that’s metabolized differently from triglycerides (found in other oils, even olive) and so not stored as fat as easily. By boosting fiber and providing fewer calories from fat than other popular breakfasts (bacon and eggs, anyone?), ready-to-eat cereal can help you fill up and slim down. Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie RecipeStrawberry Cheesecake Smoothie Recipe Plain, boring protein shakes are a thing of the past!
Top 5 Fat Burning FoodsThe foods you eat have the biggest impact on your weight loss results. Coconut oil originally had a bad reputation of being unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content but the truth is the fats in coconut oil are easily utilized and broken down by the body. Kale may not be the most exciting vegetable but it is a super food packed with Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and is even high in Calcium.
Make kale more interesting by adding it to smoothies, salads, or by making yummy kale chips.

Eggs, and I mean the whole entire egg not just the egg whites, are packed with healthy fats and necessary vitamins. Avocados may have a bad reputation for being high in fat but the truth is they are a super healthy food that contains necessary fats your body needs.
Organic grass fed beef from the local farmers market or health food store, not conventional grain fed beef found in most grocery stores, is loaded with healthy Omega-3 fats and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) from their natural, grassy diet. So, as long as the beef comes from cows that are grass fed, hormone free, and pesticide free, don’t feel guilty grilling a steak or making a tasty hamburger. Shari Fitness is a real life transformation success story who had a dramatic physical transformation at the age of 40.
It is certain that these foods can not immediately get you a good form with little belly fat. But there actually are some things you can eat that spike the metabolism, trigger hormones that release fat, and eliminate toxins that make it hard for your body to shed unwanted pounds.
When you lack a nutrient, your metabolism slows because the bodys not getting what it needs to work efficiently.
You can get it by eating raw, cooked, dried, or powdered peppers, or you can add as much cayenne or hot sauce as possible to soups, eggs, and meats. Like dairy, it contains the amino acid leucine, which may play a role in preserving muscle mass during weight loss, keeping metabolism running at full speed. In a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, dieters who used Enova lost more weight than those who used other oils.
One study from Purdue University found that individuals who added 500 calories of peanuts to their diets for 3 weeks experienced almost no change in body weight and a 24 percent drop in triglycerides, which are blood fats associated with heart disease. A study from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that women who ate cereal were 30 percent less likely to be overweight than those who ate other breakfast foods.

It can also be easily be used in smoothies or used to make healthier versions of your favorite desserts. Eggs are a very nutrient dense food that provides Vitamin A, Vitamin E, healthy Omega-3 fats, and protein.
The most nutritious eggs are going to be from chickens found roaming around outside and eating their natural diet, so look for pastured eggs from your local farmers market or health food store. The fats in avocados aid in decreasing inflammation, increasing nutrient absorption, controlling appetite, and regulating fat burning hormones.
A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. Just be cautioned, for these foods to work their miracles, they must be consumed as part of a clean diet. To get the most bang for your breakfast buck, choose fiber-rich (aim for 5 grams per serving), low-fat cereals like Kashi Heart to Heart or my favorite Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Multibran Cereal.
So if you’re looking to boost your metabolism, balance fat burning hormones, and give yourself a boost of energy so you can burn more fat, you need to start incorporating these top fat burning foods in your diet on a regular basis.
As a fat fighter, kale helps fight estrogen compounds, which can contribute to increased belly fat (the worst kind of fat for your health!). No longer a perpetual “before” picture, Shari discovered her passion for health and fitness and set out on a mission to help others become more fit and healthy over the age of 40 and has become known as an Over 40 Transformation Fat Loss Expert helping men and women over the age of 40 achieve a better body, more energy and improved health. Like turkey, yogurt and other dairy foods are leading sources of leucine, which also helps fight fat.

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