Jessica has gained twice as much weight while pregnant as doctors recommend and that can actually put her baby at risk, warns a top doctor.
Jessica Simpson might want to put down that leg of fried chicken because even though it tastes good, it’s bad for her baby girl. We just hope that Jessica gives birth to a healthy baby girl and we can’t wait to meet the little one! Last pregnancy I was so good at the updating on the day a new week into the pregnancy started.

Today at church, running around doing my "thing" I started to feel particularly heavy + achey. Solomon says that Jessica’s excessive weight gain could actually hurt her baby and could complicate her pregnancy. Patricia Allen, an OBGYN in NYC who says that part of the reason why Jessica could look so large right now is due to water retention. I think it's a mix of showing earlier with the 2nd pregnancy and being 10lbs + 5 sizes smaller than last time.

We hadn't taken a photo since 8 weeks (not that a ton had changed) so we took one on Saturday and now I'm finally posting it on Monday.
It doesn't mean I wasn't taking pictures, that's physically impossible for me, I just hadn't fished them off my camera yet.

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