Mo’Nique, the award winning comedian, actor, and talk show host looks STUNNING after losing 82 pounds! Mo’Nique, 45, has been sharing her determination to stay healthy and get in shape with fans on twitter, and she has certainly succeeded. Mo’Nique takes to Twitter every day to post some of her daily workouts, and many times she includes pictures that show her weight loss journey. This new Year can be a good moment for everyone who wants to start a new lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise. By the end of last year, Jay Wornick tipped the scales at 366 pounds, raising the concerns of his wife, Angela.
Frustrated by her inability to motivate her 30-year-old husband to lose weight, she decided she needed to make a play to his competitive side. Her husband lost the weight completely on his own by completely overhauling his diet, exercise and lifestyle.
Before the bet, Wornick said, he would consume as many as 10,000 calories per day through a diet of fast food, steak and potatoes and as many as 10 sodas per day.

To lose the weight, he buckled down, hitting the gym six days a week and maintaining a balanced meal plan. Wornick struggled with his weight his whole life and watched the pounds creep on more and more after he married in 2004. Although Mo’Nique looked beautiful in a black sequin dress on the red carpet at the BET awards in 2004, she looks even more incredible in 2013.
Often, Mo’Nique informs her readers about how many steps she takes a day or how many sit-ups she completes, and she continuously encourages readers to embark on a journey to a healthy lifestyle of their own. And these diet betting sites are gaining popular ground, the Associated Press reports (despite the fact that research on financial incentives and weight loss has been inconclusive). Think putting some money down could help you slim down?
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although his wife had encouraged him to get fit for himself and their three kids -- Marcus, 9, Allyson, 8, and Jayce, 4 a€“ before, there was something about this bet that struck him. While such a dramatic weight loss is not an easy task, Mo’Nique has proved just how much dedication pays off, and the result is enough to make your jaw drop!

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The idea that if they both succeeded in shedding weight, they would cancel each other out and neither would have to pay up.
You need a group bet, or a third party to enforce it. And a six-month bet just goes on too long. In the 10% Challenge, you pay $100 to participate—and win $200 if you lose 10% of your body weight over six months. In the Matchup challenge, teams of five compete to lose the most weight (within a reasonable range) for a $10,000 prize.

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