If you’ve woken up worse for wear on a workout morning after a blowout night, the chances are you’ve shied away from exercise and settled on the sofa under a blanket instead.
However, there’s lots to suggest that taking some exercise in the morning after a night of excess can actually help you handle your hangover better, possibly doing away with it altogether. So even if you simply take your body on a walk around the block you’ll rapidly revive it, become more mentally alert and most likely up for another lap or two.
Alcohol is also a serious dehydrator and the dehydration in the body brings on the majority of hangover symptoms. However, if you’re feeling queasy make sure you sip the water rather than gulping it, and remember drinking room temperature water is kinder on the system too. If you eat a low GI breakfast, like a just-ripe banana, a bowl of porridge or a couple of eggs you can begin to return good energy levels to the body. Keep the sugar content of your food low for the rest of the day and your digestive system will work to keep that blood sugar consistent and enable the other vital organs to do their thing rebalancing the whole body. So next time you wake with a hangover and think the gym is the last thing you need, think again.
Welcome to Sweatband Active, the place to be for interesting and inspiring content on a range of topics from health and fitness to sports, entertainment and leading an active lifestyle. Acid reflux is what happens when partially digested food and stomach acids escape back up into your esophagus.  This can provide a sour taste in your throat and mouth, aches and burning in your chest, and can be responsible for interrupting much needed sleep.
Eat your last meal of the day at least two hours before bedtime.  If you must have a snack before bed, choose something light like a piece of toast and a cup of milk. Take a hot bath.  The warmth of the water will help relax internal organs like your liver, helping to speed up the digestion process. What’s one of the best ways of helping your body to detox after you have stopped drinking alcohol? In this video, I’m going to talk about an alcohol detox, not in the sense of going off alcohol for a while to detox your body, although if you’re watching this video for that, then this is a great reason to stop drinking. I’d suggest that once you feel the benefits of quitting though, how good your body feels and how clear your mind becomes, that you never drink again because all of those toxic feelings are going to return with your renewed alcohol consumption. Our detox, the one you’ll be doing to help your body to recover from the alcohol quickly, is designed to lighten the load on your body, freeing up resources to rejuvenating and repairing the damage. I’m not suggesting that you eat only fruit and veg, but these should make up at least 60 – 70% of your diet.
Some other foods you should eat include non-dairy milks like rice or nut milks, which are much more gentle on your system than dairy. As we’ve learned earlier in this video, the whole point of going on a detox diet during the first few days and maybe weeks of your new alcohol free life is to help your body to heal, get rid of the accumulation of toxins, and provide a path of least resistance for your digestive system. So the foods you should try to avoid are very heavy or provide a lot of work for your body to do in order to digest and assimilate the nutrients. So an alcohol detox is a modified diet that helps your body to recover from the alcohol toxins you have been taking into your system.

The purpose of the detox is to reduce the friction on your body as a natural part of your day to day digestive processes.
The essence of the detox is to eat as many whole food plant based ingredients as possible, while at the same time avoiding junk foods, processed foods, dairy, and eggs. If you haven’t signed up for the Alcohol Mastery Newsletter yet, you can do so on the website. I'm Kevin O'Hara and I'm looking forward to helping you with your journey to alcohol freedom and mastery. The ‘Vaportini’ is a controversial new device that promises a ‘revolutionary way of consuming alcohol’. Fire safety hazards are a major cause for concern too, with the use of these alcohol vaporizers. The creators of Vaportini argue that it is legal, although a similar device called AWOL (Alcohol without Liquid) is banned in 22 states in America.
Several other experts on drugs and alcohol consumption have dismissed the Vaportini as a harmful device that needs to be used with utmost vigilance.
One primary downside is that they act as a depressant, leaving those waking after a night on the town feeling low and lacking in motivation. If you’re alert enough to drink a pint of water before you crash out you can begin the process of rehydration during the night. As you do so you elevate the heart rate and speed up the flow of blood and eventually begin to create a sweat that will help you detoxify the body.
So the reason the system feels like it’s crashed after a night out is because you’re enduring the sugar deficit of the morning which follows the sugar overload of the night before. Follow this with some steady exercise and the body will start to regulate your blood sugar levels and you’ll feel more energised after working out and better able to cope with the demands of the day ahead.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
We still live in the natural world, but we’ve created a lot of unnatural toxins that get into our bodies through our breathing, our skin, our food, and so on. Fresh fruit gives your body so many vital nutrients, the nutrients that your body needs to function properly. This allows your body to have more resources and energy to throw at getting you well again, repairing the damage, and clearing your mind. I’d love to hear about anyone with experiences with detoxing, what foods you ate or avoided, or any other tips you might have. People can to use it to speed up the effects of alcohol consumption, without the calories, carbs or impurities that usually come with drinking. Greenfield also added that no studies have been conducted on the effects of alcohol vapor on humans. The Vaportini was invented in 2009 by Chicago-based Julie Palmer, as a novelty device to consume alcohol at Red Kiva, her own bar.

But there are those who support the device as well, like Kevin Morse, president of Spirit Partners in Greensboro, North Carolina, (the company that markets AWOL). Devices like Vaportini might be safe, but I’d like to see some hard experimental evidence before deciding one way or the other. Exercise does the opposite: as the body moves, more oxygen flows through it and endorphins are released instantly improving your mood and boosting motivation levels. It will also stimulate the digestion system and speed up the elimination of the impurities of alcohol in other ways! You are cutting out a lot of the crap food that might have been a part of your diet, all the processed foods, and replacing those with foods that are not going to tax your system, foods that are easy to digest, while still providing you with your basic nutritional needs. And if you want to have grains, try to stick to the non-gluten variety like brown rice, buckwheat, or millet.
The device heats up alcohol to 140 degrees F and allows users to breathe in the vapor through a straw. Only lab rats and other animals have been experimented upon – these creatures have displayed high levels of intoxication and addiction.
The device does not promise zero side effects, and in fact, also warns users that ‘alcohol consumed by a Vaportini will be detected by a blood alcohol test’. Now, as a sidenote, most people are not getting their basic nutritional needs met on a day to day basis anyway. So it’s great for your digestion while at the same time you can eat lots of it without packing on any pounds. The same with your fruit, if you can’t get a good supply of fresh veg, there’s nothing wrong with hitting the frozen aisle in your local supermarket.
I’ll also send you a couple of books on how you can deal with stress and relax more without alcohol.
He pointed out that there is an added risk of inhalation which is due to the direct impact on the brain – that is, risk of unsteadiness, falling or impulsive behavior. And teenagers are, in particular, at risk because the brain is not fully formed and too much alcohol could negatively affect its growth. The vapor also bypasses the stomach (which limits alcohol intake through vomiting), making it dangerous and unsafe. Second, since I have stopped drinking alcohol, I’ve become acutely aware of the things I am putting in my body. Since I can’t answer these questions about any animal product, I have cut them all from my diet.

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