This month’s party is going to be extra special, though, because we will be revealing the winners of the Absolute Fitness Weight Loss Challenge!
This is probably your only chance ever to Zumba with Dave so make sure you come out to celebrate with Jennie as well as our weight loss winners and the whole Absolute Fitness family!!
Check out the video below that shows a bit of how excited Jericho gets for his dinner these days! Did you see that Dee-O-Gee was recently voted "Best Place for Pet Supplies" and "Best Pet Groomer" in Bozeman?! Weight Loss Challenge starting soon!Keep an eye on the next weight loss challenge starting in September in Mangotsfield!

During these 12 weeks we will help you to lay the foundation for the rest of your life so that you are back in control of how you look and how you feel.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in our friendly classes to help you to achieve your wellness goals.
Wellness Club and running a Community Weight Loss Challenge in every Village, Town and City in the UK & Ireland. Our aim is to break the old habits and create new ones, so that you can maintain the weight that you are happy with. We provide full body composition analysis, nutrition education, weekly weigh in, weekly prizes, continuous support, fun and friendship! Stop yo-yo dieting, implement permanent changes now! Wellness Clubs and Community Weight Loss Challenges running in Bristol and surrounding areas get in touch with us.

No strings attached, just come and relax and drink some coffee, eat some snacks and grab your furry kid a free snack too!
To celebrate this monumental achievement our very own personal trainer, David Elliott will be doing Zumba!!!

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