As a local living in the West Hollywood area Catherine was constantly surrounded by the glitz and glamour of beauty that is a prevalent notion in Hollywood.
As the president of LIFE Eric devised the science behind one of the most effective weight loss strategies in the world.
Eric Viskovicz is the fitness mastermind behind some of the world’s most renowned individuals. Chronic asthma for Jamie meant a constricted lifestyle when it came to sports and physical activities. If you are visiting our page, you are likely concerned about the well-being of your child.
Perhaps you are just getting started and want to find out about weight loss camps and what they do.
History of Fat Camps - If you want to know more about fat camps and how they got their start.
Different Types of Weight Loss Camps - For a list of different weight loss camps that are available. Requirements for Weight Loss Camp - If you’d like to know the usual requirements for enrolling in weight loss camps. Every child at Camp Shane is treated as part of our family, and our dedication has helped us become the most recognizable brand for children’s weight loss camps. Camp Shane's newest summer camp is located in Los Olivos, a charming, picturesque town located between the Santa Ynez and Rafael mountains and offers co-ed weight loss camps in two, four or six week increments. Through an overriding commitment to care, parents have entrusted Camp Shane to fight childhood obesity since 1968. Through an easy yet effective nutrition program, focusing on every day foods and portion control, as well as exciting outdoor activities, the children at Camp Shane can expect to not only lose weight and learn how to keep it off, but also have fun, learn new skills and gain the confidence they deserve. Diverse activities available at Camp Shane include sports, fitness, arts and crafts and exciting games and pool recreational activities. Los Olivos is located 20 miles east of the Pacific Ocean and 25 minutes north of Santa Barbara, a town often referred to as The American Riviera. Although it is a premier youth weight loss facility, Camp Shane maintains competitive pricing to ensure its services are available to all children who need to lose weight. Since 1968, Camp Shane runs premiere youth fitness and weight loss camps and has been dedicated to fighting obesity in children and teens. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
As a journalist she spent a lot of time indoors behind a desk and in front of a computer completely immersed in her writing.

He has trained everybody from well-known actors, actresses, and models, princess, kings and queens of countries from all over the world. After spending most of her life constantly worrying about loosing her breath, Asthma became the hindering factor behind her weight gain. Congratulations on taking a very responsible first step in looking for help and constructive guidance. By providing fun and educational activities about healthy living choices, Camp Shane empowers children with the knowledge they need to completely re-shape their lives.
In addition to children's weight loss camps, Shane also offers an adult weight loss program in New York, Shane Diet Resorts.
Camp Shane also offers an array of cooking and nutritional classes to help children learn the importance of portion control, as well as how to make healthy selections when dining out.
It is a well-known resort area, surrounded by beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and a colorful culture. Click California weight loss camp for additional information about Camp Shane California, including an enrollment form and request for a complimentary brochure. Camp Shane offers three weight loss camps, including its new California facility featuring healthy menus, nutrition education, self-esteem building and traditional fun activities. With over 22 years of experience he has scientifically perfected with tested proven results a program that erupted well before the biggest looser and other television network weight loss programs. He has trained the Dodger Organization, Bette Midler, Chris Doughtry, Jessica Beil, Angela Basset, Cedric the Entertainer and Olympic gold medal winners, among other high-profile clients.
Jamie sought to do physical activities but her asthma had captivated her progress for so long that she was essentially afraid of doing any physical activity that would potentially exacerbate her breathing.
Weight loss is never an easy thing, but with the right kind of help it can be an exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Popular tourist destinations include vineyards, zoological gardens, hiking, water sports, beaches, and Stearns Wharf.
By empowering children with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy living choices, Camp Shane has helped tens of thousands of children transform their lives and gain the self-confidence they deserve.
Troubled by high blood pressure and high cholesterol she began to desperately search for an alternative to what had become a sedentary lifestyle, thus she turned to LIFE for help.
He believes that what makes LIFE undoubtedly a powerful life altering organization is that although it is growing at an incredible pace it is still a deeply personal and intimate assessment of each individual client that becomes part of the community.
He has a tremendous passion for his work and cares deeply about every client that comes to his fitness camp. In high school she was a stellar athlete often participating in track and field and even running cross-country.

Being naturally strong, and stronger than most of the women that were participating in the same program as her, would prove to be an advantage that the trainers at LIFE saw and helped harness. Eric expertly hand picks all of the state of the art equipment, every trainer, manager and anybody that has access to the clients based on their experience. And even when they leave, he continues to offer them support and guidance, helping them with their struggles as they continue on their journey. However, as she got older her asthma would prove to be a shadow that would cast doubt and fear into her workouts.
Immediately, Catherine began to capitalize on her strength as the trainers mentored her every step of the way she rapidly began to see drastic results.
He is positive that LIFE has the best equipment and team working for the clients with a collective 200 years of experience, knowledge and supreme expertise. He has grand visions for life wanting to explore as many avenues as possible, to offer people the means to make the lifestyle changes necessary to be healthy and fit for life. After coming to LIFE Jamie would learn that she could live a normal healthy lifestyle without having to dwell on her asthma. She began participating in sports and athletic activities that until that point were essentially foreign to her.
Additionally, LIFE has explored a psychological component that no other company has delved into. His ventures include a healthy food distribution company, Web site offering nutrition and fitness information in a variety of downloadable formats, an allergy-based nutrition program, and a camp for obese kids, among many others. In fact, Jamie gained a through understanding that having a balanced diet and exercise was crucial to maintain her weight and health. Behavioral therapy is an extensive part of altering the client’s behavior for life and Eric believes this is often the root and an agent of change.
He assures clients that LIFE is a lifetime worth of dedication, science, and expertise above and beyond any other in the world. The trainers treated the fact that she had asthma with care but were determined to help her get past her fear. However, Catherine acknowledges that the greatest accomplishment was her being able to transition from live in to live out, meaning that that changes were not just temporarily they became part of her lifestyle forever! With a little patience, time, and encouragement Jamie would go on to loose 50 pounds taking her back to a weight she hadn’t been at since her high school days!

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