I’ve always been curious about Burning Man and the more people that go and love it, the more tempted I am… yet still something is holding me back. A willingness to throw yourself into each moment head first is guaranteed to turn your time at Burning Man into a bizarre festival of the imagination. You are expected to be self-sufficient and look after yourself here – health and safety is pretty much non-existent, so bring a few brain-cells along. There always seems to be someone waiting with a watermelon cocktail when you feel a bit parched, or a toasted cheese sandwich just as you notice a tummy rumble, but do bring enough to supply yourself for the duration of your stay. Black Rock City is bigger than your imagination has space for, definitely take some wheels so you can see as much of it as possible (available from various BM friendly business or Walmart – see BM website for more info). Contrary to popular belief there is no trading or bartering system at Burning Man, instead the idea is that everyone is giving to everyone.
The dust is your friend and the quicker you embrace that the less you care about your new dreadlocks and black snot. We hope you enjoyed our top ten tips for Burning man, we’d love to hear your thoughts or own tips in the comments section below.
You will turn into a fat burning machine with a training that focuses on building muscle, burning fat as fuel and achieving the greatest hormone response from exercise. In order to get those key things working you also need to know that it all happens in the kitchen, while you sleep and rest. When you work out you want to train smart, so workout that combines both weight training and HITT. The key is balance smart effective training and nutrition and lifestyle that supports that. Hope these Top Tips for Fat Burning help, if you have any questions or you want me to write about something, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
40 days access to the BR30 section of the website where you can access all the video workouts, plan your weekly workout schedule, download recipes, menu plans, grocery lists, learn about nutrition and the food  types you should be eating, and so much more! BR30 53-page eBook Manual detailing everything you need to know about the 30 Day Body Renovation program.
Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life eBook. This book covers the importance of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle and will give you the foundation principles to health and wellness. Use birch bark, and other types of natural kindling that you can collect on walks with your dog.
The advantage of taking to the fields, woods and streets around your neighbourhood either by yourself, with a friend or just the dog is that dog’s will often inadvertently carry a stick sized log home for you!
A good idea is to contact some local tree surgery companies and offer them your driveway or garden to dump any wood they may want to shift if they are doing a job local to you but are from 10+ miles away.
Carpentry firms and shop fitting firms may have cheap bags of hardwood off cuts available which they would otherwise have to pay to have taken away I expect!.
Be opportunistic when passing skips or building jobs that may have an amount of waste timber arising. Construction sites, skips, home improvements you notice, fencing and other timber related jobs you happen upon all can produce some good quality dry timber which is ideal for burning in your stove. What ever place you can find free wood it is like the feeling of finding free money so do not live life in a bubble but take to the world and seek out that free source of heat and comfort.
Salamander StovesThe Salamander Stoves website is designed to tell you something about the quality of the multi fuel small stoves and products we provide, the excellent service we will give you and the established expertise behind it all. We welcome your comments and promise to listen to your views and look forward to meeting your individual requirements. But fear not… If your inner cynical bastard is adamant on making himself heard that’s okay too. I love tortilla chips with grated cheese, jalapenos, and kidney beans left in the sun for a bit (add tuna if you’re not veggie). A lock can be useful just in case someone mistakes your bike for theirs in the blackness of night.
That means people don’t expect to be given something in return for gifting something to you.

If you have paid to be part of a camp you may have showers available, but I find the dust almost cleans you, absorbing all your sweat and keeping you cool. Each year a new sanctuary is unveiled, a space to go for peace, to reflect, to grieve, to celebrate, to feel yourself drown in the beauty of life. My first year I stumbled across a naming camp where 3 people gave you an in-depth interview then gave you your name (I was Re-mix, based on my passion for music and career messing with people’s minds as a psychologist). Take a look at the schedule for a flavour of what’s on (Tutu Tuesday is pretty wonderous, and the naked tit cycle…) but accept that you will probably be too caught up having a creepy snog with a side of sleaze at the kissing booth to make it on time for your mates Thunderdome battle.
Please see the Burning Man website for a proper first timers guide, including sensible tips on what to pack, how to get there, where to sleep, law enforcement, how the festival is laid out and how to be safe at Burning Man. This means a program that combines weight training, HITT(high intensity interval training),  low intensity movement and REST!! When you work harder you are getting a greater hormonal response to the exercise which helps with burning fat.
There is no use doing an intense training if it leaves you exhausted every day so you can’t  enjoy life. Do this 1-2 times per week to fire up your metabolism and help your body become a fat burning furnace. The reason you have done some strength training and some walking is so that you could try paddle boarding on the weekend, learn to surf, climb the mount with some friends and have lunch after. Through reading it you will learn the reasons why I am getting you to do the things you do on the program, which will give you an understanding that will help you take ownership of the concepts. To burning free wood on your wood-burner, this article offers up some money saving advice as winter approaches and the cost of kiln dried logs and fire lighter products increases.
There is nothing quite as rewarding as splitting a few logs on a clear cool autumn day and seeing your pile grow.
This combined with rolled up newspaper and small ash sticks or skip wood kindling is an excellent way to start the fire in your wood burner. A box of matches and even a lovely Zippo can always run out of juice or be damp where as a steel and magnesium stick will spark for 3000 times whatever! A bag off timber off cuts will be just as effective as a bought bag of ?10 kindling from the garage! You should avoid treated timber as this needs to be burnt in a higher temp industrial incinerator.
Dry driftwood can make excellent dry logs but in my experience wood that has been smoothed by the sea is often far to lovely to burn on the fire and ends up in the corner! The rawness of the desert and all the feral folk who have come to inhabit it will have a way of freeing the freak you have inside and melting away your reservations. People want you to have a good time and will go out of their way to make sure you are fed, watered, warm and protected from the elements.
Your bag needs to be stuffed to the seams with all the glamour of Dame Edna meets Pocahontas. You will feel so much better about life if you stock up on decorations to make your bike as glorious as you are. You can gift anything you like from the practical – lip balm, energy boosting sweeties, wet wipes – to the pretty – bindis, temporary tattoos, necklaces – to the precious – poetry, a song, a massage. Plus if you get stuck in a dust-storm you look like a bit of a silver-fox, or maybe more like you’ve been through an ‘age-me’ app. The messages people write on the walls are often inspiring, sometimes silly, and frequently heart-breaking. But it seems it’s better to let your name come naturally, my previous playa name gained on the journey in (from a particularly explicit tale) has stuck like glue, I’m still trying to peel it off and it can’t be replaced… From Firefly to Foxfluffer, The Guzzler to Silky Smooth, Cheeky Chops to Bullseye, The Mallet to Pirate Pete, the world is your oyster. Art installations, mutant vehicles, live performances, interactive displays – it’s an incessant influx of WHAT?!?!?! It also means you burn more calories in short time frame and don’t stress your bodies adrenal system out. If you don’t get good sleep you will not get results or have the energy to work for them.

You can buy expensive log splitters but I would suggest a good log splitting axe is the way to go if possible.
They maybe happy for you to take a single log of fallen deadwood home as it will keep the woods tidy! A Burnt Soul leotard is a perfect go-to daytime piece – comfortable, cool and easy to accessorise, preferably with a Burnt Soul visor for added pazazz.
I’ve relied on babywipes a lot, but a friend introduced me to coconut oil and kitchen towel baths – amazing! I walked in last year giggling only to find myself face-to-face with a lesson in humanity, a lesson in my own mistakes and how to move on from them, which left me choking on tears and still sends a shiver down my spine.
Whether it’s already your nickname, something you make up en-route or a name that is gifted to you once on the playa you’ll know when it fits.
In order to lose fat we need a training  program that will help you achieve your ideal body composition and be able to maintain it. When you over train and work at a moderate intensity for longer ie a 1hr run, your body will lose weight initially but very soon will plateau and become stressed which causes it to hold onto body fat!
We are training so that we are in the best shape of our lives physically, mentally and emotionally. This along with a small hatchet to produce kindling are the only two tools you need, along with a reasonably strong back!
HOWEVER, I am sure I heard something about a local council prosecuting somebody for removing fallen timber from a public woodland, so leave the chainsaw back in the shed on those walks with the dog! This wood is obviously ‘green’ and will need to be converted and then stored for a good year. Rumours abound of naked David, who goes each year in nothing but his birthday suit (I’m pretty sure I met him one year on the way in, but that may have just been another naked hippy called David); you will be fine. To gift more officially consider joining a camp and dedicating some hard work to making the cogs keep turning.
Just rub in oil, wipe with kitchen towel, spray with water if you happen to have a vaporiser lying around (he did!) and hey presto, you are like a soft baby’s bum.
Walk as far out into deep playa as you can, there are some weird things out there, and take time to traipse through all the random back streets of the campsite too, it’s where the most memorable moments are made. Which means you think you have to run more and more and more, which causes you to get more run down and fatigued. It’s common to find yourself humbled to the point of speechlessness over the love a human you’ve never met before has bestowed on you.
She mentioned she’d been twice before, in 2011 and 2014, and traveled out there on her own both times. We normally take a stove, which means canned meals with bread (mmm, nutritious) are a staple meal. Goggles are handy, although I rarely ended up using mine for dust storms but they look pretty funky anyways. She did such a good job of describing it to me and then to my two interns, that I thought others could benefit from her wise words, so after explaining it 3 times I got her to write it all down! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. And make sure you bring plenty of glow sticks, LED wire, UV paint and all that jazz so people can see you at night.
The costumes on show will blow your mind so choose your own balance between feeling relaxed and looking like a god. Although the majority of large camps run free bars 24 hours a day they always appreciate the gift of a large bottle of spirits from time to time.

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