The guys have also get in shape, some for a movie, others for their own personal choice, either way these male celebrities deserved a grand applause for their dedication, discipline and new found hottness!!
28-year-old Jonah hill has been that cool chubby guy we love so much, but after he starred next to Brad Pitt in Moneyball he decided he was not gong to be anymore, so he lost 40 pounds. Before 26-year-old Jack Orbourne was all into junk food, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, he weighted 231 pounds but when he decided to changed his life he began to go to bed early, exercise, quit drinking, smoking and most importantly quit doing drugs, the result was 70 pounds lighter and weighting 161.
In just nine months and with the help of the 5-Factor Diet 30-year-old Seth Rogen loss 30 pounds, I am sure his lovely wife writer Lauren Miller was happy with the weight loss. And the most dramatic weight loss is without a doubt Christian Bale’s weight loss for the Machinist, we already mention some of these guys needed to loose that extra weight, but I am sure Christian’s weight loss is worth to mention, especially when he submitted his body to this extreme weight loss plan twice, he did it again for The Fighter.
For the Machinist Bale subsisted only by eating an apple, water and one cup of coffee, loss over 63 pounds and went from 184 pounds to 121.
Other Male celebrities that we should mention are 50 Cent, Jared Leto, Drew Carey, John Goodman, Charles Barkley, Peter Jackson. 50 Cent’s weight loss is now well-known for those who keep up with celebrity news, and for those who don’t, 50 Cent lost a lot of weight back in May 2010 to play a cancer patient in the movie “Things Fall Apart”. Since 50 Cent’s fat loss, he has since beefed up again after filming for his role in Things Fall Apart (which is in the post-production stage and will be released in 2011). In fact, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s weight loss, should be seen as a role-model in terms of dedication and perseverance.

Anon, age 29, lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for over two years by counting calories and regularly going to the gym. Please keep in mind that submitted photos will be placed in the queue and will not post right away.
I used to think I was eating “healthy” foods, but my portions were way too large, not to mention packed with sugar. His dedication also inspired his longtime girlfriend Jane Fallon to loose some weight too, between the two of them they loss over 40 pounds.
He decided to star in the film after a close friend of his died from cancer and felt he had to lose a vast amount of weight to respect his friend; to do him justice.
Some of the work came from fitness; in order to suppress his appetite he ran every day to stop himself from being hungry.
Whilst for most people they do not aim to put it back on afterwards, it is certainly an interesting case study in how to lose weight fast, although how one would sustain such a diet after the rapid weight loss is a key question. I always try to think ‘permanent’ when I adjust my diet in any way – if I can’t realistically see myself doing it forever, then I won’t do it at all. I just recently started working out and eating smaller portions, the biggest change was that I CUT OUT for good Coca-cola or any other soda, I drink lots of water and stay away from grassy foods. I started eating breakfast, then tried to eat five small meals a day, every three hours, instead of larger ones later in the day.

50 Cent’s weight loss was so rapid that at one point his manager told him to go see a doctor.
The fitness programme also helped him lose a lot of weight as he used the treadmill for 3 hours per day. Recent pictures of him show the weight gain (especially if you look at photos at the peak of his weight loss) and should serve as motivation as to how easy it is to weight back on, and how you should keep on striving to keep that weight off as you diet like 50 Cent. No one says that you should try a similar rapid weight loss experience, because the more quick the weight loss is, the bigger is the risk of you bulking back up once you end the diet. In terms of dieting, 50 Cent followed a strict liquid diet but it appears difficult to determine what sort of liquid diet he followed.
This interesting thing about this weight loss story is that 50 Cent is a 6-foot tall guy built out of muscle, so to get his size and, moreover, his weight down so much he really must have done something special. There are two broad types of liquid diets and these are the clear liquid diet, and the full liquid diet. However, a full liquid diet involves drinking anything blending with a smooth consistency, such as milkshakes, smoothies, water and other beverages.

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