At No1 Boot Camp, we offer Intelligent Weight Loss, Fitness & Lifestyle Changing Programmes.
Read fantastic stories from our boot campers about their amazing personal fitness and weight loss results, not to mention the lifestyle changes that have underpinned these remarkable achievements. You must score at least a 50 in each event in order to pass the APFT to graduate Basic Combat Training. The Army's Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a three-event physical performance test used to assess endurance.
I received an email from a young man who says he is a former high school athlete who wanted me to critique his weight lifting routine as he prepares for Boot Camp.
I soon realized when I took my first physical fitness test (PFT) that one maximum set of push-ups was not the same as bench press and no matter what weight machines you use there is no substitute for pullups. When it was time to run, I was a bit worried when half the guys in my group all ran track and cross-country. Now, even at the age 36, I can nearly double my PT scores at my age of 18 and run sub-6:00 miles for a few miles. The hardest thing about failing a physical fitness test or not performing as well as your fellow soldiers is you have to play catch up. Next Step: If you are considering joining the military, your next step should be to speak to a recruiter from the service of your choice. Stew Smith is a former Navy SEAL and fitness author certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Check out how our clients have shaped up, slimmed down, and have found major success through our 6 week boot camp programs.
Most men and women attending our one week boot camps, can expect a minimum weight loss achievement of 5 - 14lbs, with our top result being an outstanding 19lbs. Being a former weightlifting football player myself, I stepped back into time some eighteen years and saw many of the same things I did to prepare for Plebe Summer at the Naval Academy.
Sure pull-downs, bicep curls, bent over rows all work the same muscles groups as the pullups, just as bench press is the same motion as the pushup - BUT nothing prepares you for pushup and pull-up tests quite like doing pushups and pullups to failure during your workouts.

I tried to hang with them on the first lap of a quarter mile track as they ran it in 80 seconds.
The good news is that at the age of 18-20, it is easy to get into shape and become competitive with your comrades, however, it is tough to do while in the middle of Bootcamp or other military training. This is literally the first time in my life when I’m starting to feel genuinely good about how I look and I owe it all to bootcamp.
I started boot camp to get my body back after having baby #4 and have continued on with boot camp since! The first workout with her was exhilarating and she just made me want to keep moving and being healthy!
Two years ago, my wife started raving about something called “Boot Camp.” She dragged me to a class, and while not many things can be described as both “grueling” and “fun,” Angela somehow makes it so. The only bad thing about the plan and the way I prepared for USNA is that it was the wrong way to train for the military style fitness.
Sure most young people can do 50 - 60 situps in two minutes, but I realized to be competitive with other scores and to make a high grade in the situps test, you needed to be able to do 80-100 in 2:00. My recommendation is to get in the competitive range PRIOR to attending these military programs. I feel stronger than ever and have been running again, which I hadn’t been able to do for 5 years, due to a knee injury. Today I am stronger, healthier, and ten pounds lighter, all thanks to Angela’s inventive workouts and fantastic enthusiasm.
We will educate you in the way you eat and think about food, diet and exercise.Now is the time to leave your world and enter ours - Call us today to see how we can help you.
The only way to reach numbers like that is to practice situps several times a week with timed intervals and pacing yourself. I promise you it will save you from becoming discouraged, reduce the pain of muscle soreness, and enable you to focus on your job at hand -- becoming a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, and Hero of Tomorrow. Angela motivates me to do my best with an ever-changing, fun fitness routine to challenge me to reach my full potential each class, which I wouldn’t do if working out on my own.

I was out of shape, had high cholesterol and concerned because my clothes were getting tight.
Once I saw people hitting 100 situps in 2:00, I increased my pace (situps per second) and reached 30 situps in 30 seconds.
Their curriculum is ever-evolving and includes weekly physical challenges as well as spiritual guidance. Our class is diverse with different ages and abilities, and Angela is tough, yet sensitive, to each individual’s personal goals and limitations.
I was moving fast - felt strong until about 40 seconds into the two minutes test where the lack of training caught up with me and I was only able to do another 30 situps in the remaining 1:30 for a total of only 60 situps. Through a diet and exercise program tailored specifically for each individual, the team at BIF makes sure you are constantly growing and developing in every meaningful way possible and having fun while doing it. Since working out with Angela I have decided to change my lifestyle by adding exercise and healthy food if I want to see change. I had heard of boot camps for many years and was a little concerned if I could handle a class like this at my age. Thank you Angela and everyone in Body Inspired Fitness for all the support I have received.
All my life I was depressed about my weight and lacked the drive to get up and get out to exercise by myself or with friends on a daily, weekly basis or yearly basis.
Something or someone (me) would always get in the way of my getting ready and going out to exercise. Angela tells us that we are important and that we only have to prove it to ourselves.

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