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It’s the middle of winter and you may have gained a few extra pounds in these colder months.
Supplement Company’s know the importance of the Fat Loss market that is why there are so many products available. OxyShred is among the most potent and effective thermogenic weight loss supplements available today. Green Power Tablets by The Real Thing + Green Tea X50 by Tribecca Health - Super Fat Burning Combo! Alpha Venus + T432 Plus by ATP Science + Green Power Tablets by The Real Thing - Female Physique Stack! Optiburn Amped is the updated (and improved) version of one of the most popular Fat Burning products EVER seen in the Australian Market. With 200mg of Raspberry Ketones to help your body more readily access fat stores, a HUGE 2000mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine to metabolize fat and 250mg of Green Tea Extract to help reduce free radicals and increase your metabolic rate this product will have the fat simply melting away. With the inclusion of Caffeine, Norsynephrine, Green Tea Extract, Naringin, Evodia Rutaecarpa and cAMP - 2Shredded is assured to get your metabolism firing!

Since you're reading this, you know that it can be hard to pass up the attraction of fat burning and appetite suppression pills and their appealing weight loss claims.
The use of Fat Burning supplements in conjunction with a clean diet and training program are scientifically proven to maximize your gains so you can reach your goals quicker than you ever thought possible. OxyShred was designed to create hyper-lipolysis a complex process which ultimately increases the bodys chances of burning subcutaneous fat molecules.
Containing a weight loss, Recovery and Mood enhancing matrix OxyShred will have you training Harder and For longer.
The manufacturer, Platinum Labs is an Australian Company with Supplement Laboratories based in America - Australian Ethical Standards, with American Grade Products!
Updated, Improved, and in an even larger 45 Serve Container, this awesome product now includes a revolutionary stimulant Amperall - Perfect for shedding those unwanted kilos of fat FAST. It also contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which leads to reduced body fat levels and an improved immunity. It is designed to increase your basal metabolic rate, which in-turn increases your energy levels and forces your body to burn more calories throughout the day.
It also includes ingredients to increase focus and attention so you can really apply yourself 100% to an intense workout. A regimented training schedule with a mixture of both weights and cardio coupled with a clean diet will eventually get you to your goal.

The key in this thermogenic Formula are the proprietary ratios and concentrations of key weight loss Ingredients. The Weight loss formula contained is made up of 14 ingredients all designed to help shed those stubborn areas.
Even when you thought there was no more you could ask for in a Fat Burner, the team at Beast Nutrition have added a diuretic support to help reduce water retention! Genesis Nutrition only believe in Fat loss supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime. The Recovery enhancing Matrix contains the all-important L-Glutamine and Vitamin C to really boost Immunity in times of intense training while the Mood enhancing Ingredients will have you energized for each and every session. So we have separated the good from the bad and have selected our 10 best fat burners of 2015 to get you that summer body you have always dreamed of.
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