The official White House photo of Obama and aides in the Situation Room during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s former safe house inspired Letterman and his writers to wonder what was said. Its PAST time conservatives mounted a drive against his sponsors to get him the hell off TV. Ever since I heard about how this piece of degenerate humanoid offal tore apart Sarah Palin and her family so vilely and viciously, I have had a personal hatred for him.
His despicable personal comments about Chris Christie have no relevance to any intelligent political discourse and well represent the sole type of puerile criticism he is capable of.
Making fun of a person’s medical condition is not funnyFat is a lifestyle choice, not a medical condition. Therefore it will throw doubts in whether the segment and market targeted are reliable or not.

According to the study, “Video games might be regarded as an obsession for youngsters but in fact the average player is aged 35, often overweight, introverted and may be depressed. The Steel Closet is a multi-interest blog reporting on the topics of fashion, food, art, parties, advertising, and insights on the daily lives of us, The Steel Crew. EASY: Hi there, yeah this paragraph is actually good and I have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging. It would be nice though if Letterman was bold enough to make similar jokes about the current president.
If Christie were to be the GOP 2012 Candidate, we would see an enormous increase in pictures and film of TOTUS playing B’ball without his shirt. As soon as he is booted out of office I could give a two greesy turd for what he has to say.

I remember reading in my grade school history book about how dave used to yuk it up with Grover Cleveland. These guys like Warren Buffett, Morgan Freeman, Lady GAGA, Jon Stewart, they never learn!!! Congress does whatever he wants, ‘cause fat guys are, like super-strong when they freak out.

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