Lunge and Reach is a dynamic routine that builds functional strength and raises your heart rate to the fat burn zone.
Kbands Performance is all about having some fun with sports related moves and getting great body sculpting results every set. Other people are noticing your dedication and physical changes (particularly if you haven’t seen someone in a month or more). You have run into a few days where you faltered, got sick, went on vacation or life simply got in the way of you sticking to the plan…but you didn’t give up, way to get back on that horse!!! If you aren’t doing everything you should, or maybe you haven’t even read the 90 Day Nutrition articles, it is time to review them and give 100 percent for the final 45 days!
Think of how you can MOVE MORE and BURN MORE every day and especially on the weekends when you have more time!
You are going to continue doing circuit training, and separating the exercises and muscle groups into THREE different workouts that you alternate between.
Try your best to use BARBELLS and FREE WEIGHTS, when available, for the majority of your circuit, but DO NOT hesitate to use DUMBBELLS, CABLE or WEIGHT MACHINES if the BARBELLS and FREE WEIGHTS you need are not readily available.
Free body drills, multi-movement or plyometrics – Add these into ALL of your Circuit Training workouts. Extra option: You can also use the Incline Bench Press if there aren’t any flat bench press stations open! Kbands Burn takes body squats to a whole new level, toning your legs and butt from every angle.
Neither Kbands Training or anyone associated with Kbands Training will be responsible for any injuries sustained while using our products.
Know where the equipment is that you can use for your circuits before you begin, and be sure to have some options in case your preferred piece of equipment is not available. To ensure resistance training is right for you, we recommended consulting a physician or professional before starting any workout routine or weight loss program. Choose your level of Kbands resistance and start burning hundreds of calories every workout.
Weight loss depends on a lot of factors including heredity and metabolic capacity, and the results may vary from person to person.
The quicker you move from one exercise to the next, the more calories and fat you can potentially burn. According to the TargetWeight app, I am averaging 3 lbs a week, which if I maintain that pace, I will reach my 210 lb goal on July 10th!
Visi is confident you will have success with their products and to be sure you are satisfied, Visi offers a 100% money back guarantee. My life involves working long hours, often away from home, followed by periods of no work at all. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please call Visi Corporate office at (855) 426-8474.

An example of this is during my first 30 days on this product, I ate dinner in a restaurant 16 consecutive nights!!
Using the Precision Extra Ketone Meter (pictured to the left), I’ve pricked my finger every single morning when I wake up to see where my blood ketones stand. By no means am I sabotaging my efforts by eating junk, but I will be the first to admit I’m not a healthy eater! You’ll recall I was inspired to start testing my blood ketone levels after reading Dr. Use it as instructed, and comment on here each week how you feel and what your results are!
Even if you don’t need to lose much weight, the energy and mental clarity are more than enough to keep me on Trimma. Visi has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, but with results like this, you won’t need it! And lemme tell you–getting into a true ketogenic state has revealed to me precisely what satiety on a low-carb diet is supposed to feel like. Perhaps other people can get away with consuming more carbohydrates and protein and maybe less fat in their diet to feel this same kind of hunger satisfaction.
So I hadn’t consumed any food since the afternoon before and when we get closer to Naughton manor Christine tells me she has a sharp pain in her stomach. It kept getting worse and worse to the point that I asked her if she needed to go to the emergency room (yes, we’ve been seeing a lot of the ER lately!). Tom had a fabulous brats and peppers meal for us…but we got stuck at the clinic for three more hours with x-rays and MRIs (turns out it was a urinary tract infection which will be funny when you read what happened to me about a week prior to this below). AMAZING!And if how I feel right now eating this way is how it will always feel, then you bet your sweet bippy I’ll be eating this way for life.
I guess I’ll have to be the guinea pig for this in the months and years to come if (and when!) I continue pursuing nutritional ketosis and making this a truly sustainable plan for me while reaping the benefits to my weight and health it is giving me. Naturally there are a LOT of questions people have about blood ketone testing since it is a newer way to measure ketone levels in the body. Phinney are in the midst of writing a new book that will address these questions and more in much greater detail. Nine days into this 30-day period I had to go to the emergency room (MY TURN!) with a 102-degree fever which turned out to be a urinary tract infection (ironic that Christine would get one just a week later) requiring me to be on an antibiotic for a month. The doctor said I needed to drink cranberry juice to help with it and she recommended the diet version of it since I don’t consume sugar. But it still had enough sugar in it that it negatively impacted my ketone levels for a few days.
Of course, I couldn’t go to the gym while I was sick and the antibiotics were giving me some bad diarrhea. Then I went on vacation to Tennessee and then Indiana and caught a nasty cold that required Sudafed and Mucinex and got poison oak (while playing frisbee golf with Tom Naughton on his farm) treating it with calamine lotion and Benadryl.

This was one big comedy of errors that would have been hilariously funny if I didn’t actually live through it.
I’ll share my weight change in a moment, but for this 30-day cycle I decided to also test urine ketones to see if there was a correlation between them and the blood ketones. Here are those results (I used the numbers correlating with the color changes on the Ketostix package):While measuring urine ketones is significantly cheaper than blood ketones, the problem is there are subtle discrepancies that could deceive you into thinking your ketone levels are good when they are not and vice versa. For example, on July 4, 2012, my blood ketones were 2.3, but my urine ketones were moderately small at just 25. Compare that with my June 18, 2012 urine ketone reading of a moderately large level of 60 and yet my blood ketones were 1.5.
A lot of things can impact urine ketone levels from the amount of fluid you drink (or don’t drink) to the time of day you measure.
My conclusion is that urine ketones are somewhat useful but not as reliable as blood ketones. I’m pretty thrilled with this progress and fully expect the next 30 days to be even better!
My legs and arms are muscular, so it seems most of this added weight is smack dab in the middle of my body. Perhaps I need to implore the principles I applied there that week (or I just need to move in with Tom!) into my normal schedule. Of course, I’m not underestimating the power of relaxation while on vacation helping to lower cortisol levels and give my body the relief it needed to be healthy.
Trust me, I’m working on that part of all of this too by taking deliberate breaks from my regular schedule. I hate being away from my blog and podcasts, but I’ve learned I need that to help keep my health in order.
If no more surprises happen in the next month, then I should see a 10-12 pound weight loss happen which would put me into the 260s for the first time in a VERY long time. THANK YOU to everyone who has wished me well in this exciting next journey of my healthy low-carb lifestyle and I’m grateful to each and every one of you for your incredible kindness and support. Lemme know what you think about what happened in Day 31-60 for me and please feel free to share any updates from you about how your own blood ketone testing is going in the comment section below.
I hope that the test strips will prove to be a useful tool, plus for me the fact that they are sort of expensive will motivate me to make better food choices toward my target so I don’t waste the strips. MelancholyaeonI predict now that if you continue on this path, you will enjoy Christmas at 200-210 pounds. I know my hunger is much better but would still like to feel more in control without struggling to do so.

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