Water is essential for us and although it’s great to drink it in its pure and natural state, there are some benefits from adding other ingredients to your water.
Don’t be tempted to buy flavoured waters from the supermarket shelves, though – most contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colourings, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar (read those labels! One of my favourites – add freshly squeezed lemon juice to lukewarm water (I recommend drinking this one first thing in the morning). Benefits: Drinking lemon water helps balance ph, boosts your immune system, aids digestion and weight loss as well as stimulating your liver.
Take a handful of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, then add the filtered water and let it sit for 30 minutes.
Dominika's passion for fitness excellence began as a high flying, young athlete, representing Poland in the 400m hurdles.
Please can you share your diet with me – i have been trying to loose weight for the last 8 years !! Try to drink a gallon a day for fast weight loss, all of my zero calorie drinks count in the “gallon a day,” as does good old fashioned water.
I recently came across dried strawberries, which means I can have this all year long but if you can’t find them don’t fret, just slice fresh or frozen strawberries and plan on using a fine mesh sieve, coffee filter or tea bag as they might fall apart. There are three ways to make Strawberry and Tangerine Fruit Infused Water, put it all in the tea pot, or make individual cups.
Tea pot instructions- Place the tangerine rind and strawberries into a teapot, cover with water and bring to a boil. Make it cold- Boil 3 cups (or as much as your tea pot will hold) of water making the “tea pot instructions” let it cool with the fruit left in then strain into a 1 liter jug discarding the strawberries. Check out our Fruit Infused Water Bottle and Pitcher reviews for information on the best flavored water infusers. Check out more Metabolism Boosting drinks like Strawberry and Tangerine Fruit Infused Water, including Ice Cubes, Teas and Sodas all meant to help you drink more water and lose weight in my first cookbook FRUIT INFUSION: A Collection of Day Spa Inspired, Fruit Infused Waters.
A new study has found that obese dieters who drank two cups of water before each meal lost 5 pounds more after three months. The dieting technique is well known, but this study may be the first hard evidence that increasing your water intake is a useful weight-loss strategy. You can actually survive without food for months, but without water you’d die after a few days, so needless to say, water is absolutely essential to life. Every day you lose water from your body through urine and sweat, and this needs to be replenished.
If you don’t drink enough, you can easily become dehydrated, and as you may have experienced dehydration often mimics hunger. This is actually a solid strategy you can use even before you eat a meal, as research shows that drinking two cups of water before each meal will help you lose more weight. Whether the water works by physically filling you up, boosting your metabolism or simply taking the place of sugary drinks like juice and soda isn’t yet known, but it’s really a moot point. The key to remember if you’re trying to lose weight is that pure water may be the secret weapon for fighting off cravings and reducing hunger that you’ve been looking for. Even beyond weight loss, chronic dehydration from not drinking enough water has been linked to an astounding number of conditions ranging from chronic fatigue syndrome and depression to hypertension, multiple sclerosis and asthma, according to Dr.
One of the first pieces of advice I offer to anyone trying to lose weight is to stop drinking soda, fruit juice, sports drinks, and any other sugar-laden, high-calorie beverage.
In many cases the primary culprit may be the excessive intake of hidden sugar in the form of corn syrup, or high fructose corn syrup, which is a main ingredient in soda, as well as countless processed and pre-packaged foods. It’s extremely easy to consume high amounts of HFCS on a daily basis, especially if you drink sodas or any other sweetened beverages such as iced-teas and fruit juices in lieu of water.

Although often regarded as healthy, fruit juice typically contains very high concentrations of fructose, which will cause your insulin to spike and may counter the benefits of the antioxidants it contains. This is particularly true for nearly all commercial juices that are bottled or canned as they liberate methanol, which is metabolized to formaldehyde in your brain.
However, anyone with insulin resistance, which is 80% of the public (those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or overweight) is also better off avoiding it. Previous studies have already clearly demonstrated that drinking large amounts of juice dramatically increases your risk of obesity. For example, research has revealed that 3- and 4-year-olds who carry extra weight and drink just one to two sweet drinks a day double their risk of becoming seriously overweight just one year later.
So it’s truly imperative if you want to lose weight that you cut out all fruit juice, soda, and any other sweetened beverage from your diet. Fructose will not only pack on extra pounds faster than other ingredients, including other sugars, it promotes a particularly dangerous kind of body fat, namely adipose fat.
This is the fat type of fat that collects in your abdominal region and is associated with a greater risk of heart disease. Once you’ve made the switch to pure water, your next question may be how much water is necessary?
You will want to make sure you drink enough clean pure water to turn your urine a light color of yellow. If it’s hot outside or you are engaged in exercise or other vigorous activity, you will require more water than normal. No doubt about it, making the simple decision to drink plenty of pure water instead of sugary drinks will likely lead to excess pounds simply “falling off” in no time.
Just as water is an essential to life it is impossible to achieve optimal health without regular exercise. Katherine is the founder of Green Thickies, the popular green smoothie recipe blog with over 800,000 readers each month. Simply replace your breakfast and lunch with a delicious Green Thickie and make a healthy 400 calorie dinner and watch the weight fall off and your health soar. Or if you prefer to follow a structured plan, follow Green Thickies 7 Day Diet Plan to drop a dress size this week. Give your body a much needed detox and lose weight by taking the FREE 7 day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge. This is the easiest, tastiest, fastest, most delicious, most effective detox you will ever do!
WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GIVE YOU THE EXACT DIET I FOLLOWED TO LOSE 56 POUNDS WITH GREEN SMOOTHIES? Apart from being highly nutritious, fennel seeds and fennel bulbs are prized for their health benefits. Water infusion has become quite trendy these days but this concept goes way back in history. Although you can use regular water, we recommend distilled water because it’s the cleanest and purest form of water. Try different combinations to find the taste you like – it’s so much better for you than fizzy drinks! Upon graduation (BSc in Physiotherapy), Dominika moved to London and became a Personal Trainer, NLP Sports Practitioner and Pilates Instructor.
Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me. One of my favorite combos is Strawberry and Tangerine Fruit Infused Water, both hot and cold this is a delicious drink.

To serve cover the nose of your tea pot with a coffee filter or use a fine mesh sieve over your tea cup to avoid strawberry pulp. Allow the strawberries to plump up and just as they start to fall apart (about 3 minutes) use a fork to scoop them out and discard. Top with water until it is full, pluck out the tangerine rind, rinse and add to your pitcher then place in the fridge to cool. If you’re eating plenty of nutritionally balanced foods and you still feel hungry, it could very well be the case that you need a drink of water to fill you up.
It is really not well understood how pervasive a negative influence this sugar has on people’s health. If you don’t have insulin resistance then limiting the total grams of fructose to less than 25 grams would be a prudent strategy. Children are at particular risk here, since so many children are given juice whenever they’re thirsty instead of plain water. Additionally, as you grow older your thirst mechanism works less efficiently so older adults will want to be sure to drink water regularly, and again make sure your urine is a light, pale color. So please remember to get your regular exercise, as it will be a very powerful synergy to drinking water for weight loss. These filling nutritious energising green smoothie recipes will help you to naturally reach your ideal weight. It’s native to the Mediterranean and is widely cultivated for its aromatic herb that taste similar to anise.
Regular consumption of fennel helps prevent anemia and indigestion, boosts blood circulation, and even cuts the risk of heart disease and cancer.
Lightly roast the fennel seeds on a hot pan for 20 seconds or until you achieved a sweet, toasty aroma.
It contains citrulline, which is an amino acid that has been shown to help the liver and kidney during the detoxification process. Over the last decade Dominika has worked with top industry professionals like Jo Fournier and is currently an ambassador for Sweaty Betty. Perhaps one of the most popular ways of taking fennel for weight loss is by drinking fennel seed water.
Water infused with fennel seeds not only helps purify the body by flushing out toxin build up in the colon, it also boosts the metabolism and prevents obesity. Drinking fennel seed water helps flush out excessive uric acid in the blood and breaks down bile to prevent fatty liver. Water infused with fennel seeds helps detoxify the kidneys and expels them naturally as waste. Dominika’s fitness philosophy is summed up by the saying: we can only achieve what we believe. Batmanghelidj calls it “nature’s miracle medicine,” is so essential for optimal health. Fennel is also one of the most nutrient-dense foods out there, and this is why it’s called a superfood.

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