EXPRESS HERBAL SLIMCAPS – Phase one of the weight loss system is the ultimate express herbal slimcap. What you will notice, when used in conjunction with Phases 2 and 3, that in a very short time your clothes will not feel as tight and you will notice a slimmer you! It all sounds pretty intriguing, but in reality, SlimQuick has a lot more to do with marketing hype and advertising to a specific market segment (fat burners for women are big business—click here to view the most popular women’s fat burners on this site!) than real science and ground-breaking, fat burning technology.
Success is likely to be as a result of the sensible diet and exercise program that accompanies the product, and not the product itself.
Most ingredients are undoubtedly present in only the tiniest amounts, and they are hidden behind a proprietary blend label that makes assessing the efficiency of this product very difficult. The previous version of this product actually revealed the total milligram amount of each of the 6 proprietary complexes. Yes, this product does contain ingredients obviously focused on the specific needs of women, in most cases, they too are included in sub-optimal doses.
The medicinal plants, food compounds and herbs that are typically found in weight loss products are much like pharmaceutical drugs; they need to be present in a potent enough dosage to have any effect.
When you find a product that contains 10 or 20 ingredients, you’re likely to receive only a few of them at a potent dosage (and that’s not even guaranteed). In other words, they have no proven effect on metabolism, or any mechanism that will actively facilitate weight loss. For starters, while that clinical study is published in a peer-reviewed journal, it’s one that’s devoted to “Alternative Medicine” – a status that almost certainly has an influence on the rigor of the peer-review process. This is a serious methodological issue, as it’s well-known that people respond strongly to pills, particularly those given in a clinical setting. And the study write up makes no mention of blinding, either – how the researchers interact with the subjects and set expectations is critical. That’s why placebo-controlled trials are also typically “double-blind” – that is, neither the subject nor the experimenter knows which treatments being dispensed are the “real” or “dummy” ones.
Placebo-controlled, double-blind studies are the “gold standard.” This one fell short, and inexplicably so, since it would not have been difficult to add this extra layer of care.
In the light of past research on green tea, it’s easy to believe that Green Select Phytosome had some positive effect on the subjects’ weight loss, but until a better-controlled study is done, it’s impossible to say if it really is a superior alternative to other standardized green tea extracts as a weight loss supplement ingredient. A common ingredient in most weight loss products, as it cheaply and effectively addresses the fatigue issue common to dieters and non-dieters alike. It does offer established weight loss benefits, mild though they may be (see Am J Clin Nutr.
This herb is typically used to ease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and best of all, there is evidence to support this claim. Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid isolated from brown seaweed, and used in diet pills for its supposed fat blasting characteristics. An amino acid found in tea, preliminary evidence suggests this ingredient may have some weight loss benefits.
This is important to keep in mind, because SlimQuick is more expensive than it looks – one 60 capsule box provides only 20 servings. That aside, a large percentage of visitors who have written in about their experience with Slim Quick are really happy with the product (you can read Slim Quick feedback here).

Regardless, despite this positive feedback (remember, that diet and exercise alone will bring about some results), I would suggest you do not expect miracles from it. I have taken nutrition classes and one of the teachers told us that everything can have a potential side effect. I think they need to do some research on the herbs in their product, which is what I plan on doing right now. Before I started taking slimquick I was wearing a size 24W and in just one week I am back into my size 20W, again.
I don’t take it everyday like i should but i definitely seen a difference in myself when i do. It suppresses my appetite, gives my energy, curves my mood swings, and i have lost weight without exercising regularly. Well mine are now ready after trying so many diets and they all failed.But this time i needed a pick me up to just have a little more energy and Slim quick is doing the job. What I don’t see in these reviews are what the user weighed when beginning with the product and how much weight they wanted to lose. I agree each person is different and taking a pill isn’t all you have to do and not change eating and exercise. After taking 4 months to lose and get down to 247, I hit a plateau and started to creep back up again.
A friend suggested I give SlimQuick a try because she really liked the appetite suppressant and the energy levels she was getting.
Tuesday morning came, I got up measured and weighed myself and kept track of anything I ate.
1 week of slimquick and slimquick hoodia supplement, 4 hours of total exercise, and cutting my diet in half (surprisingly easy) I have lost 3 pounds, making my BMI 39.4.
If someone asked me, will you take it again, “ARE YOU KIDDING?!!?” If I can be a happier person and lose inches like that and make myself healthier at the same time, of course! My husband just got me Slim Quick for Christmas, and I have already taken my 2 doses for today. I already walk about 3 times a day (with a stroller, and a dog on a leash) for about 20 minutes a time, do lots of house work, and try to get some time doing calisthenics, but it’s hard, and I am a disabled vet.
I didn’t want to be the size 2 I was out of the military, but being able to comfortably remain in my size 6 was my goal, and I felt I needed some help. I first tried the slimquick powder packets, which I liked a lot, and after 2 weeks, I noticed, not only was I not craving sweets as much, it was having a positive effect in how my anxiety meds were tolerated in my body as well. Definately very SUBTLE changes (and I again, didn’t really change anything in diet or exercise levels), BUT I did, at the end of the first month, lose 5 pounds. Since then, I’ve switched to the pills, because of time, and added more toning and firming exercises to my daily routine, and have lost about 5 more pounds over the course of 2 months (about 10 total pounds). This unique slimcap is comprised of tarragon, cassia seed, oriental water plaintain and other proprietary ingredients all designed to help you manage your appetite, minimize your sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Now, all the ingredients are lumped together, and we no longer know how much of any ingredient is included, or even the overall total milligram amount of a single serving). The remainder of the ingredients serve only as label dressing; they are there to make the label look good, but are not present in a dosage large enough to elicit an effect.

Green tea extract: Green tea is a quality fat burning ingredient, when standardized for the appropriate dose of EGCG and related polyphenols—and it is in this case. This more “relaxed” attitude can be seen in the paper itself… which reveals that no placebo was used for the control (diet alone) group – it was diet only, or diet plus MonCam (the name of the actual commercial product used). For example, there are both positive studies on the benefits of soy isoflavones on menopausal symptoms, as well as negative ones. To read the Curvelle for Women review click here, and for Jillian Michael’s fat burner, click here!
Ok……so since I lost nothing at all, can I please get a refund, or something new to try? I called the company and made a complaint, they tried to tell me that there are absolutely no side effects. I noticed I could exercise while taking this and not feel any heart pounding result like Hydroxycut Hardcore.
I lost the average amount, about 1-2 lbs a week because of my rigorous exercise and diet routine. I can not afford the monthly blood tests and the medication that my doctor wants me to get. If i did have the motivation to work out I’m positive i would lose more weight but even though it gives me energy, I would rather find something else to do than exercise! And while it?Cs difficult to compare scientific studies because of inherent design variance, it?Cs easy to understand the overwhelming factual record. The only thing subjects in the Zantrex-3 study were asked to do was take the active compound in Zantrex-3 with a full glass of water 15 minutes before major meals, and live their life. Clinical evidence also indicates that when green tea is combined with caffeine (as it is here), it seems to encourage greater weight loss effects (Obes Res. Newer studies show the combination of fucoxanthin and pomegranate seed oil to be beneficial for weight loss. I went to the doctor yesterday with severe leg pain starting from my thigh going all the way down into my calf. In other words, the Zantrex-3 study was specifically designed to test the absolute weight loss power of the proven active compound in Zantrex-3 – without the influence of diet and exercise. So I will keep ya posted, so good luck to all who are just starting out like me and Happy new year to all as well. And, inevitably, the old is always replaced by something new?A something better?A something more effective. So, after taking Europe by storm, the active compound in Zantrex-3 is making tired, ephedrine-based diet pills obsolete?A a thing of the past.

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