BE FAT BE LAZY BE A SLOB, DONT SHOWERE, HEY I STINK IM FAT AND LAZY ON THE DOLLE and loving it!!!!!!!BIG FRIGGIN DEAL YOU ALL LOST WEIGHT, TOOK STEROIDS SPENT AN HOUR A DAY IN A SOLARIUM, SPEND ALL YOUR TIME LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. But one seemingly simple yet relatively deep and complicated question has always bothered me: when does localization go so far that it becomes censorship?
Jennifer Nicole Lee (1975) is an American fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. I still find that by losing weight and transform into a massive block of muscles grotesque.. She is known for losing 70 pounds and launching a career as a fitness guru after bearing two children. Back in 2008 Peter weighed four hundred and five pounds, had uncontrolled diabetes, dangerously-high cholesterol, and suffered from debilitating gout attacks in his legs. It is good to see that there are lots of motivated people with a strong will who want to do something about their appearance when they aren’t happy about it.

You can loose a lot of weight in 3 months, even tone up real well if you do a lot of exercise and eat right.
Lee describes herself as having "no athletic background whatsoever," and says she has struggled with her weight her entire life. He could barely make it up a flight of stairs or around his block and was wearing a 5XL shirt and a size 56 pant.
Here’s a big compilation with different people who transformed their bodies almost to the unrecognizable point. A perfectly clean diet and alot of weight lifting and suddently your attitude also changes along with your physical body. She weighed 170 pounds when she got married, and continued to gain weight during both of her pregnancies, eventually reaching 200 pounds after the birth of her second child. So he started photographing himself daily and posting the pics on his blog for the world to see.After 84 days, Waters had completely transformed his physique.

He started his fight alone by walking around the block every day and stopping his pizza and beer routine.
At first, he struggled to make it just once around and every step ached with pain and guilt, but he soldiered on and, to his surprise, quickly lost fifty pounds.
Since then, his success has spawned a series of online "missions," where he continues to document his efforts to get as jacked and lean as possible.
On August 1, 2008 Peter's friends took him to dinner where they made him an offer he couldn't refuse; they gave him two postdated checks for $5,000 and $10,000 if he could lose another hundred pounds by New Year's Day.

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