Occasionally people may experience undigested food in stool which may be a cause of concern for some.
It is estimated that it takes around 40 hours for food to be consumed processed and eliminated as stool.
Though the condition may not be always serious it may hinder your performance at work or make you feel low at home. There are many disorder and underlying factors that are recognized as cause of undigested food in stools. I should specify the stool is small - maybe a quarter's size in diameter (the picture makes it look bigger)! What did the vet give him (if anything) for the bacterial infection and what were his possibilities (what was the infection he is battling) The clear mucous is not vaseline? Heather, the vet didn't give him anything except the probiotics, and no, she didn't ask to analyze a stool sample or specify what she thought it was. Stools are digested and metabolized byproducts of the body excreted from the bowels as wastes [1].
The total time it will take the food to be eaten until it is eliminated and excreted as stools is estimated to be 40 hours for adults and 33 hours for children [3, 4, 5]. Simply put, constipation is infrequent passage and production of dry and hard fecal material, while diarrhea is frequent evacuation of watery stools.
An illustration showing stool transit time, which is around 40 hours in adults and 33 hours in children. Developed by the University of Bristol in 1997, the Bristol (also known as Meyers) Stool Scale was formulated to categorize stools according to its form. The fecal composition, however, may vary depending on length of time the fecal materials stay in the intestinal tracts. With levels of indigestible food higher than 30%, undigested food particles can be seen visibly in the fecal matter. Other clinical manifestations can observed in the presence of undigested food particles in stools. If any of these symptoms would be present, consult to the doctor for prompt evaluation must be done. Laboratory examinations useful in the diagnosis include complete blood count to rule out the presence of anemia, and stool analysis and culture to identify infection. Other diagnostics for confirmation of illness are ultrasonography of the whole abdomen, barium studies and the scopes (gastroscopy and colonoscopy).
Unless diagnosed by the physician, no particular medication should be given, but proper hydration and supplementation. Consume foods with low fiber: rice, grapefruits, bananas, apples, chicken, ground beef, fish, cottage cheese. Prompt consult or follow up with physician should be done when certain manifestations are noted: dark colored urine, decreased quantity of urine, dry and flushed skin, irritability and confusion.
Constipation Management and Nurse Prescribing: The Importance of Developing A Concordant Approach. BEFORE starting a new thread requesting help, please copy and paste the Disease Questionnaire and fill in the required information.
I finally picked up a microscope on Ebay and have been looking into a problem in my 55 gallon community and Angel tank. I did a fecal smear when I first got the scope and found what looked like Capalliria worms. I have been giving Gel-Tek Ultra cure PX(Praziquantel, Flubenol and Metronidazole) in all food for 2 days now.

I made several more fecal smears tonight from feces straight from fish, never touching the bottom. 1st picture is a truly perfect example of capillary eggs as you said (better than most you see on the web or in text book).
2nd is tricky, it could be a rotifer (Filina sp maybe), or my guess on what you stated would be a partly digested mosquito pupa. I'd be happy to share my secret, which is a used $25 Swift microscope I bought on Ebay and a cheap Kodak Easyshare digital camera. When we consume food they get digested and metabolized by the body, as a result stools are made for excretion from the body. Hence, it is crucial to consult your doctor to restore your health and ensure there is no underlying complication which can aggravate.
Malabsorption may occur due to several disorders such as diverticulitis, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease etc. Beer, cabbage, carbonated drinks, etc, are some consumables that form gas; these foods should be strictly avoided. This will reduce the processing required in the body and digestion may become slighted better.
If your doctor detects that you are suffering from issues related to enzyme then he may suggest you supplements to balance level of enzymes in the body. Vaeda, Hannibal, Sasha, Monster, Dexter, Jinx, Riley, Jack, Meepo, Church, Berry, Maggie, Tubby, Leiloo, Izzy, Loki, and Nadia. I was suspecting a blockage because of the thinness of the stool that came before today (and it did not have a granulated appearance), but now I'm just confused. These fecal materials are also termed as feces, faex in Latin, poop, poo, number two and doodoo [2]. This is said to be mainly influenced by the amount of time the fetal material spent in the colon, the stool transit time.
The remaining 25% is made up of solid particles, and is subdivided into the following: 30% indigestible food matter such as cellulose, 10 to 20% cholesterol and fats, 10% calcium and iron phosphates, and 2 to 3% protein. The gut absorbs water from the stool; thus, defecating more often will mean having stools with more water and retaining feces will mean passing out stools with less amount out of water. One major representation of fecal composition modification is the presence of undigested food in stools, which would be this article’s main focus.
These fibers cannot be digested by the human intestinal tract due to lack of enzymes and its resistance to hydrolysis. Symptoms of which include abdominal cramps, alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, bloating, distention, and the presence of mucus and undigested food particles in the stool. With an unknown cause, this type of diarrhea is not from malabsorption nor food intolerance.
I put the camera lens on the microscope eye piece and moved it slowly around till I saw what I wanted. Occurrence of food fragment in your stool is basically due to high fiber food which does not get digested by the bodily enzymes. The estimated time would actually vary from person to person depending on the bowel functioning. Bacterial and Viral infection are also said to cause occurrence of undigested food in feces.
It is crucial to avoid taking any medicine without doctor’s approval but you can keep yourself hydrated by consuming increased fluid.
I kept an eye on him and gave him a teaspoon of pumpkin in the morning and some pure petroleum jelly at night until I could get a vet appointment.

And our kitten has been home since September 7, so it's been over two months and Torpille is not as aggressive toward him as he first was (often ignores him rather than chases him). He may have eaten while I was out of the room, but I only saw him eating once, and not as much as usual.
Hence, in humans, bowel movement and subsequent fecal excretion may occur from as frequent as once to thrice a day to as seldom as once every 3 days [6]. The illness is considered to be more severe when weight loss, fever, and undigested food in stools are present. I thought it could be undigested food since I've been feeding mosquito larva with the Gel but I can't match this with any part of the larva.
This is why excretion may occur at varying frequency ranging from once or three times a day to even once in three days.
Modern diet contains mostly processed and heavily cooked food which deprives the natural enzyme from food and causes poor digestion.
Avoid taking chewing-gums as this mimics digestive process which causes secretion of necessary enzymes that are required for actual digestion. The disease can either be a self-resolving viral illness or an antibiotic-requiring bacterial infection.
History should include food and drug intake, presence of weight loss and previous history of changing bowel movement. But if accompanied with other issues such as weight loss, bowel movement changes and persistent diarrhea then you may need professional medical assistance. Experts have also identified that lymphoma, truncated blood flow to small intestine and sometimes parasitic infection play a role in causing digestive issues. Body is unable to break down food optimally due to lack off enzyme and vital nutrients of food is not absorbed. Go for low-fiber foods such as rice, bananas, apples, fish, cottage cheese and chicken if necessary.
Eat smaller portion of food; if necessary eat more frequently but ensure to chew your food well.
Physical examination should not only focus on the abdomen, but on all the systems of the human body, including the anus and rectum.
Most of the aforementioned complications can be handled by consulting a physician and can be effectively treated. If you are losing more amount of liquid and food then consume same amount of food and liquid to ensure supply of required nutrition to the body and maintaining hydration. This hasn't done anything to help the issue, in fact he started having very slim poop again as I discontinued the laxatives, and today he's been straining to poop (no crying or screaming), scooting his butt all over and leaving little trails of tiny poop and mucus in all corners of the cage. In fact, the laxatives - pumpkin and petroleum jelly - helped him to pass bigger stools between Nov 1-Nov 6.
Moreover, stress, aging as well as demand of modern lifestyle causes depletion of enzyme-store in the body again leading to improper digestion.
This is his most recent stool, which clearly displays grainy undigested food and lots of mucus:So I'm quite worried now. Stress from the newcomer (he dislikes our kitten - he chases him, hisses at him, and bites him hard without letting go if he gets the chance)?

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