Rather than me just giving you my fave fat loss exercise, I wanted to ask that very same question to a bunch of fitness and fat loss experts to see what they came back with and why they though their fave was great for fat loss. Plus, at the end of this article, I’ll take these answers and put them together into some sort of ultimate fat burning workout. A few examples would be sprints on the rowing machine, stationary bike (perfect for beginners), or even some bodyweight exercises like sprints in place, burpees, or mountain climbers. I like to define sprints as certain exercises you do as hard as you can for a short period of time, followed by a good rest and repeat.
As well, upper body, lower body and core are used so it’s really a full body workout with NO equipment. This has been one of the most effective fat burners for my clients and bootcamps for several years. It works just about every muscle in your body and I love the effects it has on postural muscles all while burning fat. It’s forces you to use nearly every muscle in your body, so you burn a ton of calories and sculpt muscle at the same time.
The idea is to do this lot with high intensity, but at the same time, making sure your technique is good.

If you’ve enjoyed this post or have your very own favorite fat loss exercise feel free to leave a comment below and give us a like. The Ultimate Fat Bike Challenge, proceeds benefitting JDRF, will be a 30 minute (estimated) time trial using a multi-lap format on groomed trails. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on Ultimate Fat Bike Challenge right now!
And although I do consider this to be the best form of sprinting, there are certainly other ways you can reap the benefits without actually sprinting outdoors.
A beginner can start with a full body extension or burpee walk out, an advanced person can do a full on floppy burpee with jump and increase tempo to get the heart pounding.
Fat Bike riders will compete to log the fastest total time to ride a predetermined number of laps on a closed course. The actual number of laps will be announced on Wednesday, February 24th, posted both on the event’s registration site as well as emailed to all registered riders. Categories: We will offer three race categories for both men and women ranging from A (expert), B (sport), to C (beginner).

This will be the same location (just outside) as the Ultimate Cycle Challenge, an indoor team fundraising event taking place the same day. If you are not already planning to participate in both events, be sure to come in and check out what the Ultimate Cycle Challenge is all about. Who: This race is for anyone who wants to find out what the new fat bike craze is all about as well as for those who already know and just want to challenge themselves and friends for bragging rights. Riders will range from elite road, cycle-cross, and mountain bike racers to those of you just looking for a fun new challenge.
Awards: Post-race awards will be held indoors in the Ridge Point Community Center after the race.

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