Kickboxing is primarily a cardio workout.   Since you never stop moving in class, your heart pumps blood at a more rapid rate. Finally, a fun form of exercise that engages every part of your body during a class!  As with most total-body workouts, kickboxing forces you to work harder than ever, toning you up and burning fat in the process.  Kickboxing can burn anywhere from 350-450 calories in an hour! Don’t just get strong when you work out this summer, but get long, lean limbs you’ve been craving since the beginning of shorts season!
With the 2012 London Olympics upon us, what better time to try something new and take a kickboxing class! From fashion to decor, Lilly Pulitzer to Vera Bradley, personal items to gifts, shop our boutique for all your 'Classy' needs.

This heart-pumping, calorie-scorching workout is something every classy co-ed should try at least once in her life. Push yourself to do that last drop kick or throw the final hook.  You’ll be thankful later! The movements not only require extreme focus, which help take your mind off of the problems of the day, but they also allow you to release frustration and aggression in a healthy manner!
She will be a junior at Marist College in Poughkeepise, NY this fall.  Her hobbies include running, increasing the size of her DVD collection and baking. Kickboxing promotes peace of mind for some young women, who feel much more comfortable knowing they have some self-defense moves under their belts in case danger strikes.

She is looking forward to a relaxing summer filled with friends, family, warm weather and good books. Check out all of the health benefits of kickboxing below, then step into the ring and get ready to feel the burn!

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