Vegetarian DietsWhat is a vegetarian diet?A vegetarian diet is principally a diet based on plant foods. Fonterra products suitable for Semi-vegetarian, Lacto-ovo-vegetarian and Lacto-vegetarians.
A vegetarian diet consists of grains, legumes (dried beans and peas), nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits and may or may not include dairy foods, like milk, cheese, yoghurt, and eggs. Types of Vegetarian diets and what food groups are included or avoidedThere are many different types of vegetarian diets differing in what is included and what is avoided.

The types of vegetarian diets are:•Semi-vegetarian diets don't include red meat but occasionally will incorporate poultry and fish•Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet includes plant foods, dairy products and eggs (although possibly only free-range eggs) along with all plant foods, such as grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits.
This is the most common type of vegetarian diet•Vegan or ‘total’ vegetarian diet includes only plant foods: grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. Meat, dairy foods and eggs are excluded, but fish may be includedCheese and a vegetarian dietRennet is an enzyme added to milk to form the curd during the cheese making process.
Semi-vegetarian, Lacto-ovo vegetarian and Lacto-vegetarian diets can include all milk and yoghurt products made by Fonterra and generally only those cheese varieties which use non-animal sourced rennet.

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