Since you're reading this, you know that it can be hard to pass up the attraction of fat burning and appetite suppression pills and their appealing weight loss claims. Did you reach that point in your life when you looked in the mirror and finally accepted just how unkind the years have been? I’ve also created a Free Report that can help fight the battle of the bulge; 10 Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off which you can get Here. Remember, fat burners are designed to help you burn fat and lose weight but, they are really not effective at developing lean muscle mass.
Before I jump right into my list of the top 5 most effective fat burners on the market, I feel that a little background on the supplement may help remove some of the mystery surrounding fat burning supplements. I feel it would be helpful and beneficial to read through the following section to learn about fat burners but, if you prefer to jump straight to our Top 5 Fat Burners Review? Fat burners are basically a blend of ingredients, most often herbs and stimulants that can work to suppress your appetite, slightly raise your body temperature, and provided an increased energy level. Boosting Your Metabolism – Your metabolism is what determines how quickly your body burns calories and in turn loses weight.
Boosting Energy Levels – Some fat burners use stimulants which are thermogenic, these stimulants can elevate both body temperature and energy levels. Suppressing Your Appetite – Some fat burners act on your bodies nervous system to reduce hunger pangs and suppress the urge to overeat.
Black Pepper Extract is a supplement used to break down fat cells and improve the overall health of the body’s digestive system. Chromium is a mineral that is suppose to reduce appetite, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and help you to burn additional calories.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is supposed to aid in reducing body fat and help you feel full. DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine) is used for effective fat burning, increased energy, rapid calorie burn, increased focus and to promote healthy brain function. Evodia Rutaecarpa can raise the body’s core temperature, which stimulates the body’s metabolism.
Glucomannan comes from the konjac plant and is supposed to help block the absorption of dietary fat. Yohimbe Extract is effective in targeting fat in all those hard to lose fat areas and it is also an effective appetite suppressant. Bitter Orange comes from a tree grown in Africa, Asia, Florida, the Mediterranean and California. Follow dosage recommendations – The recommended dosage is usually 1 or 2 servings per day.
Take at recommended times – Manufactures of fat burners indicate when you should take their supplement for maximum effectiveness. As I was preparing for this review I decided that it was important to review the best fat burner supplements overall not just fat burners for men or fat burners for women. However ladies, there is a review specifically on the Best Fat Burners for Women. Gender Neutral – The fat burner needed to be for both men and women not just a fat burner for men or fat burner for women. The fat burners I have included meet my guidelines however; I can’t pick one fat burner and say it’s the best one for everyone, honestly, no one can do that.
Beldt Force Thermogenic Fat Burner has taken fifth place among our top rated thermogenic fat burners. If you’re looking for a fat burner supplement with proven key ingredients to help shred stubborn fat and promote weight loss; take a closer look at Beldt Force. If you’re looking for a fat burner that’s been designed to produce extreme energy and help you attain significant weight loss you need to give Hydroxycut a good hard look. If you require a fat burning supplement that is Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Kosher and Halal Friendly without fillers, additives, binders or artificial ingredients this may be the fat burner for you.
For Details, Pricing and Reviews on Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer Click Here. Taking our #2 spot is Instant Knockout, a safe and 100% Natural Fat Burner that delivers amazing results. Originally, this fat burner was formulated for use by professional athletes; mainly pro fighters and boxers, to help them reduce unwanted fat as they prepared for their next fight but, you don’t have to be a professional, a boxer or a body builder to reap the benefits of this fat burner and get a physique you can be proud of.

Instant Knockout has been developed to curb your appetite and charge up your metabolism in order to ramp up your fat burning to a higher level.
Instant Knockout blends together key ingredients and evenly distributes serving times to maximize the amount of time your body spends burning fat. Roar Ambition Guarantees that Instant Knock will work or they will give you your money back.
It seems like every time you turn around there’s another new fat burner on the market claiming to be the best. I’m always on the lookout for a good new product so a few months ago I thought I would give Thermakor a try and picked up a bottle. I am confident that Thermakor Thermogenic Fat Burner is going to meet or EXCEED your expectations, I know it exceeded mine. And to make this fat burner just a little better you can get a 10% discount by simply using the Thermakor Promotional code BIW. Volume Discounts are also available, you can save $19 on a 2 bottle order and $38 on a 3 bottle order.
Originally, I intended my review to contain only the top 5 most effective fat burners but, the battle for 5th position was so close that I felt it was only fair to list the runner up. Narrowly missing 5th place in our line up of the Best Fat Burners is Cellucor’s Super HD Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement. Cellucor is one of the top fat burners that can deliver on the promise of burning fat and providing focus and high energy! Don’t allow yourself to get caught in the same rut that many do and continue to pack on the pounds and let the fat accumulate! If you need to develop lean muscle you want the proper supplements which I cover in this article. For instance, someone that’s sensitive to caffeine would not be able to use fat burners that are high in caffeine. It would be virtually impossible to provide a list of every ingredient used however; these are the more common ingredients that are used in fat burners today.
Chitosan is supposed to stop the bodies absorption of fats & cholesterol, and it usually has no side effects. Chromium usually doesn’t have side effects but may cause insomnia, irritability and headache.
Side effects are uncommon with green coffee extract but, it can cause insomnia, headaches, nervousness and upset stomach. If green tea extract is consumed in large amounts it may cause insomnia, nausea, bloating, dizziness, gas and agitation.
These supplements have been banned by the FDA due to serious side effects including stroke, seizures, heart attack, arrhythmia and even death.
It is supposed to increase the amount of calories burned however, Bitter Orange contains a stimulant related to ephedrine (which was banned by the FDA). Failure to follow the guidelines can result in undesired effects such as, trouble sleeping, dizziness, upset stomach or more severe problems. I took many factors into consideration for example; manufacturer reputation, ratings, price and reviews but, most importantly I focused on the ingredients in the fat burners. In fact, the manufacturer is so confident that their fat burner will work, they back it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Hydroxycut is a name I’m sure you’ve heard of before as far as fat burners go, and that doesn’t surprise me.
This fat burner was initially developed for professional athletes and trainers, and delivers some of the best results in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a regular Joe that’s packed on too many pounds and is trying to regain a great look, or a serious athlete; this is one fat burner that can help you achieve your goals. Just try Instant Knockout for 90 days and if you don’t see results you get your money back, it’s that simple. If you’re looking for a fantastic product to Shred Fat Fast you’ll find it with Thermakor Thermogenic Fat Burner, that’s why we’ve chosen it as our #1 pick for the Best Fat Burners.
Cellucor’s stimulant is a thermogenic combining fat burning ingredients that are designed to promote fat loss, increase fat metabolism, provide better appetite control and provide both energy and focus.

However, we are all unique and just because a fat burner worked for your best friend is no guarantee it will work for you. It’s no secret that as the years pass us by we tend to become less active and slowly pack on the pounds, and it can be tough to lose weight and keep it off. Fat burners are only a part of the solution, as I mentioned proper diet and exercise are also critical. Also, some fat burners can contain questionable ingredients that can cause some individuals unwanted side effects when they are not consumed properly.
Bitter Orange can raise your heart rate and blood pressure and may lead to serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke and even death. If you begin taking a supplement and just don’t feel right, listen to your body and quit taking the supplement. I came across some fat burners that contained questionable ingredients or fillers that were worthless.
All of the fat burners listed are quality, top rated supplements and you should be pleased with anyone you select. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a powerful thermogenic fat burner, and some people may not be able to handle the energy this product provides. The W700 Hyper-Metabolizer blends together key elements that are recognized to increase the metabolic rate in the body.
If you’re searching for a natural product to help you reach your goal, Instant Knockout may be the fat burner for you. And with their 3 blend formula (a heat, muscle and energy blend) you’ll receive the supplement that can boost energy, burn fat, accelerate your metabolism, decrease your appetite and increase your mental focus; and all this is backed with a No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Fat burners are not magic, you can’t expect to take a couple of capsules, go to sleep and wake up a 30 pound lighter, ripped lean machine. Pick up a fat burner, begin an exercise routine, start eating healthy and soon you can be fit and trim. I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression, even the best fat burners are not some magic pill that you can take and let the fat melt away while you sleep.
I’ve come across some fat burning supplements where the manufacture uses fancy packaging, celebrity endorsements, charges an outrageous price and markets the product as a top rated fat burner and in reality the supplement is no more effective than a couple of cups of strong coffee. I’ve used some fat burners that produced excellent results without side effects and others that  worked fine but made me very sleepy when they wore off. If you have a heart condition, suffer from high blood pressure, are taking caffeine or other supplements that can boost your heart rate you need to avoid taking Bitter Orange supplements. In fact, some of the so called fat burners available offered no more fat burning power than coffee or tea. I have rated them from 5 through 1 based on how beneficial I feel they will be for the greatest number of people.
It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to get back into shape or if you’re a fitness professional, this is one fat burner that’s sure to meet the expectations of the most discriminating user.
I’ve just touched on the key points of this fat burner, to really see everything this fat burner can do for you click on the link below. Since it made its debut it has received a ton of positive feedback and reviews, has been the center of numerous success stories and has won some big-time awards. Fat Burners are a supplement intended for short term use to aid you in reaching your fat loss goals when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. However, an effective fat burner that’s combined with an exercise routine and proper nutrition can make the difference between success and failure. Hardcore Elite provides extreme fast acting energy & maximum intensity and is intended for hardcore weight loss.

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