One of the most successful strategies many of my clients have implemented is homemade meal replacement shakes. But convincing someone that having a protein shake makes for good nutrition and getting them to actually do it are two totally different animals.
Although I question many of the food preparation claims on Bullet advertisements, it is second to none for making great smoothies. With simple convenience like that, the excuse that eating healthy takes too much time becomes a thing of the past.
Since my girlfriend and I got ours at Christmas, we conservatively estimate we’ve used it over 300 times. There you have it, 30 seconds and you are on the way to building a better body and even better health.

Free diet workout planner - weigh maintain, Download a free printable diet and workout planner to set goals, track weight and measurements, plan meals, record workouts and see results at a glance!. Although many people initially balk at the thought of using protein powder (these same individuals seem to have no qualms about ingesting copious amounts of refined sugars and processed fats, but I digress), once they overcome their trepidation, they quickly find that a homemade protein shake is among the healthiest meals they put into their body over the course of the week.
You would be amazed at how many people struggle with developing the daily protein shake routine.
No, the #1 reason people decide not to make a shake is that cleaning a blender takes a couple of minutes.
Shakes, protein pancake batter and grinding flax seeds and oats seem to be what dominate our use, but you might find another way to incorporate it.
Once you see how quick and painless they are to use, you’ll be kicking yourself for not grabbing one sooner.

This tends to be a more common complaint when the shake is supposed to be consumed at breakfast. Ten seconds with running water and a scrub brush and even gritty ingredients like flax seeds are gone in a flash. The one recommendation I have, don’t buy it online as they can often be found on sale in stores for $30-40.

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