The fat tires not only  give the bike an  awesome look, the tires make the bike more stable when riding off road, and they add snow and sand to possible riding surfaces. When you ride a fatbike e-bike you feel like you can ride anywhere. Ramrodding across golf courses in the dead of night will feel like floating on air. Most electric fatbikes (Hanebrink is the exception) do not come with suspension, that is because those thick  tires give you one inch of cushy travel, and it is hard to find a front suspension fork that will fit the 4 inch wheels. In fact as of this writing there is not any front suspension forks available for fat tired bikes. The Surly Pugsley is a steel framed bike so therefore the rust on the frame is easily sited. If you decide to ride your fat electric bike on the wet  sand you are venturing into unknown territory on what  damage the salt water might  do to your bike. Regarding bicycle components derailleurs  are really tough to keep sand free and rust free on a sand electric bike.
Also titanium bike frames (like my bike picture) make a lot of sense as sand bikes because they are completely rust resistant.
The Surley Pugsley consisting of a  steel frame will definitely rust if you ride it on the water line, although the rust just seems to be a visual draw back since you don’t have to worry about the frame rusting all the way through, it just doesnt looks as cool as a flawless titanium frame bike.
Contrary to popular belief, the Fat Bike is just at home on the street as it is on the sand. Eric Hicks Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. I am considering building a fat ebike and would like to talk to anyone with experience or interest in the same, particularly to use front, rear or both hub motors. If enough e-bike riders use public beaches as their race track, how long do you think it will be before towns pass ordinances against this activity. I am an electrician and I used to wire up large yachts that were very expensive ($12 million a piece) and we used this great product called corrosion-block to protect wiring under the exterior control stations (fly-bridge and port and starboard, aft stations etc). When the boat came back about 2 years later from about 6000 miles of travel I looked at the copper and it didn’t have a speck of corrosion or tarnish on it!! We used it on electrical connections as well and it wicks up the wire and protects very well.
It doesn’t hurt paint either, so you can spray some on a rag and coat the whole frame of your bike and it will not rust. Any exposed metal will be protected, in fact if you did not even paint your frame, this stuff will protect the metal-it’s really that good.
Open your hub motor and feel free to spray that down as well, as it has good dielectric strength as well.

Hi, I just (5 weeks ago) bought the new fat tire from walmart, it now has dic brakes and 7 speed shifter. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. First is there ability to ride where no one else dares rides…over the beach and through the snow. In addition the bike has more tire touching the pavement so is more stable on pavement when riding a straight line.
The only suspension fat tired bike that is available is the Hanebrink, which has custom made front forks. But if you are like me and do a mixture of sand and street riding on the same ride, you will have to carry a bicycle pump to pump those fat tires back up…and filling up a fat tire because of their large volume is not a quick task.
If you research on bike forums etc every one has a different idea on what the best chain lubricant to use is.
Just for fun I hung a piece of copper under the outside steps and sprayed it with corrosion block.
With 22# of air its a hard rider but easy to peddle, with 12# air is is a very comfy ride but harder to peddle. However wide knobby tires as traditionally found on sand bikes are not ideal for high speed cornering so the street rider should beware. The Hanebrink is able to chug through soft sand in its lower gears and extra fat tires  like no other electric bike ever devised. On the wet pack, just before the water line, the ride is amazingly smooth and you can hit top speed of the electric motor with no fears of instability.
Riding a fat e-bike down the beach is the equivalent of riding a Red Ferrari down the street., except no one has never seen it before. The saddest part in this photo is my beloved $1500 Rohloff which even though it is made of alloys, you can see its nice polished look is well tarnished even though it is less than a year old. Even though its already been more than 2 years these type of ebikes still have not made it here. These tires and wheels would be the basis for the Surley Pugsley bike., which is the first affordable sand bike on the market.
You can also see the salt air and salt water is taking its toll on the avid bb7 disc brakes. But the BMC hub motor, with its powder coat paint job is the nicest looking thing on the bike!

Not to mention your latest fat bike review with a top speed of 39 mph, almost twice the legal limit. Only the cheap china knock-off that look more like scooters with pedals to be able to justify being a bike. Where the Hanebrink non electric sells for $4500, the Surley Pugsley non electric sells for $1500. Even with hosing off the bike after every ride, oiling exposed components etc…after just a few months of beach riding my electric sand bike shows many signs of visual rust although nothing has frozen up or started creaking yet.
Cheap hub motors will probably not have good sealing and will deteriorate quicker riding in sandy and salty conditions. In short, do your e-bike excursions really have to involve some form of hooliganism for some of you to get your kicks?
I know this has been posted a few year ago but any chance I can get any info on how I can get one?
The Surely Pugsley with its steel frame and perfect triangle frame makes an ideal ebike conversion bike, and a few innovative DIY’s  (author included) have built  their own sandbikes. But it is a bit of a heart breaker to see the Surly Pugsley e-bike I spent over $5000 on to build to lose all its polish and sheen. The other positive news is all the electronics, especially the front bmc hub motor are holding up great. Because the bmc is a geared motor, there are many moving parts, and I will be lucky if none of those are starting to rust.
I realize it’s fun to see what you can get away with without being ticketed, but the results of your bad behavior may have unintended consequences for the rest of us e-bike riders. However, while they are still good I use the cheaper mechanical disc brakes that came with the bike, and plan to keep using them until they fail due to rust. And given how many times it has been splashed with salt water, I am happy it is still working perfectly.
So even though hydraulics would be a nicety, its also a shame to see nice components rust in harsh riding conditions on the beach.

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