Everyone’s talking about the diet that made Beyonce slimmer and sexier than ever, but is becoming a vegan, at least for her 22 day challenge, good for you? This entry was posted in Beachbody Challenge, Featured, Fitness, Nutrition and tagged Body Beast, Meal Plan, Vegan Meal Plan, Womens Body Beast Results by Nikki. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Written by Elena WilkinsYou know that vegan diet can be done right and wrong, because you probably met some unhealthy vegans, which made you wonder if vegan diet is really for you. If you have never done vegan, I want to show you how you can do it so the change will leave you glowing, healthier, and lighter, if you need to lose weight. If you are a vegan, but still struggle with food addictions and health issues, I want to show you how you can improve on your lifestyle.
I have been following Vegalicious website for a while and was very interested in all Elena had to say.
When I enrolled in the program I wanted to feel better all-around and to shed some weight in the process. As an omnivore, starting the program, I did not know if I would be tempted to eat flesh foods or not. When I decided to join the program I wanted to lose weight, improved health, and transition to eating healthy full-time.
I signed up for the program just a few hours before it was going to start, so, I had a lot of planning to do in a short time. The program was easy to follow and it was great being matched with an accountability partner. Weekly calls, email contact with Elena and my accountability partner, and Facebook group are very helpful. If you are like Joni and Deb, and want to make changes to your diet, or improve on it, I am inviting you to join September boot camp. Every month I offer an exclusive opportunity to a small group of people (10-15) to have a personal 30-Day Coaching with me, walking them through a change to a whole foods, unprocessed, plant based (vegan) diet and adding a regular exercise routine, while providing them with all necessary tools to succeed in their health and weight improvement goals long term. With health promoting recipes, menus, education and research material, and new workout routines, which I provide, you will be set up to succeed. To read more about the program, and see more testimonials from the program graduates, go to BODY BY PLANTS page.

Back in March I committed to Body Beast with my husband, Chris Minton, and told him and have been still playing with the idea of a competition and he said ok let’s do it! All the details are not final but as of today I am ALL IN 100% so now all I need is YOUR support during this! This is the Meal Plan i will be following for the next 3 weeks, I may switch it up with different veggies and different beans, but this is the majority of what I will be eating! Quinoa: Cook 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups water, on stove- combine water and qunioa, bring to boil- reduce heat and simmer until water is all gone! So I have completed round 1 of the the 21 day fix…  Here is to Round 2 and getting more fit! I struggled the first week of the Fix, getting all of my protein in… but now I am going to make and adjust it to how I know I can get my protein in!
How many of you feel you would be able to stay on track if you had everything handed to you? I came up with a meal plan that will give me a good balance of grains, fiber, protein, greens, veggies, and fruits! Progress is a way of a lifestyle… do you have what it takes to make results with progress TODAY??? A healthy weight loss rate that won’t disrupt your metabolism is losing on average of 1-2 lbs.
Habit change may be achieved in 21 days for simple actions such as flossing your teeth every morning.
My goal is to “tone up” I want lean muscle, less fat, and more definition for my body! I workout every morning with my husband between 5-6am, before he has to go to work and before the kids wake up! I have been struggling to lose weight for a while, even though I was eating what I thought was a whole foods diet, but my stomach would hurt a lot after I ate meat, so I thought I would give Body by Plants boot camp a try to see if it would help me at all. I was not a very active person, other than chasing around my kids all day, or going on little walks here and there, but to my surprise I followed the workouts Elena provided and loved them. They were personal, and both, my accountability partner (Elena assigned) and I, joined them every week. I feel like I have gained a ton of tools to help me not only now but down the road as well.

I was mostly plant based, but when tired, super stressed or busy, it was very easy to grab a pizza with the family, or especially reach for sweets. I would recommend folks new to plant based eating to sign up at least a week before the start date to get organized and be ready to start. I think the program is so successful because of Elena’s availability and her wealth of knowledge. My digestion is better, my nails are stronger, sleep is great—I feel like I am on a great path! I would like to lose 12 lbs from today until the cruise… we have roughly 55 days… it is totally do able but I have to do what works for me! Each day is filled with Complex Carbs and Proteins along with the Vitamins and Nutrients I need! If you need accountability, GET IT!, you need to set goals for yourself and work towards them! I love all the information provided and that Elena is so willing to help us achieve our goals. I feel more confident eating healthier full-time, and am much more aware of my triggers for things like sugar. So I said ok, never set a date of fully committing and a friend messaged me ” I HAVE AN IDEA call me” yep pretty sure that solidified my decision!!!!!!! To be successful in keeping the weight off, be prepared to adopt these restrictions long term. I also have some calcification on my thyroid, which I am hoping will go away or reduce with a cleaner diet.
The 21 day Fix gives you a list of foods to eat, on top of my several meal plan guides, and you have a 30 minute workout schedule to follow!

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