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It looks like you’re using a really old internet browser!To make the most of the Horse & Country TV website,why not upgrade to something more up-to-date? I went up on to the hill on Tuesday with Donald, my head keeper, in the Hagglund which is our tracked vehicle and the only thing that will currently get up there.
On the bright side, the salmon fishing season has just started on our river, and though we won’t have any fish this far up the river yet, it is an incentive for me to dust off my fishing tackle and get ready for the forthcoming season. Last year my two youngest children Daisy & Archie sold all our excess eggs at the end of our drive and raised enough money, (after paying for the feed of course), to buy themselves a Wii.
The snow is thawing quite fast now which is filling all the burns with water, and that has brought the hydro electric scheme back into action. The ewes and the ewe lambs are in the orchard, so Bud and Dickie are out in the six acre field.
We’ve all spent hours looking at the various photos we have of the property, discussing where we’re going to put the vegetable garden and the hens – not close to each other, either. We’ve been filling the bird feeders twice a day and putting out extra food on the fence posts. Mornings are worst, when it’s dark and cold and everything seems to take twice as long as we slip and slide from field to the garage to the house to the hen house. Most of the animals are doing fine although we haven’t managed to get our ewes back or return the ewe lambs that we’ve been wintering because the roads have been so bad.
The hens have coped remarkably well – some have developed quite a nice skating technique, regrettably too late for the Winter Olympics. We are currently busy with “tupping”, which is putting a tup (or ram as it’s called in England) with the ewes. I am at long last trying to get my small amount of forestry into some sort of a management plan. Anyway, this week I had an initial site meeting with the Forestry Commission to get feed back on my plans. The lure of the seed catalogues is growing strong – but my first job is to review last year.
It’s the time of year that we start planning for the next season; not only on the estate but also with the small businesses I help manage. The lack of light affects me during these months so I try and do all my office work in the morning and then after dark at 5pm or so, so that I can get out in the fresh air to take what light there is.
I overcooked the cake – so we’ve eaten it and I’ll bake another this week REALLY for Christmas. InstructionsAdd the onion, braising steak, oregano, cumin and a glug of balsamic vinegar to a large pan.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. First I’ll start out with two of my favorite drinks which happen to be pumpkin flavored. The rest of these Great Pumpkin Recipes are treats that you can enjoy all year long! From one serving treats to treats you can share, there is something for everyone.
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We had two feet of snow at the end of last week and since then we’ve had temperatures down to minus 14C.
We could not see the main burn at all, it was covered in snow and ice for about two miles, and not only that, the snow had filled the ravine in which the burn sits so completely that I couldn’t even tell there was a burn there!
They have required much more work than initially thought as one needed totally rewiring, and two of the boilers were so old and inefficient we decided to put new efficient ones in their place. It also probably means I’ll find an excuse to go and buy some more tackle that I am "bound to need” this season.
They have started laying eggs in earnest again after a long winter break when we were lucky to get 5-6 eggs a week we are now getting that per day. It was a really good lesson for them, and they were very enthusiastic in getting up every morning and putting a container with boxes of eggs and an honesty box at the end of the drive. It has been frozen out of action for most of the last six weeks, so it is nice to see the meter clicking around and knowing it is beginning to earn its keep again.
As well as trying to get all the sporting let for next season we are refurbishing three houses that we hope to let out in the Spring. I think we’ll just plant them here; hopefully, the new tenants will share the produce with us. I noticed yesterday that he was dropping his coat a bit; I hope he’s not premature, although it’s better if he burns calories keeping warm than laying them down as fat. It’s +3C here today, sunny and windy and that’s the five day forecast, so hopefully the thaw will be gradual and dried by the wind, and we won’t be left with a sea of mud.

We hope to get up to see the place soon – I’m sure we’ll look at it with different eyes now it’s ours (or nearly). There will be some topsoil from the waterhole and the gravel areas I plan to put in the paddock, which will help.
I’ve noticed that when we bring the dogs back from their walk, the kittens greet them as they do us, by rubbing around the dogs’ faces and legs. Hardly seems any time since we were worried about the Millennium Bug; now it’s the swine flu bug. All the water has to be broken and refilled; I smashed a bucket last week trying to break the ice.
Our young cockerel is maturing – I heard him crow yesterday and watched him rugby tackle one of the Black Rocks.
I get the final bit of the farm including two farmhouses and a cottage, back at the end of December.
This will give us lambs in late April, which is later than most places but as we are in the Highlands and spring comes later, we try to leave it as late as possible so the spring grass has started to grow again.
We only have about 200 acres of woodland but I am keen to plant a lot more for both shelter and amenity. We’ve had one lame hen, so she’s been in the hospital wing (broody coop) having regular pedicures involving Milton fluid and antibiotic spray. In the summer we have at least an hour more daylight than the South but in winter we have an hour or so less, and that’s really noticeable. We have no mobile coverage and no broadband coverage in the glen, however I have installed a satellite broadband system that gives passable broadband speeds. We got our pig back on Thursday, so it’s been sausages, bacon, sausages, pork, toad in the hole…I said to the butcher when I picked it up “Mmm, sausages for tea tonight!” He looked at the huge box of sausages and said, “Sausages for tea a lot of nights.” I did have a cold run home – as well as having four boxes of frozen meat in the car, seeping cold air, I didn’t want to put the car heater on. They have completed the trimming of the rose hedge and I spent a happy ten minutes this afternoon pulling thorny branches out of Dickie’s fleece. I just started Slimming World last week (after hear so many rave reviews from other folk about the results!) so at the moment I’m trying to gather a collection of hearty and filling meal time recipes. Both of these yummy drinks will warm you up when it’s cold outside and also give you healthy benefits. Scalding hot water can open your cuticle, but rinsing in warm to slightly cool water is just fine. These products have a pigmented base that keep unwanted tones at bay or keep your color vibrant. Even people who have lived here all their lives haven’t seen weather like this for 35 or 40 years. He has a very good sheep operation and though they were expensive I felt it was important to build up a flock with good quality stock. Despite the very extreme cold and snow and the fact that we bought them down country and moved them up into the Highlands just before tupping they seem to have done alright. We let the chickens out during the day so they roam all over the garden and they are definitely enjoying the longer days, and the sun getting higher in the sky.
Though I am reasonably good at cooking most types and joints of meat, I find timing the cooking of turkey very difficult. We still have quite a lot of snow up on the hills and I am hoping this will act as an effective reservoir to keep the hydro electric going for the next few months as it slowly melts. Letting the sporting is going quite well, but you have to plan so far ahead because people like to book shooting and stalking now for next autumn and winter.
I hope I get on OK with the bees – the theory side will be fine; it’s the practical stuff I’m apprehensive about. I’ve got the vet coming on Thursday to do his annual flu and tetanus, so I’ll see what he thinks about Smokey’s condition. Happy New Year to you all – I hope you had a great festive season and that 2010 is good for you and yours. We’ve had some snow, which has now frozen, but out local council has done a pretty good job of clearing the roads and some of the pavements. Hector seems to be turning a blind eye – with twenty odd hens, there is more than enough to go round. As we walk to the field (he’s in at night), he manages to eat a fair wee bit of grass, whisking the snow away with his top lip and nibbling the green underneath. We have had only one good day in the last week and that was, luckily, the day we had a let partridge shoot with paying guests.
I am planning to plant mainly hardwoods, which are coming back into favour for both their looks and beneficial wildlife properties.
Cats may do a lot of grooming – but that’s AFTER they’ve wiped their paws on the duvet cover! We were nervous about the economic climate but bookings have been good albeit a lot more are last minute than last year. I comfort myself with the fact that it is only just over five weeks until the days start getting lighter again. The girls have been flirting furiously with the next door farm’s tups, which are in the next field. The last four days have been beautiful sunny, cloudless days more akin to being in the Alps, but not being able to get on with anything outside is getting frustrating for all of us. Anyway the first property will be ready by the early April (I am assured) and the other two by early May. Having game keepers means we don’t (or shouldn’t!) have foxes so the chickens are fairly safe to be out of their pen but they do go back in to roost at night and we shut them in to be safe. As one of our guests put it, that is probably because we only have one day a year (normally) to practice!
I have one hen that is looking a bit the worse for wear and I fear if this weather continues, she won’t survive the winter. I’m planning to establish a “paddock paradise” at our new place, so have been researching that. If the weather is bad in the spring and the grass hasn’t started to grow, we have to feed the ewes to ensure they produce enough milk for their lambs and that can get expensive.

It went very well but had it been the day before or after it would have been a total wash out. They are also becoming popular as a means for carbon sequestration which appeals to my environmental side. The trouble with forestry plans is that trees take years to grow and by the time they are mature the plan has long since gone out of fashion! Egg production is dropping rapidly with the declining day length but there are enough for the Christmas cakes! Bertie makes an odd little chirrup – particularly when he comes in during the night, almost as if he’s sharing his adventures; Harry is more reserved and is going to be boss cat, I think. We have had a couple of days of hard frost with -7 degrees one evening, but now the rain has come back with a vengeance, and this weekend saw more flooding but less than a fortnight ago . She’s in isolation, not because she’s infectious but so she can get special treatment, including regular foot spas in Milton fluid and sprays of antibiotic. I am passionate about healing through nutrition, natural medicines, cooking with whole foods, and natural parenting. For example, if you use box color often or your hair is over processed, your hair's cuticle suffers un-repairable damage. One thing I am currently looking at is the viability of selling lamb meat direct to end users in this area. Though we no longer have snow around the house it is doggedly staying on the hill, and any rain falling down here falls as snow up there, where the levels of snow seem to be increasing - at least that’s the case above 2,000ft. It’s a method of natural horse boarding developed by Jaime Jackson, to mimic the way horses live in the wild.
It really helps having some extra income coming in this time of year, so I am glad I didn’t have to cancel it. The glen has very few hedges so we have started planting some and intend to plant lots more over the next few years. I am amazed at how bendy they are – Bertie is lying beside me as I type and he doesn’t look like he should be comfortable, but he’s sound asleep. It pays to have a balance between holiday cottages and full time lets, both economically and it is good having more families living in the glen. I found the box of broad beans I had lifted out during the exercise and forgot to replace on a garage shelf this morning.
Lower to a simmer and let bubble away for 1.5 hours, checking every 30 minutes and topping up with water if necessary. We won’t lamb till late April whereas further south they will be lambing already, and will achieve much higher rates of lambs to ewes of 2-3.
Anyway, after two or three checks and moving it between different ovens in the Aga it came out fairly well. Every time I go to Glenshee, and irrespective of what the weather is doing elsewhere, it is foggy. It is particularly good for horses and ponies prone to laminitis as it reduces access to grass and keeps them walking. My two game keepers have been getting frustrated too and when it’s this wet it’s almost impossible to get out onto the hill. My wife, however, misses the heat as much as the sunlight so I have relented and agreed to a week somewhere hot (but hopefully cheap!) in the New Year. We used the same tup last year and he must have been a big hit because the ewes were on the trailer as soon as Dan got the tailgate down. Remove the bay leafWhen the beef is cooked, fry the mushrooms and the peppers in a large, deep frying pan until soft.
We already sell venison to end users and there might be an opportunity to build this side of the business into a good extra income stream. This will be my first season of lambing my own sheep, and I am excited to learn more about by the experience. The last trip we made there which was on Saturday was just the same, and it made me realise that I am definitely a fair weather skier.
I can’t remember the last time we had an egg from her; if I were harder hearted, she’d be culled. They have managed to cull quite a few deer between torrents of rain and have also finished putting out grit for the grouse at regular “gritting stations” across the hill. The area is so rural that a school bus still comes up the glen to pick up all the children and drop them back after school. Throw in the chilli and fry for a few minutes moreTip in the tomatoes, baked beans and kidney beans into the frying pan. I have an expert on hand in Peter, thankfully, who lives in the glen and has been helping me by looking after them over the last four months. I like to see the scenery, and the slope I’m trying to ski down, do a couple of runs in the sun and then stop for a gluhwein! However they have spent a lot of time doing “indoor” jobs like cutting fire wood and repairing stuff and I sense they are beginning to get cabin fever. The school requires children from two glens to fill it and has a “healthy” number of about 30 pupils from 4 to 11 years old. I am trying to get a grant to help renovate an old steading we have on the estate to make into a farm office, refrigerated area, and processing area, where we can process orders for lamb and venison, and maybe even have a small farm shop where we can sell both our own and other locally sourced produce. One of the ewes has been covered already so hopefully the flirting will mean that they will all be pregnant really quickly and I’ll get a compact lambing next year. The cost of doing all these things is enormous and it always seems that to get any extra income a huge amount of capital expenditure is required.

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