Low fat, high fiber diets help you build perfect health.Preventative medicine is not a major focus of medical industry. What would happen to the medical industry if everyone followed a low fat vegan diet plan?The need for medical expenses would fall.
For example, the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization, recommend 15-30% of calories from fat.Ornish Low Fat DietOne doctor who stands apart is Dr. All the cells in our body, including our brains, run on glycogen, a simple sugar, which is stored in muscle. Glycogen is found in fruit and in complex carbohydrates once they are digested.Fat stays in the bloodstream and impedes the glycogen from entering cells. Notice how when meat is cooked the fat drips from it, but once cooled the dripping stops.The fat becomes solid in your veins and arteries.

It blocks blood flow, which eventually leads to heart attacks and strokes.A heart attack occurs when blood carrying oxygen can’t get to the heart.
To avoid this horrible death, you must do your best to eliminate animal fat.That explains why on the Ornish low fat diet, animal fats are to be avoided.
Let’s examine why plant fats aren’t ideal either…Plant FatsPlant fats are not to be included as a significant part of a low fat vegan diet.It is easier to avoid the mainstream vegan fare found in the frozen section of supermarkets.
It’s essential to stick to a natural, healthy vegan diet for long term health and success.Fats and oils are unstable on a cellular level. This also occurs in nuts and seeds, as they are roasted at high temperatures.Even nuts and seeds which are claimed to be “raw” have been dehydrated at high temperatures.
If one is going to consume plant fats, the best options are uncooked.Eat nuts and seeds only in small amounts.

Follow low fat, high fiber diets, and choose fatty fruit options occasionally, like avocados, durian, and others.Many vegetables, and in particular, leafy green vegetables, contain small amounts of fat.
They are known as covert rather than overt options because the fat makes up a minority of the calories.Consume leafy green vegetables to get the fat that is necessary in your diet.

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