Some of you may be concerned about potential weight gain as we head into fall and winter across the United States. A large part of weight loss, and looking your best, is understanding your body and the complexity behind the science of weight loss. As the human species evolved, storing fat became an essential factor for human survival during food shortages. Now that we eat more and exercise less than our ancestors, obesity has become a major problem across the country. When fats – also known as triglycerides – are consumed, the human body breaks it down to pass it into the blood stream. This is why at the Slim Co., our Laser LED Lipo technology targets particular problem areas on your body. Subcutaneous fat is the fat under the skin that is easier to lose and it has a lesser impact on your health than visceral fat. Having fat around your organs isn’t a good thing and can cause issues such as increased blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Visceral fat, like other fats, build up from inactivity, overeating, stress, and bad lifestyle choices.
Bad lifestyle choices include not getting enough sleep, not relieving stress, and not taking care of yourself in general. Other aerobic exercises such as your P90X, insanity, and other higher intensity aerobic workouts will be beneficial to losing this type of fat.
Any and all exercise will help you get rid of visceral fat because you are going to be burning more calories. Changing your diet is one of the most beneficial things you can do to help lose visceral fat and maintain a healthy weight. Lean Meats – Lean meats such as chicken and turkey breast are great sources of protein.
Is sweet – Find some good fruits you like to eat and try them instead of your sweets that you like. Exercise Regularly – You need to make it a priority in your life to exercise and do what you need to do in order to succeed. Without getting too philosophical or judgmental sounding, we are in the situation we are in because of us. Log your diet – Making a log of everything you eat will help you get a grasp on where your diet is going wrong. Be held accountable – Find a partner or a forum that you can rely on others to hold you accountable for what you are doing. No fad diets – Fad diets at best offer a glimmer of hope for a shortcut or an easy way out. Also setting a goal to educate myself on the unique work schedule I have, how I can benefit from it, how I can incorporate a healthier lifestyle around it, and high on my list, how I can recover from the effects my work has on my body. You work in such a hard and stressful environment I am going to have to do some research on what you can do to help recover from your job. I know improving your conditioning will help give you more energy because your body will be doing things more efficiently. AccuFitness is the maker of the popular Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper, which is a one-site skinfold body fat measurement method.
In case you don’t understand how to read this chart, the age column is on the left, the body fat percentages are in the chart, and the colors represent Lean, Ideal, Average, and Above Average ranges. You may have noticed as your age increases, your acceptable body fat within these ranges increases as well. Digging a little deeper, there are 3 types of fat: subcutaneous (under the skin), visceral (around the organs), and intramuscular (in between muscle, like a marbled steak). Firstly, I used to have a back pain problem which always came with shoulder pain but it's almost gone now. If you want to remove visceral fat naturally, you will have to be patient and determined to get visceral fat out of your body and not invite it back. There has been further research that favors the waist hip ratio as better indicator of health risk as it takes in account different body shapes. As you might imagine, having visceral fat around your organs can be a little more challenging to get rid of.

To remove visceral fat naturally means to simply choose a healthier eating pattern, one you can enjoy and stick with all of your life. Especially during the holidays – from Thanksgiving to New Year’s – American’s tend to put on more weight with all of the big meals, parties and sweet snacks to partake in. The best place to start on your path towards a leaner fitter you is learning how your body stores fat and what that fat is used for. Junk food in particular has a high fat content and can make people not feel as full after eating, which can lead to overeating. There are two types of fat within the midsection of the human body, visceral – the fat that surrounds our organs – and subcutaneous – the fat around your midsection that you can grab and squeeze.
We literally put the light pad directly on the areas most common to fat storage and let the technology melt the fat away. The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Visceral fat is specifically the fat that’s in our abdomen area and actually surrounds the organs. There are some predispositions to gaining this type of fat, but I would hate someone to blame genetics and not try to get healthier. I understand that life isn’t all peaches and cream, we just have to do our best to treat our number one star (you) with care. Studies show that high intensity cardio training is more effective than low intensity training such as walking.
This doesn’t directly burn visceral fat, but burns a lot of calories and builds muscle. Rice, potatoes and pasta are good for you, but it doesn’t take much to have a lot of calories.
If you’re working on losing bodyfat, be careful on the calorie and fat intake of these meats, but please have some bacon and eggs every once in a while.
When you go to the gym and exercise you are actually breaking muscle down and putting stress on your body and nervous system. You will have more money for healthier food choices, you’ll have more energy and the ability to get your conditioning back up, etc. This isn’t about other people or anyone but yourself, you need to take care of yourself and have pride in your life.
Instead of trying to find the closest parking spot to the door, park in a random spot out further and walk.
If there’s a drinking fountain or something near by, just go walk to it a few times an hour and move around.
I have visceral fat and I’m guilty of all of the above so I am no better than anyone. These people will help you through the rough times and help guide you in the right direction.
The best thing I can tell you to do as of right now is start eating healthier as much as you can. So the more you can get up and get your heart pumping and getting out of breath will help a lot. When you buy the product, AccuFitness includes a body fat percentage chart based on research by Jackson & Pollock (which has become the industry standard) that I think both aesthetically and from a health perspective is right on the money.
So if you are a 30 year old man, a body fat percentage between 10% and 16% is considered “Ideal” and between 18% and 22% is considered “Average”, and so on.
The amount of subcutaneous body fat you have may stay the same, but the visceral and intramuscular fat may increase as you age.
Ryan and Daniel have a great training approach and are always open to helping and guiding their students. Research has shown that people with more weight in the mid-section (like an apple) are at greater risk than people with more weight around hips and thighs (pear shape). The average American gains two pounds during the holiday season and that weight can become a permanent fixture if measures are not taken to shed the unwanted pounds. However, while many people no longer go hungry for long periods of time, our body still processes food like it did when fat storage was essential for survival.
While visceral fat causes the majority of health problems, it is generally easier to manage through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In six sessions, you can say goodbye to your love handles or beer belly and hello to a better, leaner you. This fat is often very hard to get rid of compared to subcutaneous fat and poses many health concerns.
More muscle requires more energy than fat to maintain itself so your body will be burning more calories.
Sleep is what helps you build bigger and stronger muscles and helps your nervous system to recover so that it can do these tasks easier and more efficient. Reducing alcohol consumption will help; having a beer or two weekly can actually be beneficial. Nothing feels better than accomplishing a goal and having people who actually care about you congratulating your accomplishment. Everything you have to cook and put together individual ingredients will help you out so much. I also like how this chart has the color red to represent percentages that are too high and the green to represent ideal ranges. It is thought to be more of a determinant of obesity than subcutaneous fat, which is fat present under the top layer of skin. These fat cells are found around the body, just under the skin, and are also prominent in the abdominal region. Subcutaneous fat – while less problematic for health concerns – can be extremely hard to lose and is the primary cause behind unflattering features like “beer bellies” and “love handles”.
I can’t really offer any advice on what to do for stress relief, but I find that gaming, listening to music, reading, meditating, and writing help me relax a lot. Older individuals tend to have a lower body density for the same skinfold measurements, which is assumed to indicate a higher body fat percentage. Visceral fat develops around internal organs from the poor combination of an essential amino acid ratio to protein intake, fructose, from excessive stress due to an excess of cortisol (your stress hormone) being produced or sometimes with the taking of steroid type medications. This will help get rid of subcutaneous fat at a higher rate, but will also start working on visceral fat.
If the fat is not burned for energy, it is continually stored until it is needed to supplement the body’s energy needs. Older, athletic individuals, however, might not fit this assumption because their body density may be underestimated.
It is also common for women going through menopause due to hormone changes and often decreased activity.
The standard measurement guidelines suggest you have some visceral fat if your waist measurement is 40 inches or more in men and 35 inches or more in women.
Other lifestyle habits that can help in weight management are getting plenty of sleep and keeping stress down. Overeating and an inactive lifestyle can lead to a slower metabolism and less need for the body to burn fat.
Due to our culture’s tendency toward decreased physical activity and a poor diet, people will have to work even harder to remove visceral fat naturally.
Generally, with visceral fat, the abdomen tends to be more firm as opposed to flabby with subcutaneous fat. A good combination of vigorous exercise at least 4 times a week and a good nutritious diet are necessary to decrease visceral fat accumulation.
Develop an exercise program for your individual lifestyle and health after discussing this with your physician.
If fat is ingested but not burned for energy, the body will continue to store it, leading to health problems and obesity.
Even thin people can have visceral fat accumulation and may need a MRI to determine if visceral fat is present. If you are unable to exercise, please see your physician for healthy, safe alternatives for you.
These are all things that will help you to remove visceral fat naturally and decrease your risk for heart and diabetic issues.

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