Well, you eat, and, obviously, you grab your comfort food, but almost always it’s bad for your weight and bad for your overall health. Pie – Yes, we already know that it’s everybody’s favorite desert, but it’s filled with sugar and tend to be covered with whipped topping or ice cream. Corn on the Cob –  Because outside the temperature is somewhere at 0 degrees, you may imagine that this plant doesn’t produce in winter months.
Bacon – It’s clearly by now that you’d probably think we’re making fun of you, trying to keep you away from all this goodies. Cheese – Winter is well-known to be the flu season, so if you’re fighting a bug, avoid cheese and any dairy products.

Fat Clinics an initiative by Dr Ashish Bhanot to bring all types of weight loss programs at one platform and offer individualized scientific weight loss plans as per needs of particular persons. So, if your comfort food is in our Top 5 foods to avoid during winter, please take the advice. It has indeed good sides, like the antioxidant-rich nuts and healthy fruits that are used to make it, so that’s why we recommend you to only take a slice if you truly can’t refuse the temptation. Well, maybe if we’ve made this Top 5 foods to avoid during winter earlier and they would read it, things would stand differently. I'm a massive fitness enthusiast who tries to keep my health in peak condition, with a particular interest in cardio workouts and nutrition.

Fat Clinics provides a comfortable and supportive environment to educate and support the overweight and underweight so most queries related to fat problem can be solved at one platform.
If you plan to catch Christmases with you grandchildren, avoid from time to time to eat bacon.

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