For the last few years, I’ve become more engrossed in studying my body and how it reacts to certain foods. In my experiments and research, I’ve tracked down seven vegetables that I consider key to burning fat.
These are foods that can boost your metabolism so that you are burning more fat throughout the day.
Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods that you can find, making it one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. This super vegetable stimulates the enzyme that tells the fat cells in the body that they need to start burning fat. Avocados are very high in monounsaturated fat and this allows cells and fat-burning hormones to better communicate with each other. Celery is a simply vegetable that does not get nearly enough credit for the health benefits that it provides. Carrots are best known for their high level of antioxidants, allowing them to fight off free radicals. Onions contain oils and minerals that increase your metabolism and break down fat in your body. You get the most benefit when you eat these vegetables raw, but you can gently steam them and reap the majority of the benefits.
Do you want the good news or the bad news?  Well, the bad news is that there is no “magic” pill that is going to make your extra pounds disappear.  There is no magic wand that will tap those love handles away and there is no such thing as wishing for thinner thighs and BAM… you have thinner thighs. The good news is that there are actually fat burning foods.  Knowing the effects certain foods have on your metabolism will give you the edge when incorporating them into your normal diet and exercise routine. Talk about a fat burning goodness…green tea is credited with sparking the metabolism and encouraging weight loss.  By drinking four cups of green tea a day, people have lost over six pounds within an eight week period according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports.

Next time you think about skipping the guacamole, consider this…an avocado has monounsaturated fat which lights a fire under the fat-burning hormones. Beans and legumes are great items to add to your everyday diet.  Not only do they burn fat and build muscle but they also help to regulate your digestive system. Oysters are only 50 calories for a half dozen oysters, Rich in zinc, oysters act as an appetite suppressant.  Suffering from PMS cravings?  Oysters will do the trick to reduce those as well. Until the day when someone invents a magic wand to zap the fat, add these fat-burning foods to your daily diet and watch the magic happen naturally. Again, burning fat as energy is important because it prevents you from storing it (which can cause weight gain), and it also prevents you from having to burn muscle for energy (which can cause muscle loss).
In addition to increasing your metabolism, these vegetables also work to do things like eliminate toxins and regulate the hormones that are making it harder for your body to get rid of unwanted fat (if your goal is to lose weight). This action is thanks to this vegetable being rich in sulforaphane, a type of phytonutrient.
It is also high in antioxidants so that it is able to protect cells from free radical damage so that the cell’s energy-producing component functions at its highest level. Your body needs water for your metabolism to function at the highest level, and celery is primarily water.
This works to detoxify your body and this plays a major role in stimulating your metabolism. To ensure that you preserve these fat-burning nutrients, it is important that you do not overcook your onions. The thermic effect of food simply means the energy it takes to absorb, digest and dispose of nutrients within the food that is begin consumed. If that wasn’t good enough, it also turns off the fat storage hormones in the body.  Still want more reason to eat guacamole?  Avocados increase metabolism by acting as a body guard to the energy-producing part of our cells protecting them from damage caused by free radical.

Well, I’m back, at least intermittently for a while, and I wanted to dive right into some great info that can help you on your journey to wellness, no matter where you are starting from. However, whether you want to build muscle or lose weight (or even just maintain you current body), making sure that fat is used for energy rather than being stored is an important part of the equation. When your body is clean and your appetite is under control, it is a lot easier for your metabolism to run at an optimal level.
This helps to ensure that you have the fluids that your cells and body need to constantly burn fat.
However, carrots are also rich in vitamin C and this vitamin is critical in reducing stress hormones. Think of it like adding coals to a fire to promote more heat and build the fire into something that is bigger and more powerful!
This is because all of these vegetables have a different combination of nutrients that play a role in increasing your metabolism and burning fat. You just want to avoid over-cooking them because this can remove the fat-burning nutrients. Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight (or even just maintain you current body), making sure that fat is used for energy rather than being stored is an important part of the equation. When your stress hormone levels are low, your body is not going to store belly fat, allowing your body to burn it.

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